If the Walk-In Could Talk (guest post)

Today’s guest post is from Kelsey Ackerman and I can 100% relate to every word she has written. She doesn’t have her own blog (yet) but asked me to give a shout out to Customer Service Problems on Tumblr. Thanks!  xo, BW

Oh walk-in, how so many love you. You are a safe and happy place; away from the drudgery that is dealing with the general public and their stupidity. Where we can vent for a moment and then return with that customer service smile.  Here are some examples of when it’s acceptable to let loose and yell at the produce…

  • Breakfast is over and there’s always that one special snowflake who thinks they should be able to order breakfast whenever. This is NOT the Golden Arches and, NO we cannot ask a busy line to stop and make an egg.
  • When perfectly fine food is sent back for a stupid reason and is wasted for grins and giggles.  I have been witness to numerous: “Uh excuse me….this does not look like the picture, I want a new one,” and yes this does happen, particularly in the Midwestern Gluten loving chain I used to work for. Well, it was assembled by a line employee who is dead inside from reading your 40 modifications for a simple sandwich and then brought out by a teenager who is ecstatic to be at work. So, sorry Susan, but shut up and eat (Disclaimer: If there was a valid complaint, I was always happy to make it right).
  • When one table interrupts you while talking to another.  You know, I held this larger group off from ordering so I could run your food and make sure everything is to your liking. So when I ask for the third time if I can get anything else for anyone, DO NOT come over and grab me from behind and tell me June needs more Bleu Cheese when I am giving attention to another that table that had to wait because of you.
  • This lends itself to #3 but DO NOT TOUCH ME EVER! I don’t care if you are a nurse and work in the medical field: IT’S NOT OK
  • When you over hear a table (thankfully not yours) swear up and down that “wait staff are immune to intelligence.” Yes, I actually heard this gem come out of some lovely lady’s mouth. Didn’t upset me though, as I was working towards my bachelor’s degree and she had a hard time covering up her blonde roots with a bad dye job. In addition to her unfortunate hair color and the content of her conversation, I am confident she fell out of the obliviously entitled tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  • When you have to police grown men from shooting spit balls at each other. Yes I am serious when I say knock it off and that I feel sorry for your mother, cause let’s be honest, you’re probably still a cellar dweller due to your lack of manners.
  • When they can’t be bothered to look for the calorie information when its two inches in front of their face…enough said
  • When you let your child order for him or herself when it’s incredibly busy and as loud as tarmac in the restaurant. If I am not busy by all means… but when I have 6 other tables there is no time for the little one to order 5 different things and then change his mind. Then when the food comes out and you finally decide to pay attention to your kid, don’t ask where his hot dog is because that’s not what he ordered. And yes, I clarified all of this with you before the order went in.
  • When customers decide to Feng Shui the furniture to their liking. This is a big Hell No. Do not move tables around, you’ll mess up sections, the floor (let’s be honest they’ll be dragged) and the furniture itself.

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