Little Girls Steals Tip and Gets Publicly Shamed For It

A restaurant in Mansfield, Texas is publicly shaming a little girl who stole a tip from a table and it was all caught on surveillance video. (Video below)

I am living for it.

The owner of Our Place Restaurant, Benji Arslanovski, has no regrets saying, “That’s the only tool we have to catch those people. So we’re going to use it. It’s not okay, but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt to make it right. Our rule is if you come pay for it today or the next day, we’ll take the video off.” This is not the first time he has done this.

The video clearly shows the child thief in action, picking up the $5 bill off the table and then hiding it under her menu when the waitress approaches. You know that little girl knew what she was doing was wrong because why else would she hide it? It also appears as if she shows her mom the money. Well, when Benji saw that video footage, he posted it on the restaurant’s Facebook page (click here if you want to give them some support for sticking up for their servers)  and what do you know? The next day the mom came back with the five bucks claiming she didn’t know it had happened and she thought her daughter got the money from her piggy bank. Uh huh. Yeah. Right, Mom.

Whether the mom knew about her juvenile delinquent daughter or not, it’s clear that the little girl is a lying, thieving, no-good, con artist with no soul and no future other than that of stealing hubcaps and selling loose cigarettes in front of the 7-11. She’s nothing but an alley cat, dirty rat, double crosser. Then again, she’s only four years old, so maybe there’s hope.

I just want to take a hot minute to thank Benji for looking out for his staff. He knows that servers in Texas only make $2.13 an hour and that tips are the livelihood of anyone who wears an apron for a living. If a person chooses to not tip, well, that’s their prerogative, However, if someone steals a tip that was left by someone else, that’s straight up bullshit and that person deserves to be shamed, even if it’s a little girl. As for the Mom, I hope she finds a way to turn her daughter around and get her on the straight and narrow path of honesty.

Keep up the great work, Benji.

The Most Millennial Thing Ever To Happen is Happening

A Long Island City, Queens entrepreneur is taking a current food trend to a whole new level by opening a restaurant based entirely on the popular super food avocado. Millennial Eva Cano-Tosté, 27, hopes to see The Avocado Cafe open for business by Labor Day of this year. Says the budding restaurateur, “I just love avocado toast so much and all of my friends do too, so I figured why not?” After securing a financial loan from from her father and promptly quitting her barista job at Starbucks, she began developing the menu with friend, chef and business partner Thomas Haas. When questioned about the viability of a menu focused only on avocados, Haas is certain that the food is versatile enough to create a wide ranging menu.
Expect to see seven different kinds of guacamole, twelve kinds of avocado toast on varying types of bread bought from Whole Foods, an avocado salad featuring grapefruit, sprouts and  and sunflower seeds, avocado grilled cheese, an avocado burger, peanut butter and avocado jelly sandwich, avocado pizza, macaroni and avocado, avocado and grits, and your choice of avocado “steaks” that can be grilled, fried, broiled, poached, steamed, fricasseed, pan-seared, or baked in a wood-burning oven. Each avocado steak will be served with avocado chips but avocado fries can be substituted for a $7.95 upcharge. Also featured will be avocado sushi.
“It’s an ancient technique passed down to me from a Japanese chef I met in Williamsburg who only teaches it to one person every ten years,” explains Chef Haas. “I slice the avocado very thinly and then roll it up in some organic vegan rice paper with some wasabi sauce and poppy seeds and serve it with the pit that has been carved into the shape of a panda bear. It’s awesome.”
Cano-Tosté will take care of the front of house duties, serving as manager and hostess. “Each table will be served complimentary avocado-infused water and instead of bread, we will offer avocado chips which will also be complimentary. However, each guest will be charged a $3.50 avocado processing fee.”
The avocado is the focus of the restaurant right down to the restrooms. Each toilet will shaped like an avocado and the walls will be covered with a custom wallpaper made from avocado peels imported from Brazil.
“The wallpaper is going to be gorgeous,” say Haas. “It’s also very, very expensive which is why the restroom will have a $5 service charge to use it, but pissing into the avocado toilet is going to be totally worth it. It’s gonna be awesome.”
The Avocado Cafe expects to open their doors by Labor Day. For more information, you can go to their website by clicking here.

Applebee’s Waitress is Punched, Stabbed and Robbed

If you live near Henry County, Georgia, I hope you will keep an eye out for these four women who allegedly punched and stabbed an Applebee’s waitress and then stole her tips. As if working at Applebee’s isn’t already difficult enough…

There’s a Special Place in Hell For Some Restaurant Customers

There is a special place in hell for customers who come into the restaurant moments before closing time. Especially the ones who know that it closes at 10:00 and show up at 9:58, all out of breath because they sprinted just so they could squeak in right before the doors are locked for the evening. And when they do it, they always look so smug and proud of themselves like they are expecting a goddamn participation trophy for showing up. “Whew, we just made it,” they always say, solidifying the fact that they have no care or concern about those of us who will now have to stay at work and wait on their sorry asses. That place in hell is even more special for the people who do it when the restaurant is completely empty, therefore keeping an entire staff solely for them. These are the people who think the world revolves around them and who only care about their own needs. Now, before someone jumps down my throat about closing times and how restaurants should just have different times for last seatings and for the kitchen closing, let me say this: bite me. This is my blog and I can bitch about what I want and how I want. 

