Lonely Woman Sues Restaurant for $100K

So sad to be all alone in the world.

So sad to be all alone in the world.

Poor, poor Kathleen Hampton. She went to dinner alone on Valentine’s Day in Portland, Oregon and somehow decided that she deserved $100,000 so she’s suing them.

According to Oregon Live, she made a reservation for two at Enzo’s Caffe Italiano but she showed up alone because her husband was still full from lunch and decided not to go. She claims that as a party of one on Valentine’s Day, she was ignored by the staff and “not getting any services” and that when she was ready to order, the waitress told her she had to get on out of there so they could use the table for someone else. Restaurant owner Enzo Lanzadoro says that they offered to seat her at the bar where all the other single and lonely types were eating but she just got up and left, not paying for two glasses of wine. Now this woman wants $100,000 and a public apology “to make sure all business owners on N.E. Alberta know we are serious about our community.” Ummm, what the fuck does that even mean? She also says that she was “devastated” and “cried for a day” over how she was treated. Oh, and she’s representing herself in court because everyone knows that when you have a stupid as fuck court case and you’re nuttier than a bag of honey roasted peanuts, the best thing to do is to pretend you’re a lawyer and represent yourself.

Where to start? Where. To. Start.

First off, let’s question whether or not she even has a husband. What kind of asshole do you have to be to blow off Valentine’s dinner with your wife because you’re “too full?” Maybe Kathleen is single and simply made a reservation for two because she knew the restaurant would not accept a reservation for one. Or maybe she does have a husband, but he was in the shop that day getting his seams reinforced and a slow leak sealed since she had almost popped him earlier that week when she cuddled with him too hard while watching Grey’s Anatomy. If the restaurant owner is telling the truth, then Kathleen got two glasses of wine for free that night which is more than her “husband” got for her so she should be grateful.

Perhaps her husband is a real life actual human being who really was too full to eat dinner because he ordered a really large burrito at Chipotle that day. Maybe they were supposed to meet at the restaurant but he called her from his cell phone as he sat on the toilet and said, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it, but this dump is gonna be a good one. Have a good night and I’ll see you when you get home. Take your time. Love ya, mean it.” Kathleen was already in the parking lot so she decided to go on in and as she sat there watching all the other lovebirds enjoying their meal, the realization hit her that her marriage is a piece of crap. After two glasses of wine, she decided that if she couldn’t get happiness from her spouse, then maybe she could buy some with the money she got from suing a restaurant.

I did a little bit more research (Google search…) and came across a a news story on Portland’s KOIN where she was interviewed with her husband and it turns out he is NOT a blow up doll or a giant pillow with a face drawn on it in Sharpie. She’s been married for thirty years to a man named Percy. She claims that being asked to leave her table for two and move to the Lonely Hearts Club section of the bar was awful and she had “never ever been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life,” obviously forgetting about the time she bought that ugly ass sofa she’s sitting on during the interview. She also says that the reason she was asked to leave was because of her race. “It was all caucasions up in there.” Ummm, Kathleen, it’s “Valentimes” Day and you’re sitting at a two-top with your purse sitting on the other chair. Chairs and tables are real estate and the restaurant is there to make some money. You’re butt hurt at the restaurant when you should really be kicking Percy’s ass for leaving you to eat alone on the most romantic day of the year.




She cried for a day, but what was the real reason for the tears? Was it because of the way she perceived the restaurant treated her or could it have been because her husband was an asshole? We will probably never know because this is one of those news stories that you hear about once and then it fades away forever, much like Kathleen’s memories of when Valentine’s Day was a special occasion.

The moral of the story is this: if you’re going to eat in a restaurant alone on Valentine’s Day, you will probably have a bad time for some reason or another. Married or not, Valentine’s Day is hardly ever what it’s all cracked up to be.



47 thoughts on “Lonely Woman Sues Restaurant for $100K

  1. Drull

    I’m late to this party, but, I wanted to say..

    The restaurant shouldn’t have asked her to move. They were wrong. Even a one-top is a paying customer, and Valentine’s day is hard for a lot of people. We know the details now, bit they didn’t at the time. Her husband could have just passed away. Good service could have made her a lifetime customer, bringing family gatherings and girls nights there. Clearly not the case, but they didn’t know that at the time, so they should have treated her like that. She had a reservation, after all. The couples without reservations could sit at the bar and have a great time too.

    But she’s batshit crazy to sue over this. Complain to corporate? Fine. Sue?!! You’re nuts. Period.

  2. Connie

    Why did they seat her at a two top if they didn’t plan on serving her there. It’s one thing to tell her when she gets there that you can only seat her at the bar. It’s another to give her the table and serve her two glasses of wine then demand that she move. I don’t think this is worth a law suit, but i think the restaurant is at fault here.

    1. Acacia

      She likely told them that he’ll be there in a while. I doubt they served her two glasses of wine complimentary, she’d probably ordered it. The server probably asked if she wanted to order before or after the other person showed up, she probably let the server know he wasn’t going to, and the server probably then asked her to move.

