1-Star Yelp Review for Hot Onion Rings

Always on the look out for an entertaining Yelp review to rip apart, one fell into my lap yesterday that made my day. It comes from Rita M. who gave a 1-star review to Woody’s Bar-B-Q because the food was too hot and it burned her face off.

Says Rita:

So what would you expect if you bite into an onion ring presented to you, the onion comes out of the breading, it flips onto your lower lip and down your chin and burns the hell out of your face!!!!  The waitress watching all this time, then says” Oh yeah, the onion rings just came out of the fryer, they are hot!!” Well nice time to tell me!!!

I suffered minor burns which I treated with Silver Nitrate, which is what you use to treat burns.

Painful for days, large scab formed on my chin and minor scab under my bottom lip.
Manager did call next day, I told him that I had blisters under my lip and large one on my chin. ” Gee I’m sorry, don’t really know what to do”, was his response. DAH!!! Report it to corporate!!

So I had scabs for over a week, the one on my chin was about 1/2 inch in diameter, really pretty too! I attended a wedding with a nice red circle on my face that still showed through concealer and makeup. Still have a red mark on my chin, guess it’s permanent!!

I can’t even say that the meal was worth it, because I think Sonny’s has better food.
Never going back and very upset that I did not get a call from corporate.

By the way Woody’s, most restaurants warn you when they place the food in front of you to be careful if it’s hot. Not after they watch your face fry!!!!

I must question what kind of review Rita would have given had the food been too cold. Two stars, maybe? While I am sorry, for her minor burns, I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the waitress to remind someone that fried food just placed onto the table, might be hot. Isn’t that the assumption? Rita is mad that the waitress didn’t tell her the onion rings were going to be hot until after Rita sizzled her lips off. My guess is that the waitress gave Rita the benefit of the doubt and assumed she had a bit of sense in her noggin to already know that. At least the manager called her the next day to check on her, but that didn’t appease Rita because the manager didn’t “really know what to do.” Oh, Rita, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to do this:

Rita suffered through the horror of attending a wedding covered in scabs and blisters which sounds awful, but for all we know, everyone else there had scabs and blisters too. They were just hidden with panties and underwear rather than concealer and makeup.  All Rita wanted was a call from corporate which is code for “a gift card from corporate.” And maybe for someone to reimburse her for Silver Nitrate that she used to treat her burns because Silver Nitrate is what you use to treat burns.

This whole thing reminds me of a Christmas from years ago when my husband and I were warming up our Christmas dinner. He put a plate of mashed potatoes into the microwave and set it for far too long. When he pulled the plate out, he stuck his finger into the pile of potatoes to check the temperature and it was scalding hot. He reflexively jerked his finger away from the steaming pile of spuds, consequently flinging some of the potato onto his face and lips which burned him, leaving a a blister and a scab. Sadly, we did not have any Silver Nitrate to treat the burn which is what you use to treat burns. That year’s Christmas pictures of us opening presents are a sight to behold, because poor Mark has a big ol’ mashed potato burn on his face in every picture. He was not happy that day, but we can laugh about it now. I hope Rita took some pictures of her burnt up face, because in fifteen or twenty years from now, it will put a smile on her lips to think back to that time at Woody’s when the only thing on her lip was a big ol’ onion ring burn.

Read Rita M.‘s review of Woody’s Bar-B-Q on Yelp

19 thoughts on “1-Star Yelp Review for Hot Onion Rings

  1. Brittany Dunkin

    This stupid cunt is a good cross-section of what this country’s service industry deals with daily. Too bad she didn’t let those rings sizzle on her uterus, stopping any possible procreation.

  2. Charlie

    Hahahaha, glad in not the only one who though the inane, “that’s what you use to treat burns” was hilarious.

    1. Grackle

      I don’t know why she’s complaining, honestly. Since using silver nitrate on your skin can turn it permanently blue, it probably complemented the red mark on her chin nicely.

  3. Janelle Patten Stanley

    Seriously??? You’re gonna complain because your fried — Yes FRIED food is Hot!! C-Mon, that is like every time you bite into your Pizza slice that is Hot & burns your roof of your mouth & tongue, bitching about that! Ludacris people, you bitch when it’s cold & when it’s hot!! Some peop!Even asuck & just want to complain about anything!!! Can you say Dumbasses??? 😬🍟🍕🍔🍜

    1. Sari

      Ludacris is a recording artist.

      Ludicrous is when a person complains like the woman in question did.

      Sorry Janelle, just a pet peeve.

  4. Cory

    You know what you use to treat a burn? Cool, running water. That’s it, that’s all. No creams, no ointments, no salves. Ice will help control the pain by numbing it somewhat. If you really want or “need” to put something on a burn, after the initial burning has stopped and after you run it under cool water, try aloe vera.

  5. LaFawne

    I am just speechless. Just when I think I cannot be surprised by rampant idiocy, here comes the queen of Idiot Country herself! Most onion rings are FRIED. Hence the need for a deep fryer full of hot oil. Which is usually hotter than heck. Anyone who needs a warning that fried food “might” be hot, is not capable of being out in public alone and needs to hire a keeper, ASAP.

  6. dead_elvis

    She’s just very sheltered, and had never ordered onion rings in a restaurant before. Of course she was surprised to find them too hot – after all, whenever she cracks open a fresh can of Durkee French Fried Onions, they’re always room temperature!

  7. DM

    Why doesn’t she just sue them? It worked so well for that old bitch at McDonalds with the coffee..

  8. Hallie Harker

    Nah, the old lady at McDonald’s had a legit reason to sue. The coffee from McDonald’s was so hot that when it spilled into her lap, it actually too the skin off of her legs and genital area. She actually had to have skin grafts because of it.

  9. JD

    I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me. You bite into it, the onion slides out and slaps your face. It’s not pleasant. BUT: It never once occurred to me to blame anyone else but myself for it. I KNOW they’re hot! But they’re so good!! Now I eat them with a knife and fork until they’ve cooled a bit. Like a grownup.

  10. Tracie

    Omg cry me a river!!!! Who does not know that onion rings get fried and will be hot?!!! Common sense…. You have none!!!

  11. Willow

    I’m just trying to figure out why Rita left the house without her helmet again?😆 Had she been wearing it, none of this would’ve happened


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