Serve Coffee For a Living? You’re Going to Love This One.

"It's just a fucking cup of coffee, lady."

“It’s just a fucking cup of coffee, lady.”

Every once in a while, a song or video shows up on the Internet and it has the ability to reach through the screen and poke me in my eyes with realism. Such is the case with a song by Julian Moon who must have lived in my mind for a couple of days when she penned her epic tune called “A Cup of Coffee.” With the refrain of “it’s just a fuckin’ cup of coffee, lady” repeated several times, the song has now become my mantra any time someone has a mini-conniption about their decaf tasting not as fresh as they think it should. Seriously, if you have ever had the (dis)pleasure of serving coffee for a living, you are going to want to play this song over and over again. My favorite lyric is at the 2:06 mark, but I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what it is. Watch the video and behold its glory.

And you should also get to know this Julian Moon. Here she is on Twitter. On Facebook. And you can download the song here.

And thank you, Julian, for singing what we all feel.



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