  3. Marilyn

    This woman claims all of this was because of racial discrimination because she is black. Could have fooled me. I think most people would think she is a caucasian with a tan.

  4. Lauren S.

    –You are just doing your job, I am just living my life. My life happened to intersect with your job, so, deal with it. If you ever come into my place of business, you will not be handed a list of how to behave or what makes me happy, or what you should do or not do while in my presence. That would be rude.

    –Don’t, do not, please…call me or anyone at my table “you guys” ……we are NOT guys. Unless it is totally obvious every person at the table has a penis hidden in their pants.

    –Your blog posts seem to reflect that you’d prefer I ask for items such as ketchup, lemons, more napkins, etc. all at one time….I did, you just forgot and only brought what you remembered. Now, do your job, and go back for the items I’ve requested (that you forgot).

    –When I pay my tab, dear lord, do not ask me if I need change. What other business asks that question when customers are due their change? None, absolutely none. Asking that is the equivalent of asking “can I keep the remainder as a tip?” Only my kids get to ask me that. If you don’t want to make a second trip, say something actually polite, such as “just a moment and I will get your change”, that’s enough of a hint that you want a tip. I’ll most likely tell you to keep it.

    —Be friendly, not familiar. There is a difference. Don’t be snobby, I’m no better than you and you’re no better than I. Let’s be nice to each other.

    —Don’t tell me how tired you are or that you only have two more hours to work….I do not care.

    –Don’t write blog posts about what a bitch I am, until you’ve taken a look at your behavior and dissected every action and every word you’ve said. Just be nice and I’ll be nice to you. Now, go get the tea pitcher and refill my glass…..I’ve asked twice.

    1. Henry

      Absolutely! If a server ever asks if I need change, I tell them “no, just my paper money.” I let the rude little shit or bitch keep the coins, since that’s all a little kid would get to keep and they’ve just let me know at what age level they are functioning.

      Can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for extra sauce, lemons and please take back the drink you brought with ice yet I asked for no ice. You either wrote all that down or pretended to. I’m not sure since it all came out wrong. And still all I get is the sauce and correct drink, and the lemons are still missing. Nice move blaming it on the cook, but I didn’t ask the cook. I asked the waiter. Besides, I asked for raw lemons.

    2. Reginald van der Slythe III

      I’m going to write a comment about what a bitch you are based on your condescending, long-winded (handed?), bossy post. I do hope that’s okay with Your Highness. Wait, no I don’t; I give not one rat’s rear end if it’s okay with you.

      Also, tell your boyfriend that it’s a lot less obvious if he doesn’t post so soon after you do. That was just sad.

      Also, this I hope this whiny woman doesn’t get a damn dime from her case, and only loses money on it.

  5. Bob

    Mrs Columbo is a freaking idiot. Shut your ignorant pie hole and go buy more Red Bull with your Oregon Trail card. Fucking mouth breather.

  6. Charles

    The only way to rid ourselves of these frivolous lawsuits is to add a stipulation that if the jury or the judge believe that the lawsuit is such, then, the person who brought this case to court should be fined heavily and have to pay all court and lawyer fees and maybe for good measure they should have to publicly apologize for wasting everyone’s time!

    1. Greg schwab

      Judges are lawyer, politicians are lawyers. They are the reason these lawsuits continue to exist. They will never kill their golden goose. They are the leaches that bleed us dry.

  7. Henry

    I love how the reporter reminds the viewers that everything is fresh at Enzo’s. I bet she had to shill to get the interview.

    What race, exactly, is poor Kathleen supposed to be? I thought she was just an orange white woman that had been in the tanning bed too long. She was probably passing better in a dimly lit Enzo’s on Valentines than she was for this interview.

  8. Kristi

    Our restaurant had a fryer fire this past Friday which requires us to call 911 and evacuate everyone. We were closed from Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning. So much product and money wasted. THEN this bitch of a woman comes in today and sits her ass down and says she was there on Friday and was “booted” out of the restaurant just when her appetizer arrived. THEN she asks if she will be compensated for having to leave. I was shocked and taken back. This greedy mofo is complaining that she had to be evacuated…. Because our fryer was on fire and the fire department was called and we couldn’t control it and the chemical sprinkler system went off… And we weren’t allowed to have anyone in the building. I’m pissed and really need to vent to someone that understands the stupidty of some people …. So thank you for your comment section

  9. Carol

    I’ve seen a lot of guests like this woman during my career. People walk into restaurants with all kinds of problems. Some of them sit down and transfer all of their anger/anxiety/fear disappointment/ bad feelings onto the establishment or server. I think she’s got a troubled marriage and maybe some hormonal (MENOPAUSE)issues. She brought them to dinner with her. I’m personally tired of people like this bullying restaurants. I hope she loses and gets stuck with attorney and court fees. Her behavior was boorish.

