News Personality Britt McHenry Is Total B*tch To Restaurant Worker

Once upon a time, there was beautiful princess who was the envy of all the land. The only thing more lovely than her her flowing blond hair and perfectly sculpted nose was her sparkling personality which made everyone who met her immediately love her. This princess was also very, very intelligent and all of her subjects trusted what she had to say whenever she spoke. This story isn’t about the princess though, it’s about a troll that lives under the bridge right past the moat of the princess’s castle. That troll is named Britt McHenry.

You may recall Britt from a few years ago when she was working at ESPN and then had a nasty, run-in with a tow truck company where she said such troll-like things as “I’m in the news sweetheart. I will fucking sue this place” and “Do you feel good about your job? So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing” and “I have a brain and you don’t” and “Lose some weigh baby girl.”

That winning performance got her suspended from ESPN and she was eventually fired from the network for being “white and paid too much.” (Yes, she actually said that.) Now she works for FOX Nation as a commentator, because when you’re a blond troll with warped ideas and sensibilities, it’s a requirement that all trolls eventually must leave the safety of their bridge and do some time at FOX News.

Anywho, you may be wondering why I have focused my attention on Britt who is not much more than a hemorrhoid on the ass of life, but I do have a reason. A little bird who lived in the castle of the beautiful princess told me that not only does Britt have great disdain for women who happen to work at tow truck companies, she has also come after some of us in the food service industry. That’s when I pull out my soap box, stand on it and say, “Nope!”

It seems that Britt McTroll has a beef with a woman named Jen Royle who was once a MLB reporter in Boston but gave up that career to follow her dream of cooking for a living. Jen appeared on Season 3 of “The Taste” on ABC and made it to the final round. She ended up working for Mario Batali and then started her own private cooking company. One thing led to another, and now Jen is about to open her own restaurant in Boston. It’s called Table and it’s set to open later this month. I checked out the menu and it sounds amazing, by the way.

The news of Jen opening a restaurant set Britt McTroll into action and she Tweeted to Jen several times, insulting her and her career of choice. Trolls will be trolls, right? Like this (now deleted) Tweet:

For people like her? What does that even mean? Oh, wait I know what it means. It means that Britt McTroll thinks she’s better than people who do anything for a living other than be on television. She said it to the tow truck employee and now she’s saying it to a restaurant owner.

And what about this (also now deleted) Tweet:

Wait, so now she’s insulting Jen because she’s a caterer and bragging about how much more money she makes than her? Yes, Troll, TV “news” personalities definitely make more than caterers, but that doesn’t mean that you’re better then them. It just means that you have scratched and clawed your way to the top at ESPN and then slid back down a few notches to work at FOX Nation streaming video. Calm your ass down.

And then she Tweeted this (and deleted it) about Jen’s new restaurant:

Yes, a restaurant that serves family style is still called a restaurant. The concept of Table is that people all sit together and break bread, getting to know one another over the course of a wonderful meal. It’s understandable why Britt McTroll may not like the idea of sitting with others because she’s used to eating tin cans and kale under her bridge all alone except for the occasional company of a billy goat named Sean who is the only one who can tolerate the sight of her trying to ascertain how much gluten is in a serving of her own fecal matter.

I realize that calling out a troll is basically troll behavior, but I’m okay with that. What I am not okay with is people attempting to demean someone that they see as beneath them. And if the person they are trying to demean is in the restaurant industry, I am even less okay with it. People like Britt McHenry need to understand that this world is full of all kinds of people and no one is better than someone else. This troll should take lesson from the Princess in the castle and understand that in order to be liked by all, you have to have humility, grace, wisdom and self-awareness. If you don’t have those things, you can spend the rest of your life underneath a bridge wondering why nobody but a billy got named Sean likes you.

Here’s Britt’s Twitter account. Tell her I said hello. I’ve always dreamed of having a Twitter feud. 

20 thoughts on “News Personality Britt McHenry Is Total B*tch To Restaurant Worker

  1. WuzYoungOnceToo

    Jesus tap-dancing Christ, that was painful to read. Learn to compose English, or at least have a literate grown-up review your material for you before posting it.

      1. WuzYoungOnceToo

        Get a clue. I realize that functional illiteracy is some sort of bizarre badge of honor with the “literally” crowd, but it makes your rambling that much more difficult to decipher.

        1. E Valentine

          Sweetie, you sound like a 6th grader who is trying to sound intelligent. Trust, no one read your comment and thought you sounded smart. Not one. Back to the thesaurus for you.

        2. Sickntiredofbs

          Ok I hate to point out the obvious but I am going to anyway…. your screen name starts with wuz! You cannot talk about literacy. Sounds to me like your not done growing up. Actively liking a person for being an asshole just points out all of your insecurities. People who want to bet put on a pedestal have issues. Pedestals point out the fact you don’t feel good enough as you are so you might as well wear a shirt saying “ I need to feel good about me so you suck!” It’s the reason we have racisim and prejudice in this world. I am sure you knew that though since you are so smart!

    1. Desiree

      If you don’t appreciate his posts, feel free to fuck off… And if you stop following him, you won’t see them…. 🤔.

  2. G’ma Perkins

    I’m feeling proud that I’m not familiar with this Britt person! (Random brain wandering….wasn’t Sammy Davis Jr married to some blonde Britt, back in the day?). Folks who don’t know how to be civil to other human beings should be totally ignored by everyone. Everyone! All the time.

  3. JJ

    I’m sorry Fox has hired her but don’t put all the Fox news women under one umbrella. Yes, some are dumb as a box of rocks (including the one who talked about the anniversary of the falling of the Berlin mall and then blamed her camera guys for the error) but some are top notch investigators (Catherine Herridge for example.) She is as far from a bimbo as you can get.

  4. Ambassador of goodwill and cheer.

    Nothing worse than a uppity bitch. She obviously thinks highly about herself. Conceited much?!? At the end of the day.. she puts her pants on one leg at a time. Treat people with respect. *Unless they give you a reason not to.* Because You are not better than anybody. Idc how much money you have… Or how attractive others see you. When your a nasty bitch it makes you ugly on the outside too.

    That’s why I love you bitchy Waiter! I also pull out my soap box to defend one of our own! Especially from bottle blonde nitwit that is a “sports commentator.”. D-list at best. She will be forgotten in 10 years.


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