Rich, Famous Person Treats Restaurant Staff Like Crap

Ruby Rose: model, actress, French fry thrower

Ruby Rose: model, actress, French fry thrower

The most recent case of “Celebrities Behaving Badly” features actress Ruby Rose, best known (only known…) from Orange Is the New Black where she played Stella. According to newspaper reports, she got all bent out of shape at a New Orleans restaurant when things weren’t moving as swiftly as she wanted. So what does a spoiled TV star do in such a scenario? Why they throw a bunch of French fries at their waiter until they are asked to GTFO. Yep, that’s what Seung Hong, owner of Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen says at least. (We will get to her version shortly.) He says that “she was having like a tantrum. She was awful. She was a horrible person.”

According to Seung, her party of 10 got to the restaurant at 9:15 and were seated at 9:30. They had their apps within 40 minutes and their entrees came out 10 minutes after that. That wasn’t good enough for this superstar celebrity who guest starred on a Netflix series 8 times last year. Eventually, the server asked for the owner to take over and he offered to comp their apps and buy them a round of drinks, but Ruby Rose, the diva of all divas, ended up throwing a handful of French fries at the bartender. Soon after, she was asked to leave.

And now her side of the story:

On her Facebook page (full post embedded below for your viewing pleasure) Ruby says she waited 60 minutes for fries and over 90 minutes for food that never came. When the bartender offered drinks, she thanked him and explained she is sober. Then she says “he made some really rude and vulgar comments to the table. When someone makes repeated derogatory jokes about the sobriety I worked so hard to achieve, it’s hard not to react emotionally. So I threw a singular fry at him. Then he came back as we were getting ready to leave and continued making awful comments, so I continued with the fries.”

Who to believe, who to believe? Should we trust a restaurant owner who has everything to lose by making up vicious lies about a celebrity or should we have faith in the celebrity who probably has a huge ego and quickly crafted, along with her publicist and a team of writers, the perfect Facebook explanation in an attempt to not damage her reputation? We shall never know. My guess is that it falls somewhere in the middle. Maybe she wasn’t truly a “horrible person” but I bet she did throw some attitude just like she admitted to throwing some French fries. Look, Ruby Rose. If the food took as long as you say it did, it’s certainly not justification for throwing food at someone. What are you, five-years-old? Grow the fuck up.

In her Facebook post, she mentions that she worked in hospitality for 5 years and has huge love, respect and admiration for servers. That may be the case, but it sounds like someone has forgotten what it’s like to wear an apron at work and cater to the whims of impatient and hungry customers. Hopefully, this incident will be a reminder of what it’s like to be in our slip-resistant shoes and the next time she feels like throwing food at a server she will take a deep breath, count to ten and think, “Oh, it’s not that big of a deal, is it?”

A Comment on Comments; the “20-Top No-Show” Video Edition

A Comment on Comments

A Comment on Comments

Last week, I wrote a blog post called “An Open Letter to the Party of 20 Who Didn’t Show Up.” Someone asked that we bend the rules and let them make a reservation for 20 people even though we don’t take reservations. Since they were coming directly from a funeral and they wanted to come into the restaurant early in the shift, we agreed. They did not show up and and they did not bother to call us to say they couldn’t make it. So I blogged about it.

Someone left me a comment that I want to respond to and I decided to do a video edition of Comment on Comments:

An Open Letter to the Party of 20 Who Didn’t Show Up

indexDear Party of 15-20 People Who Never Fucking Showed Up,

We don’t take reservations because our restaurant is so small. We only have 13 tables, so reservations don’t really make sense for us. It’s our policy. When you came into the restaurant on Wednesday (when we weren’t even open, by the way, and you had to knock on the door to get the attention of someone) asking to make a reservation for Thursday at 5:00, we told you we couldn’t do it. But then you said how important it was because you and your family would be coming from a funeral and you would get to the restaurant as soon as we opened. We agreed to do this for you.

On Thursday, I get your table ready so we can seat at 5:00. I drag four two-tops next to two booths that seat four people each. I also move them down in such a way that we can cap the ends so we can now seat 18 people. If all twenty of you show up, I will bring another table from the front of the restaurant. This all happens as I also set up the patio and do my regular opening sidework.

At 4:45, I eat my shift meal as quickly as possible so I will be ready to serve your grieving family.

At 4:55, I water and ice all the glasses.

At 5:00, I unlock the door.

At 5:05 I think, “Hmmm, must be traffic.”

At 5:15 one of my regulars comes in with his wife and I tell them they can’t sit at their normal table, the same one they sit at every Thursday night.

At 5:30 I begin to think that you should be calling any minute to tell us you are on your way.

At 5:50, I fucking hate you.

At 6:05, I break down the tables because you obviously aren’t coming.

And this is why we don’t take reservations.

