Battle of the Yelp Review

FOX 11 News in Los Angles reached into the bottom of the barrel this week while looking for a news story and came up with this riveting drama about a customer accusing a restaurant owner of bullying her over a bad Yelp review she had written.

What we have here is a case of he said/she said and it is up to us to decipher who is telling the truth. The story in a nutshell:

She didn’t like her gnocchi and the server simply took it away from her instead of telling her they could make a new batch. She was pissed off so she went right to her car and wrote a bad Yelp review about Trattoria Allegria. She then says she received multiple phone calls from the restaurant harassing her to remove the review. She blocked the number and then she kept getting calls from an unknown number. The restaurant owner says they did not do that. In fact, he pulled up his phone records from ATT showing there were no calls made to her number. Besides that, Yelp does not provide the phone number or last name of reviewers. The woman sent her husband up to the restaurant to complain at which time the owner gave the man $20. So who do we believe?

Well, to begin with, this woman looks bat-shit crazy, so I’m leaning toward the restaurant owner. Although she shows her phone log with several calls from the restaurant’s phone number, we all know there are Spoof Call apps to make it look like a number is coming from somewhere else. Isn’t it possible she had someone else call using the app? And how would the restaurant even get her number in the first place? Also, he has his phone records from ATT. Those don’t lie.

So, she didn’t like her gnocchi and she’s upset that the waiter took it away without saying, “Is there something we can do for you? Or I’ll make you a new batch or anything like that.” Bitch, please. He took it away because you said you couldn’t eat it. Did you want him to hold your mouth open and force feed it to you?

When her husband went to complain, he got the twenty bucks back for the gnocchi, but she still wants to call a news crew about it? This woman looks like she is in desperate need for some attention and I am just the one to give it to her. And before anyone accuses me of cyber bullying this lady, let me directly quote what she said herself:

“I’m not gonna be intimidated by people and I’m not gonna be told by other people that I can’t put what I want out there.”

Fair enough, lady. I feel the same way so I’m just gonna say this: you didn’t like your gnocchi and you got upset that the restaurant didn’t blow some smoke up your freshly steamed vagina. I don’t believe that the restaurant called you multiple times because what the fuck restaurant owner has time to deal with a botoxed, bleach blond, bobble head who sharted out a bad Yelp review? You got your money back so take that twenty dollars and go buy yourself a new eyebrow pencil. And let me reference your closing statement: “I’m scared for things to happen to me, but you know what? At least this is out there and if something does happen to me, they know who did it.” Are you implying that the restaurant owner wants to commit foul play? Are you seriously suggesting that if you die or are injured somehow, it’s the owner of the restaurant who will have done it? Paranoid much? Get the fuck over yourself and use your phone for something other than Spoof Apps and calling the local news so you can have two minutes of screen time. You’re crazy.

Well, that’s just my opinion. Who do you all think is telling the truth?

16 thoughts on “Battle of the Yelp Review

  1. Susan

    Obviously this lady has issues. As a restaurant owner, I have dealt with people like her. In my experience, we don’t have time to be bothered with nonsense like this. I would never attempt to call a customer concerning any type of restaurant review. I honestly think that the restaurant is telling the truth. Why would he attempt bodily harm over some gnocchi. She is a wack job! Maybe one of her friends saw the review and is trying to mess with her knowing that she is a paranoid wreck. She needs another cocktail to take that stick out of her over inflated ass.

  2. Tracy

    Reading between the lines: crazy eye brow lady threw a temper tantrum over her gnocchi. Probably made an ass out of herself. Stormed out of the restaurant screeching at the top of her banshee lungs that she was going to write a bad review on yelp, in the hopes that someone would chase after her begging the ultimate forgiveness and kissing her “freshly steamed vagina”. When that didn’t happen she decided to reverse harass the restaurant spoofed the number from her unsuspecting teenagers phone and the rest,as they say, is history.

  3. MyIronLung

    As a former restaurant manager, I, nor the owner gave two shits about Yelp. It’s a sounding board for pissed off people, we cared more about Trrip Advisor and Google reviews. Never ever would have called her or gave the time to get her number. She needs a zanny bar stat!

  4. Mary Thomson

    AHA I WAS RIGHT! I thought this had to be Santa Monica or Glendale. GLENDALE CA! DING DING DING! And in the snooty Montrose part. I’m from Glendale. I’m not going to call out any particular ethnic group here, but anyone from Glendale will know what I’m talking about. Loud and self-entitled.

  5. oldchef

    Bitch be cray cray. Either the restaurant owner was a really good actor or he really doesn’t give a shit about her and her review.

  6. The Prozac Queen

    I’m just a lowly server but there’s no way in hell any manager I’ve had would waste their time on something like this. They’ve got better things to do, like pluck chickens or scrape gum up off of the pavement. Nuts.

  7. Karl Kolchak

    Greater shame to the “news” crew that covered this “story.” And reporters wonder why people have grown to hate the media.

  8. thisguy

    This is, without a doubt, one of the DUMBEST news stories I have ever seen. The reporter makes it sound like this is some serious news. It’s a typical story about a whack job, disgruntled bitch, mad at a restaurant over nothing. As a GM, I see this entitled bullshit everyday. Don’t give her a platform to spew garbage. That’s exactly what this narcissist wants! As for the reporter’s butchering of the word gnocchi…Jesus Christ! Know WTF you’re talking about before speaking on camera. I digress…


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