Waitress Kicks the Ass of Man Who Gropes Her

Every so often, the restaurant gods bestow upon us a savior; a hero in an apron who reminds us all that servers are not people to be fucked with. A video posted on Reddit this week introduces us to one of these heroes. We know not her name, her restaurant or the city in which she resides, but we do know one thing; she is a fucking bad ass. The headline of the Reddit post is all we need to know:

My cousin takes down this pervert for grabbing her ass. He is later arrested in front if his wife and 2 kids when the cops arrive.

Too often, I hear from female servers who are groped, hit upon, felt up and demeaned by sleazy men who think they have the right to treat a women any way they want. Well, this guy picked the wrong waitress to demean, because she doesn’t hesitate to put him in his place. With catlike reflexes she grabs his collar and brigs him down.

Whoever you are, hero waitress, thank you. Thank you for reminding customers that just because we are serving them doesn’t mean they own us. And thank you for encouraging other waitresses to release their inner bad ass when someone treats them poorly. You have earned all of my respect.

And to the guy in the red shirt with the wandering hands: I hope the shame you feel from this viral video teaches you a lesson. I hope your wife used this humiliating experience as a teaching moment for your two children to make sure they know how NOT to treat a woman. That is the one good thing that come from seeing their daddy arrested for being a sleazeball asshole.

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11 thoughts on “Waitress Kicks the Ass of Man Who Gropes Her

    1. Stephanie

      Whoa! As if Savannah wasn’t already super high on my travel bucket list, this knocked it even higher!

      Is EVERYONE there just pure awesome?

  1. Vinnie

    This is my friend in the video and she has gotten a lot of publicity for it. She would like to use this negative behavior as a positive opportunity for a good cause. She has been rescuing kitties off the streets and getting them proper vet care and also spaying and neutering them. As you can see she works hard and sometimes has to deal with assholes like this while she is trying to make a living and help pay for her cat rescues. So if you would like to show support for this bad ass young lady please consider donating to her cause.


  2. Annie

    I’m hoping the dumbass who groped her gets GLOBALLPY SHAMED!!!!

    Can’t someone come up with a t-shirt and/or bumper sticker to get the word out that this behavior is abhorrent and will not be tolerated!!!!! Or else the asshole is going to suffer the consequences.

    Emelia, you are an incredible woman, and as one of your donors (on your Go Fund Me page, exhorts “Kicking Ass and Saving Cats.” )

    Great motto, by the way.

    Keep on being incredible!


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