Restaurant Gets Revenge for Bad Yelp Review

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a woman named Rosie C. who posted an extremely demeaning and derogatory review about a restaurant/bar called The Royal Wolf. (Here is that post.) The review didn’t have much to do with the food and had more to do with the appearance of the waitstaff, namely that they weren’t as attractive as her. The post got a lot of attention and Rosie eventually deleted her review. Thanks to the magic of screenshots, this is what the review said:Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.35.12 AM
The restaurant, proving they have a sense of humor bigger than Rosie’s overblown ego, recently named a sandwich after her. No, the sandwich isn’t a piece dried twat crammed between two slices of over yeasty bread, it’s a chicken club!


Rosie C.’s Club Sandwich

attractive maple-salt crusted rosettes of canadian bacon jerky, sour grapes drizzled with a champagne simple syrup & brie cheese served over (and looking down on) a country-fried chicken breast on a toasted white potato roll. served with hand-cut french fries. thanks for the inspiration & the Yelp review, Rosie! I wish you hadn’t taken it down.

So even though Rosie took down her review, she will always be a part of The Royal Wolf, lingering like a fart in a car with the windows rolled up on a hot, humid day.

Way to go, Rosie! And way to go Royal Wolf! (Now, please go buy my book, The Bitchy Waiter.)

12 thoughts on “Restaurant Gets Revenge for Bad Yelp Review

  1. Charlie

    Salty, sour, and determined to impress upon others how attractive it is when all evidence is to the contrary.

    Aptly named, and excellent revenge!

  2. Amber Yocham

    Hahaha thats great being a waitress myself i understand! If shem wasnt a stuck up b:÷$h maybe she would realize we all leave this world in the same size box no matter how rich u are.


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