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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Gary Cicalese

    Hi, my name is Gary, behind the bar everyone calls me Chic.
    I’ve have been behind the stick and floor for 32 years, and I have enjoyed every second of it.
    Unfortunately a car accident ended my career.
    When behind the bar one of my biggest pet peeves was organization and professionalism.
    I was so tired of fumbling for my opener that I hand made a holster for my wine key.
    I’ve used it for 20 years, so I decided to share my Idea.
    Please go to and place your order

  2. Tamara

    Hey, Bitchy,
    First off, LOVE YOU!!! Is there an email address where I can send you something? My local newspaper had an ad about what to expect if you eat out o Mother’s Day. I think you’d get a kick out of it (especially since it was above the ad for a restaurant!). I have it as a pdf and can’t post it to your page.


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