8 Mini Horror Stories That Could Happen in Your Restaurant

  1. You have just cleaned the cappuccino machine because you are going to be cut in ten minutes, but then someone waves you over to ask for a latte.is
  2. Your last table has gone home and you are waiting for your manager to do your cash out when a co-worker asks you to run some food to Table 6. Being a team player, you agree, but a kid runs in front of you and all the plates crash onto the floor covering you with food.giphy
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Mandelbaum, the oldest people in the whole entire world, shuffle to your section. He leaves behind his false teeth wrapped in a napkin and you accidentally touch them with your bare hands when you are clearing the table.giphy2
  4. As you hang out in the dish room waiting for Table 16 to GTFO, the dishwasher throws a handful of silver into the tub creating a plash of disgusting water, some of which goes directly into your mouth.raw
  5. You have a glass of seltzer in the sidestand that you have been sipping for the last hour. When you pick it up for another sip, Cheryl the new girl who has coldsores, says, “Oh, I thought that was my glass. I’ve been drinking out of it.”lady-scream
  6. You walk into the dish area with some left over nachos on a plate that you are seconds away from scraping into the garbage can when the dishwasher reaches over to grab a handful of old chicken, which he promptly eats. 4c9r1
  7. After needing to go the restroom for over an hour, you finally have a chance. When you step into the stall, you see that someone’s family meal did not agree with them and they didn’t feel the need to flush the goddam toilet.screaming-in-hush-hush-sweet-charlotte-animated-gif
  8. As soon as you eat the last bite of some chocolate pudding that was accidentally rung in, someone tells you that you should have used to-go utensils because the dishwasher ran out of hot water.scream

4 thoughts on “8 Mini Horror Stories That Could Happen in Your Restaurant

  1. jess

    You walk in to the start of your shift only to find out the dishwasher is broken and the whole staff will be hand washing all the dishes that night.

  2. Anonymous

    Your haven’t been sat in over an hour. Right as the manager is walking over to tell you you’re cut, a five-top appears in your section.

    1. Cher Whorowitz

      Holy fuck. This.

      And getting flooded with tables as soon as the manager says you’re cut after being dead all day.

      Or the manager forcing everyone to stay because “we might get a pop”. But then it doesn’t happen and nobody makes any money and we’re all screwed until the shift ends.

  3. Glen

    You are the closer and when getting ready to be checked out by the Manager, you find stashes of hidden silverware and glasses from a coworker who was too lazy to do their own share.


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