    1. sally

      Agreed! When I was waiting tables, it became obvious after just a short while that only emotionally unhealthy, lonesome losers behave this way in a restaurant. But no matter how pitiful they are, it never gets old to see them get what’s coming to them. That’s why I love this site so much!

  10. Alexanna

    Fortunately, we only make reservations for our pre-fixe dinner which requires a minimum of two people to order, reservation or not. So if we were on a wait and she had shown up at my store she would either have to pay for two pre-fixe dinners or yes, vacate the table. I’m really lucky; my boss makes things simple.

  11. Mrs_Columbo

    Lousy service from a shitty owner. If I reserve a table I expect it whether I’m a party of one or two.

    Take that crappy cafe to the cleaners.

    1. Alexanna

      So with your logic if I make a reservation for ten and only show up with three I should still get enough space for ten people.

      1. Kevin

        You make no sense, she was a party of one and received a table for a party of one. She should have received it for the duration of her stay. The. End. I’m not sure what kind of dope you are on.

        If you reserve for 10 and show up with 3 and are not seated until your party arrives, that is a different issue and completely unrelated to this. lrn2drahcomparshuns.

  12. Mrs_Columbo

    Shitty service from a shitty owner. If I reserve a table I expect it whether I’m a party of one or two.

    Take that crappy cafe to the cleaners.

    Fuck you whores for not having a real job and having to work in shitty restaurants

    1. Lisa

      1.a paid position of regular employment.
      synonyms: occupation, profession, trade, position, career, work, line of work, livelihood, post, situation, appointment, métier, craft; More

      Therefore, serving is a real job. But if you’re convinced it isn’t a real job, I assume you don’t patron these fantastical places called restaurants?

    2. Tasha

      No, fuck YOU whore, I’m also a server and with my “not a real job” I can make about $600 on a good weekend working Fri-Sun. I bet you can’t say that about your “real job” if you even have one. I bet you ate just pissed cause nobody would take your skanky ass out on valentines day either.

    3. Jaycey

      “Fuck you whores…” really?! I’m sorry, but REALLY?! You are a grown woman and you use that kind of adolescent language to try to belittle people who have a well-paying job? I don’t “have” to wait tables. I have a bachelors degree and more than enough “real job” options. I wait tables because the hours are short and the money is fantastic, so I have more time to pursue my passions. You clearly have some issues you need to work out. Please do so before opening your mouth and sounding so childish and judgmental.

    4. Stfu

      You moron, whoring is an occupation.

      You literally just said “fuck you person with job for not having a real job.”

      Congrats on being the stupidest person to walk the face of the earth. You’re just mad because no one will ever love you and you’re going to die alone. You’re worthless and the entire world would be a better place if you were dead.

    5. CrimsonAndClover

      So that means that you will be paying for meals (and tip) for two as well correct?

      I mean seriously I can see reserving a table for two but if I was alone I would plan to order/pay for two meals and tip accordingly…or just move my single food order/tip ass to a place for a single person and let the business make the money they were expecting to make when the table was reserved for TWO people.

  13. Jess

    Obviously her husband is so embarrassed by her antics, he didn’t want to be seen with her on one of the industry’s busiest nights of the year. She needs to grow up, realize that everything isn’t about race, and keep the court system clear for important things. People like this are why this country is fucked.

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  15. Jen

    So, she didn’t pay her tab, huh? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the restaurant went after her for her dine-and-dash? What’s truly embarrassing is the fact that her husband doesn’t even want to eat with her. If she would have ate at the bar with all the singles, then maybe she would have met a man that would’ve maybe bought her dinner and possibly more. Do people not see how terrible they look when they create useless lawsuits like this? Hopefully she gets it so then her husband can divorce her and get half 🙂

  16. glenda

    That goes to show that the public has NO idea!!! Of what goes on at a restaurant. This woman needs to put on her BIG GIRL PANTIES and get over it!!!! SMH!!!!

  17. Chea

    Please follow up on this story for us. I’m curious how it all pans out! That’s the problem w/ “merica” you can sue for just about anything. Ridic!

    1. Angel

      Alberta is not “Merica” but I can understand the confusion. This absolutely seems like something that would happen in America. But this time it is in Canada

      1. Bitchy Restaurant Owner

        No, it’s in Portland Oregon on Alberta street. So yes. It is “Merica”. *facepalm* Only in “Merica”!!!

    2. Debbie

      I wouldn’t have known she was black if she hadn’t mentioned it. I would have thought she was Spanish or South American. She doesn’t look black at all. She must be mixed. Anyway race card or not it’s stupid. She’s a drama queen. She was just emotional because her husband didn’t show so she is taking it out on the restaurant.

      1. Brittany

        I thought the same thing. I was very surprised she was black. And no ya bitch it wasn’t racist it is about BUSINESS!!! people like this deserve a high five….in the face…..WITH A BRICK!


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