I understand that you were having a difficult day, what with burying one of your loved ones and all. You had a lot on your mind, I’m sure. What I don’t understand is how, out of the 20 of you, no one could take the thirty seconds that was needed to pick up a cell phone and let us know that your plans had changed. After all, we were doing you a favor in your time of need. What happened? Were you so overcome with grief that none of you had an appetite? Or were you on the way to our restaurant and someone saw an Olive Garden and got lured in by the thought of all those breadsticks? Or maybe your loved one was resurrected and instead of a somber meal at our restaurant you all went out to celebrate at Dave and Busters. For God’s sake, man, we bought and extra loaf of bread to accommodate you people!

My night went on without incident, but I found myself unable to shake off the rudeness that you exhibited. The next time you ask a restaurant to bend the rules for you in your time of need, please follow through on what you say you will do. Those 20-tops don’t just magically get set up. Someone has to get it all ready. And that someone is a middle-aged bitch of a waiter who, although was very disappointed with your no-show asses, at least found something to blog about today.

Mustard and mayo,
The Bitchy Waiter

Non-tipping Couple Accuses Waitress of Forgery!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.12.51 AMA waitress at a Wilmington, North Carolina restaurant has been accused of adding her own tip and then forging a signature on a credit card receipt. Not good, people. Not good at all. This week, Gerald Lester and his wife Chloe Jordan strapped on their feeding bags and headed over to Blue Asia restaurant to inhale some buffet. When Gerald paid for his $67 meal with a credit card, he intentionally left the tip line blank because he planned on leaving a cash tip. At this point, his wife and mother-in-law said, “I don’t think she deserves a tip, we don’t need to give her a tip, take it back.” Gerald, being the agreeable husband that he has been strong-armed to become, suddenly decided the service was bad and put the tip back into his pocket. No word on what that tip was going to be, but my guess it was a crisp five dollar bill.

The next morning, Gerald “felt like something was fishy about it, like she was going to do something-she just gave me that vibe.” He also said that as he left the restaurant the night before, something didn’t sit right with him. So he checked his bank statement and saw that the payment had been finalized at $80 meaning someone had added a $13 tip. Gerald apparently has a sixth sense about these things since he basically knew something was going to happen before it had even happened. Call Dionne Warwick, because we just found a her a new Psychic Friend. Either that or he knew they had done something that a pissed off waitress may feel warrants retaliation, like, I dunno, had perfectly fine service and then stiffed the waitress anyway. He and his wife did a power walk back to the restaurant where they asked to see the receipt and declared it was a forgery! The owner of the restaurant said that something like this has never happened before and the police were called.

But here’s where it starts to smell even more fishy, and I’m not talking about the day old sushi that was at the far end of the buffet table. Why wasn’t the waitress arrested? If she did in fact add a tip and then sign a credit card receipt, that’s a major no-no. Did Gerald and Chloe decide to not press charges and simply be satisfied with their two minutes of fame on the local news? Did Gerald actually leave a $13 tip but when his wife found out that he tipped a waitress he created this whole story to cover up the fact that he did the right thing? (I have never seen a finalized payment in my bank account the next morning after I eat out. It’s usually pending for a day or so.) Did he think his souvenir t-shirt from the Bahamas was the best thing to wear for his television debut? And how did this story make it to the news anyway?

The couple said that because of this experience, they will not be eating out for a while. This is joyous news to all the servers in Wilmington who know now that they don’t tip. But back to the waitress: If you get stiffed, for whatever reason, you cannot take matters into your own hands and add your own gratuity. You have to suck it up in much the same way that Gerald and Chloe sucked up four bowls of egg drop soup, three orders of crab rangoon, two dumplings and a gallon of Diet Coke. Do not commit credit card fraud for a tip, it is not worth it. Two wrongs do not make a right and it’s only going to get you into hot water.

And speaking of hot water, in the video the couple is shown boiling a crab. But, there is not enough water in the pot to to do it correctly and the water is not boiling. That crab is in there dying a slow death because they didn’t Google how to boil a fucking crab. You drop the crab directly into boiling water so it dies immediately. You don’t let it toss and turn in four inches of lukewarm water. They boil crabs just as poorly as they tip. Figure that shit out., Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

Waitstaff Expectations, According to Some Basic Becky

31105-367x275-Objective_resume_waitressIt’s always fun for me to respond to an article about what some basic Becky has to say about a restaurant experience. Such is the case with an article called “Are These Unrealistic Expectations From Waitstaff?” that was written for a website called Times Union. For the most part, I tend to agree with the writer, but I still want to take each point and clarify.

