FOUND: Worst McDonald’s Customer in the World

brandy-wootenI have never worked at McDonald’s but I can imagine being employed there is more difficult than dealing with a 17-top of Red Hat Ladies during the Early Bird Special when you’re hungover as fuck and trying to hold in the voms. Since fast-food workers wear the same polyester uniforms that we do, they get my love too. This week a woman filmed herself having an epic meltdown over the fact that she was going to have to wait two minutes to get her cookies at the drive thru window. There are so many questions that arise from this situation: who goes to the drive-thru for cookies? How long ago did that manager run out of fucks to give? Why does this girl never even look at the people she is talking to? Why is the camera in portrait mode???


When the manager gives her a taste of her own medicine and brings her own phone out to video what’s happening (Also in portrait mode! The humanity!), the girl lights up for the attention and announces that her name is Brandy Wooten and to find her on Facebook to follow her. I found her on Facebook, but I’m not going to share the link because in order to comment on her page, you have to follow her and we don’t really want to do that, do we? No. It’s enough that we all recognize her face so that if she shows up in your section you should be prepared for the following:

  • An epic rant about a cookie.
  • Being filmed in portrait mode.
  • Bad grammar and profanity.
  • Rudeness.
  • Questions about raggedy ass skin care.

My favorite part of the video is when she says at the end that she will never go there again. Like that’s a threat. She cuts off the video three seconds after she says it, but I bet if she would have kept filming you would have seen the whole crew of McDonald;s bust out in some “Can You Feel a Brand New Day” choreography from The Wiz.

Brandy, good luck on your cookie quest.

23 thoughts on “FOUND: Worst McDonald’s Customer in the World

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  2. Linsey

    I know I’m commenting on a post that’s over a month old, but this hits home for me in multiple ways.

    I work 2 jobs, so when i’m not waiting tables i’m front desk at a hotel. The hotel I work at bakes fresh cookies every night at 6:00, and the things people have said, and yelled, at me over these cookies is enough to make me want to dive over the counter and strangle them.
    I literally had one guy take 3 cookies, come back down to the lobby 30 minutes later to complain that the treadmill part that we had ordered to fix it wasn’t here fast enough, who then decided to inform me that he is an honors member at our hotel (The lowest tier too, I might add. He didn’t bring that part up on his own) and that his stay was terrible because not only was our treadmill out of order, but, alas, we had run out of cookies.

    Remember folks, he already had 3, so yes we had run out, but can you really complain about not getting a 4th cookie in the same breath you were bitching about a broken treadmill in? I tell him that i’m very sorry, and he says he’s going to tell corporate on me, so I give him the number to call, which probably sounded like too much trouble to him so he decides to tell my manager in the morning, so I give him my managers card. He leaves, but not before also complaining that he NEVER gets to park in front of the hotel, and he thinks it isn’t fair that the SUV he sees there all the time does get to.

    The vehicle he sees there regularly btw, is a doctor that works in the emergency room at our local hotel. So yea, we give him special privileges, because when he gets a call to save a life in the middle of the night, we don’t think he should have to drive around “My life isn’t fair” Mgee and his cookie tantrum throwing ass vehicle. Plus, the treadmill is down, why not walk a little farther to your car?

  3. Mel

    Rude, obnoxious brat with an entitlement attitude. It’s all me-me-me. She doesn’t even listen to anything anyone else is saying. What a wonderful example she’s setting.

    1. E

      Go to this YouTube video and report it as inappropriate. I selected child abuse because of the way she is acting in front of her kids. Dumb Whore!

  4. Kate

    I’m just so lost over her insistence that she have FRESH cookies from McDonald’s. So insistent that she calls ahead for them. Does she not know what a bakery is? Has she never known the wonder of the Toll House? There are just so many things wrong with this entire premise, I can only imagine she set it up like some kind of nightmare publicity stunt.

  5. Ashley

    Whenever a customer threatens to never go back to that store again, 99.9% of the time the employee is thinking “THANK FUCK. BYE!”

  6. Alicia Hale

    She is such a stupid bitch. If she always had a fucking problem with this particular McDonalds, then why keep on going over and over making the employees miserable??? I’m sure there are plenty of other restaurants to frequent. Dumb ass ugly stain faced cunt.

  7. Lauren

    Uggggggh. That is painful to watch. What an unpleasant cunt. That’s the only word that can describe her…. unpleasant.

    1. sharon

      and all the fast talking, rude ignorant children like her should be put on a slow boat back to Africa. I am sure she does not contribute anything to society and we don’t need her. No cell phone towers there? What a shame.

      1. Jose Noway

        Really?, Sharon You went racial about that?
        What if I get all sexist and call you a racist twat?
        Only instead of twat I call you a cunt?
        Oh nevermind. I’ll just call you a cunt.
        Sharon, you are a cunt.

  8. outhousecat

    Dayum Alfalfa. You want fresh cookies, you have to wait a minute. They should have kept some cookies from last week for this ignorant fool. They wouldn’t have been fresh, but they damn sure would have been ready.


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