Did Kendall Jenner Just Stiff a Bartender? (Who Cares?)

Kendall Jenner, that 21-year-old who is famous for being the sister of someone else who has no reason to be famous, was in the news this week for supposedly stiffing a bartender in Brooklyn. It seems that Kendall was being super cool and hip at a Williamsburg Brooklyn bar called Baby’s All Right. Her bill was $24 and the bar posted a photo on their Instagram of the receipt that showed she left no tip. The caption: Don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Of course the photo went viral because everyone is always looking for another reason to hate on a Kardashian even though this one is a Jenner. Not like it matters. All of those girls are cut from the same cloth and it’s a fabric found in the discount bin at Mood. Kim, Khloe, Kourtey, Kendall, Kylie, Kale, Klennex…whatever. So Kendall stiffed someone and it went viral which is kinda how her sister got famous in the first place, right? People were pissed off because she’s supposedly worth about $36 million, but she couldn’t be bothered to write in a 20% tip for a couple of drinks?

Well, eventually the post on the bar’s Instagram was deleted leading people to believe that maybe she did tip. And then Kendall herself used her hands for something other than putting on lipstick and Tweeted out a response:

So now here we are: did she tip or did she not tip? She was in the news a couple of years ago for supposedly throwing money at a waitress’s face so we know she might not be the best customer to have sit in our section. On the other hand, she literally has money falling out of her bleached asshole so why wouldn’t she tip on a $24 check? Then again, does someone like her even bother carrying five dollar bills that would cover a tip for that amount?

I suppose all we can do at this point is assume that Kendall is telling the truth and she left a tip for that hardworking bartender in Brooklyn. As for the bar itself, if she did leave a tip, shame on you for trying to make it look like she didn’t. And she didn’t leave a tip, shame on her for not doing the right thing.

And shame on me for writing an article about Kendall fucking Jenner.

5 thoughts on “Did Kendall Jenner Just Stiff a Bartender? (Who Cares?)

  1. Donald Harrod

    I believe you meant to end your post with “Shame on me for publishing an article about a Kendall fucking Jenner since the people who visit my site have no way of knowing if there will be any Jenner-related content ahead of time”.

  2. Susannah

    I’m more annoyed by the “write in your own tip” comment. Don’t do that. Also I second donald’s statement.

  3. Suzanne

    In my experience most famous people don’t tip. I’ve been stiffed by sports stars, actors, even rappers. I’ve even heard a rumor that Kobe Bryant was asked to not return to a restaurant due to running up a 5,000 bill and leaving nothing.

    Seeing as these people are cut from the same mold I highly doubt she tipped. If I had been the bartender that evening I would have used my favorite line upon receiving the receipt (if able) “excuse me, do you mind putting a total on this line right here for me?” It never gets old to see people who are obviously trying to stiff me get uncomfortable. Then about half proceed to tip me while the others are forced to write a total past the tip line… usually in front of other people. It’s fantastic.

    You’re totally right when asking what person like that even carries cash. I believe the only people who carry cash anymore are either in the restaurant industry, on a pole, or selling drugs. So do I think she pulled out a $5 or better yet a $20 to throw down a tip? HELL NO!


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