This happens to all of us and you know what we do when it happens? We deal with it. We slap that fake ass grin onto our faces and pray that they aren’t going to order the roasted chicken or something else that will take more than twenty minutes to prepare. We visualize that they don’t want appetizers or desserts and we hope to god they don’t want any fucking coffee because that shit got dumped fifteen minutes ago. And we cannot be held responsible for how we feel if they order a cappuccino. But still, we deal with it. We can complain about it to our coworker, bitch about it to the kitchen, fart all around their table and write a blog post about them, but it’s our job to serve them even when they show up right before closing time. But these customers will have a special place in hell when they show up there and the devil will be so excited to seat them.

Satan: Welcome to hell! Are you one of the people who showed up to restaurants right before closing time?

Karen: Well, that happened once, but it was an accident.

Satan: Lies! I saw you that time, Karen. You ran a red light and then took up two parking spaces because you didn’t think you had time to park like a regular human being. Then you raced to the front door of Chili’s at 9:57 knowing you only had three minutes to get your fat foot into the door.

Karen: You saw that?

Satan: I see everything, Karen! I also know about all the times you peeled off the organic stickers from the avocados at Whole Foods and then replaced them with the stickers from the non-organic avocados. 

Karen: But avocado toast gets so expensive!

Satan: I have a special place for you here in hell and you’re gonna love it. It’s right back there by the toilets and underneath the ceiling fan. You’ll be at a two-top but you’ll be seated with 49 other people. The toilet is literally part of the table and the wi-fi password is THERE-IS-NO-WIFI-IN-HELL. Your waitress will be Ava Braun who has a mad case of diarrhea and will be using you table-toilet with much frequency.

Karen: There are ceiling fans here in hell? Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.

Satan: Bitch, the ceiling fans in hell don’t blow air, they blow fire so say goodbye to those wonky ass eyebrows and put on some fucking sunscreen. Enjoy your stay.

Karen: By the way, I’m gluten free.

Satan: I know. That’s why your waitress will be force-feeding you a gluten smoothie as soon as she’s done taking a dump. Bye, girl.

Customers, if you’re going to stay in a restaurant after it’s closed, at least try to speed it up a little bit. And tip us nicely. 

Did This Famous Person Stiff Her Server? Looks Like It.

On occasion, I receive a message from a server who wants to let me know what it was like to have a particular famous person in their restaurant. Such is the case with “Marilyn” who sent me a note about a supposed famous person that I have never heard of who is on a TV show I have never watched. I always take these messages with a grain of salt since I wasn’t there to know if what the restaurant employee says happened is really true or not, especially when the famous type has exhibited less than stellar behavior. For this reason, I always try to be mindful about posting the celebrity’s name because I certainly wouldn’t want to stir up trouble for someone who doesn’t deserve it. On the other hand, I go by the name of ‘Bitchy Waiter,” so who the fuck cares?

This is about Anne Winters from the Netflix TV show 13 Reasons Why.


According to Anne’s Instagram page, she had dinner a few days ago at Pines Steak House which is located in a casino in California.

Her Instagram post coincides with the message I got from “Marilyn” that told me she was there on Thursday.

Anne says that she had a great dinner thanks to the Dodgers Foundation, which I guess means they paid for it. “Marilyn” tells me the bill was $300 and that Anne left a $3 tip. So what happened? Did Anne assume the tip was being taken care of by the Dodgers? If so, then why did she leave an additional three dollars? Wouldn’t she have left nothing at all if she thought the tip was already included? And if she wanted to leave an additional tip, isn’t three dollars rather insulting? And if she thought the tip wasn’t taken care, is she really that cheap?

Wanting to get to the bottom of this mystery and confirm that this lovely young actress isn’t a total cheapskate, I left a comment on her Instagram page asking her to explain what happened. I got no response, because she was probably like, “Who the fuck is Bitchy Waiter?” I also Tweeted to Anne and again got the cold shoulder because why would any rich and successful actress want to bother with some asshole like me who wants to know if she’s a good tipper, a bad tipper or the victim of a series of misunderstandings?

So where does that leave us? It leaves us exactly where we all were before any of this happened, that’s where. Maybe Anne will respond to this blog post and we can get the true story, but this brings me to another point:

Why is that rich and famous people always get their shit paid for? Aren’t they the ones who can afford a $300 meal at a fancy steakhouse? Do restaurants always comp famous people with the hopes that said famous person will then go to their Instagram account and talk about how fabulous it was and then the restaurant will get publicity that’s worth more than the $300 it cost for them to comp the meal? Probably and that’s exactly what Anne Winters appears to have done. It works our for most of the folks involved: the famous person gets a free meal, the restaurant gets some publicity, but then let’s see, who gets screwed when the meal gets comped but no one bothers to think about the tip? Oh, the server! And the busser and the food runner and the bartender! They all get screwed over because a rich person was so eager to accept free food from a restaurant but not so eager to reach into their darling little clutch purse and fish out a fifty dollar bill.

Anne, if this is a terrible misunderstanding, let me know. You can Tweet me or send me an email or call me. Clear this up for me so I can write an update and let the world know that you are not as cheap as “Marilyn” has led me to believe. Your move, girl.

If you want to ask Anne about this yourself, here is her Twitter and here is her Instagram.