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I Wanna be a Wino

It has been well established that I am a big fan of the cocktail. Why just last night I decided that I would ignore my hacking cough, post nasal drip and addiction to Puffs Plus and have a grapefruit margarita while I watched an Oprah episode I had DVR’d. I felt like the grapefruit juice would help my cold. Vitamins, you know? It has also been established that I don’t know poop squat about wine selection. Here’s the proof. I have very rarely worked anyplace that wine was a big priority so my knowledge is lacking. I drink it, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not picky. After all, I grew up drinking California Coolers in the backseat of the car as Kim and Stephanie drove around Victoria, Texas. As you can imagine, my palate is not very refined. I also drank Boone’s Berry Farm and on special occasions Bartles and Jaymes. More than once, I recall buying a box of Franzia for a party because I wanted to be classy. These days, I have stepped it up a wee bit and drink Yellow Tail and whatever people have brought to my house. It’s bad, I know. I ain’t got no wine knowledge. I fear that the wino on the 7 train has a more sophisticated palate than I do. The wino also has a better social life than I do. It’s embarrassing.

When I went to the wine country last summer, I went to two tastings but I liked everything that was poured for me. The people next to me were saying things like, “this one has too much of a floral aftertaste” or “that one has a real woodsy aroma.” Me, I was all, “Why didn’t you fill my glass up all the way? What kinda lame ass wine tasting is this?” I got appropriately buzzed at the tastings and did what I thought I was supposed to do which was buy a $36 bottle of wine. Seeing that it was about four times what I usually pay for wine, I felt real fancy. I think I drank it two weeks later with a hamburger.

But I am going to change. Why should I limit my to love vodka and tequila? I want to love wine, but to do that I need to learn about it. A found a blog called Wine Minx and I have actually been reading it and paying attention to what she writes. Most of the times, I link to other blogs because they paid me $50 to do it, but in this case, I am linking because it’s a good blog. (And a good friend, but she didn’t ask me to do this.) You should check it out if you want to learn about the grape. Wine Minx. Read it. Follow it. Love it. And then twist off that cap of of zinfandel in your fridge and say good by to lame wine selection. Let’s all become winos together, shall we?

Here is the recipe for Grapefruit Margaritas in case you just can’t do the wine thing.
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