10 Feelings Only a Server Will Understand

  1. That feeling of immense disappointment when your think you have amazing rapport with your table of five people and then they leave you a crappy 5% tip.
  2. That feeling of intense anger when you explain to your customer the policy of the restaurant and then, when they ask to speak to your manager, that manager throws the policy out the window and gives the customer whatever they want.
  3. That feeling of complete exhaustion when you punch out from your third double in a row that lasted Friday lunch to Sunday dinner.
  4. That feeling of great relief when you finally get to go pee after nearly having your bladder explode because you just didn’t have time to go to the restroom.
  5. That feeling of sheer satisfaction when a customer was rude and dismissive to you and after they leave you discover they left their cell phone at the table.
  6. That feeling of pure happiness when every order comes out perfectly, your tables are all super friendly and every single one leaves you more than 20%.
  7. That feeling of fiery rage when a child insists they don’t need a cup with a lid and then as soon as you give them a “big boy glass” they spill their milk all over the damn place.
  8. That feeling of profound apathy when your customer tells you they know the owner.
  9. That feeling of extraordinary confusion when a customer tells you they can’t eat dairy, nuts, meat, butter, salt, sugar, gluten or anything that is on your menu.
  10. That feeling of total joy you get when you show up to work thinking you are closing but you read the schedule wrong and you are first cut.Please click here to buy my book, The Bitchy Waiter. You’ll like it, I promise. And if you don’t like it, you can talk to my manager…

2 thoughts on “10 Feelings Only a Server Will Understand

  1. Barrine

    1. is something I could never understand.

    The table and I would become BFFs, and then they’d end up leaving me 10% or less. Happened more times than I care to remember.

    BTW, # 11 should be the frustration of being required to tip out the busser, even when the busser spent the entire shift staring into his cellphone, while I bussed my own tables.


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