  • Clear the app and dinner plates before bringing dessert. Yes, I agree that this is how it should happen.
  • Walk with some sort of purpose, and interest, throughout the crowded dining room rather than strolling at the pace of a 98-year-old with a walker after hip surgery. Well, listen Becky. Sometimes, after working two doubles in a row and making three dozen trips to the same table because they only know how to ask for things one at a time, my 48-year-old ass has no choice but to walk slowly. And I always walk with purpose, it’s just that sometimes the purpose is more for me than for a customer. For example, when I am walking out of the dining room because I can’t stand looking at my customers anymore.
  • Know the menu. I agree.
  • Check back within a few minutes of bringing the entrees to confirm everything came out right. I agree as long as customers agree to tell me that something is wrong within those few minutes rather than waiting until they have eaten two-thirds of it and then saying the steak was overcooked and now they want it taken off the bill.
  • Take a drink order within five or so minutes of your being seated. I agree. However, don’t say you’re going to be ready and then not be ready. I do not have time for that.
  • Not ask “well can you just eat it like that” when you’re pregnant and not allowed to eat blue cheese yet your salad is topped with veiny crumbles. I agree, but this sounds like a very specific happening and I don’t think it’s representative of servers at all.
  • Introduce him or herself when coming to the table…it’s much more polite to refer to someone by name “hey you over there” if you’d like a beverage refill. Ummm, I’m not going to bother telling you my name because nine times out of ten you won’t remember it. And if you don’t know the name of your server, there are ways to ask for things other than saying “hey you over there.” C’mon Becky, that’s just rude. How about saying “excuse me, miss?” That would work. Just because you don’t know the name of the person who is serving you is no reason to be rude.
  • Carry more than one plate at a time when clearing the table. Ideally, yes, but if a server can only carry one plate at a time, he probably has a good reason for doing so, like maybe his other hand is hidden in his apron giving you the finger.
  • Not say “be careful, the plate is incredibly hot” then set said plate right in front of the toddler. Where else are we supposed to put hot plates other than the table? If there are four people and all four people have plates, chances are each one of them is going to get a plate set in front of them, hot or otherwise. If a child burns his hand on a sizzling fajita skillet, maybe the parents can use it as a learning opportunity and say something like, “Sorry, Junior. He told you the plate was hot. Maybe next time you’ll listen, you little asshole.”
  • Not slap down the dessert menu when you explicitly state you’re full and not interested in dessert. Sorry, Basic Becky, but if you’re eating at Applebee’s or TGI Fridays, it’s part of the script. We have to say it. Restaurants know that if you see a photo of the triple chocolate crunch pie, you’re more likely to order it. Use your resolve, pretend the server just offered you a hit off a bong and just say “no.”

Here is the original article if you want to go drop your two cents.

Is This the Worst Place to Work in the Continental United States?

13183007_10154197387124294_743833421_nWell, I know where I never want to work even if it’s the last restaurant in the free world: this place called Krazy Moose Subs in Wasilla, Alaska. Knowing there are two sides to every story, this photo of the tip pooling contract is only one side of the story. Granted, it sounds like a really shitty story where servers get screwed by a giant Alaskan moose with no condom or lube, but this is all I have to go on. I do not know if this is a full-service restaurant or one of those places where you order at the counter and maybe drop a couple of dollars into the tip jar. Since this is Wasilla, Alaska I assume the tip jar is an old I ♥ Sarah Palin coffee mug. Moving on, let’s dig into the six points that are stated on the contract:

  1. You must work 6 months without tips. Ummm, no. If there are tips to be had and some of those tips are given to me, those belong to me. I would never work someplace for six months and watch tips pass me by like the Northern Lights in the Alaskan sky. Nope. And who is getting my tips, anyway?
  2. After 6 months of employment you will get a review of your work. If you are doing your job correctly and up to speed you will receive tips. If you are not up to speed or not doing your job correctly then you will get a percentage of tips until we feel you are doing everything that is accepted. Another big nope. Who is making this decision? What if they have grown accustomed to keeping the tips I have been making and that person decides, “No, you still sorta suck at what you do. I’m only going to let you keep 10% of the tips you receive but the other 90% will go someplace else.” Who is this person and why does he or she have so much power?
  3. There will be a credit card fee of 2.75% taken off credit card tip totals daily. This is a very common occurrence these days, but are they saying that even though you don’t get to keep your tips for six months, that you are still paying the credit card fees for those tips? Basically, doesn’t that mean that you are paying them to work there? I would take that Sarah Palin coffee mug and shove it up someone’s asshole at this point.
  4. All of the credit card tips and cash tips will be added onto your paycheck and will have taxes taken off. I guess this assuming you have worked there for six months and someone felt you were doing your job correctly enough to actually get to keep your tips. And again, who the fuck is this person who gets to make all of these important decisions??
  5. When you are late for work then you forfeit your tips for the day and they will be given to Tamara Suders. Ah ha!! Now we know where all those tips are going to: Tamar fuckin’ Suders. I don’t know what her job is, but I want it. I would just hire people all the time and collect their tips and as soon as their six month review period was up, I’d fire their ass and get someone else in there so I can keep on collecting  their tips. And by the way, if I was on my way to work and realized I was going to be late, I’d turn my ass right back around and go home to my igloo. Why the fuck bother showing up late if you don’t get to keep any of your tips?
  6. Tips are divided equally among all employees that qualify for tips and are only given to you during the hours you are scheduled and worked. I don’t even know what this means, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t work at Krazy Moose Subs. And I don’t know who would.

If you are one of the employees of Krazy Moose Subs, I’d love for you to clear this up for me. And if anyone knows how I can get Tamar Suder’s job, please tell me where I can send my resume.