1-Star Review for Another Stupid Reason

picmonkey-sampleOne of my hobbies, in addition to doing tequila shots and saving matchbooks from bars that have gently asked me to never come back, is trolling through the land of Yelp reviews to see if anything can awaken my need to bitch online. I also find that it can be a good way for me to educate the average consumer on the ways of the restaurant world. While perusing, lo and behold, a review popped out at me that made my eyes water with joy. I had found a woman named Edithe who, instead of using toilet paper, decided to use Yelp to wipe her butt. It seems that Miss Edithe forgot her credit card at a certain Melting Pot and pretty much wanted to blame anyone but herself for her forgetfulness and the inconvenience of getting it back.

She begins her review with the usual 1-star complaints:

“okay but inconsistent portions”
“it seemed very unorganized and we felt forgotten”

But then she goes on to explain that the next day while shopping, she realized she had left her credit card at the restaurant. She immediately rushed out of the Dollar Tree, where she was buying off-brand Oreos, pantyhose and an inordinate amount of canned baked beans, to retrieve her card from the Melting Pot. The nice woman at the restaurant told her the card was there in the safe. She also mentioned how many people had happened to leave their credit card that night as well, suggesting that perhaps the waitress was returning the cards in an inconspicuous place that was causing people to not take them. “Bummed that (she) had to drive back out there,” when Edithe got to Melting Pot, she parked in a tow away zone and rushed inside to retrieve her card. When she told the bartender that she was in a hurry, he supposedly said, “so we’re supposed to hurry up for you because you made a mistake and forgot your credit card?”

Hold up.

Stop it.

Wait a minute.

Do we really know that he for sure said something so amazingly rude, standoffish and downright asshole-like? Because, oh my God, I hope so!

Sorry, Edithe. Maybe he could have been a little bit nicer in the way he expressed his thoughts, but he is so completely right. You are the one who left your credit card. You are the one who chose to park in the tow away zone. The world does not revolve around you and your needs, Lady Fondue. I can’t help but notice that you have written a total of 11 reviews for Yelp. Of those 11 reviews, 7 of them are 1-star. Might the problem be you? Could that maybe be what the issue is? Perhaps you always have disappointing service and bad experiences because you get what you put out there. Just a hunch. I’m probably wrong and you’re just an utter delight to be around.

Edithe ends her review with a warning to other diners:

“Keep a close eye on your credit card, lest it end up in their safe with the other 40 forgotten credit cards and you have to drive all the way back over there just to be treated with contempt.”

Apparently, the manger told her how common it was for people to forget their credit card. So common, in fact, that he had about 40 cards in his safe at that very moment. It sounds like she doesn’t believe him. What she doesn’t know is that this restaurant did her a favor. If they would have called to let the credit card company know a customer had left their card behind, the credit card company would immediately deactivate it and ask them to destroy it. Maybe the next time Miss Edithe leaves her card at restaurant, she’d like that better. Just cancel the card so she can have something else to complain about on Yelp.

Bottom line: if you forget your credit card at the restaurant, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Deal with it.

Read Edithe S.‘s review of The Melting Pot on Yelp

11 thoughts on “1-Star Review for Another Stupid Reason

  1. Nance

    Gee, I hope that I never “loose” my cool. Maybe tighten my cool? That sounds, oh I don’t know, cooler?
    There is a credit card collection in the register at my work that is a couple of inches high. I’ve never actually counted how many cards are in the stack, but there are quite a lot. We have a box full of sunglasses too, but I digress…
    I had a man come in to retrieve his credit card that HE HAD FORGOTTEN TO TAKE WITH HIM from the night before. He was angry and yelling/sputtering that his server had hidden his card on purpose and that’s why he had left it behind. Hidden his card. On purpose. What? Hidden his card in the cavernous wasteland that is a check presenter?
    I hate yelp.
    I do, however, love that bartender! His cool is definitely tight.

  2. Edithe Stone

    It’s refreshing to know The Melting Pot is paying people to respond to legitimate reviews of their horrible restaurant with rude staff. It’s so funny that they’re still trying to make this a situation about whose fault it is. Grow up and put your effort into running a restaurant instead of starting petty arguments with customers you chose to treat with contempt.

  3. Mary Nelson

    When I go to Yelp to review if there is a stupid one star I increase my review by a star. Really folks, review the place. Not how your “feelings” got hurt or something.

    Your credit card is your responsibility. Your money. Have one less stupid drink and pay attention.

  4. edithe

    Now I’m going to have to give a place one star if I see it has 5 stars to counteract your increase of one star action. Really, folks, get a life. I am sorry you are waitresses and waiters and your life sucks. Take some responsibility and change your life for the better; get a different job.

    Enjoy your weird ass yelp obsession.

    1. Helen

      That really says it all, doesn’t it? For someone who holds so much contempt for waitstaff, perhaps it’s time to stop going out to eat. And no, life doesn’t simply suck because one is a server or works in a restaurant. But life sure seems to suck for you based on the constant vitriol you put out in the universe. You get what you give.

    2. ajane

      erm, you’re the one seeming a bit obsessed.

      Like, self obsessed.

      Do you have a Google alert set up for your pretentiously spelled first name?

      I’m wondering how you stumbled across this blog post otherwise; given your disdain for the hard working folks in the service industry, I find it hard to imagine that you would be following any industry related news or opinion writing.

    3. Beth

      The only one with a weird obsession seems to be you… you’re now going to leave worse reviews of places based on another persons review being higher than your own?
      What are you gaining by even reading this, or the comments? Are you embarassed that *you* forgot your credit card?
      Why bother to go out to eat, when you have to be around such terrible people who hate their lives? (Why not just pretend that there are no restaurants to go out to anymore and cook at home, as if all of us “changed out lives for the better and got different jobs”?)
      As stated- you seem to have some serious vanity if you are using your free time to figure out what people have written about your ridiculous review.


    Restuarants have better things to do than to cater to your stupidity. You lost your card that’s your own fault. 😛

  6. freewhitebaby

    It’s probably the pretentious “e” stuck onto the perfectly good name of Edith that makes this woman such a cankerous shrew. She should go sit in a bathtub full of Preparation H until there’s nothing left.


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