This Waitress Might Be Making Fun of You

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.22.33 AMPlease enjoy this two minute and ten second video of a waitress Joy Brooker perfectly imitates every girl who has ever asked for a box for their leftover food. It needs no more commentary from me.

Joy? If you’re out there, I love you. Can we please work together so we can hide in the sidestand while drinking chardonnay from our coffee mugs and making fun of all our customers? Thanks.  xo

22 thoughts on “This Waitress Might Be Making Fun of You

    1. Hide

      While I’ve never seen any one dump their wine in a togo box, I have seen (way too many) people dump out their child’s drink and put the wine in the kid cup. Classy.

  1. LucasChef

    oooo poor waitress, someone asked her for something and princess probably was too busy by eating some fries or finishing drink… dont be so fucking lazy, bring the fucking box and turn around. Instead cow make a vid where she look like a cow… well done you lazy cow!

      1. youareallbasic

        no, it’s not. It’s pretentious and asinine. 0/10. This is super reaching and shows the LOW quality of people who find it funny.

    1. StopTalkingToYourself

      Sounds like you can relate to the “customer” in this video, LucasChef. It’s a shame you can’t laugh about it.

    2. Annasin

      You have no sense of humor. You’re also an idiot and she’s beautiful, insightful, and funny. She brought the damn box… a thousand times over.

    3. Classy&Sassy

      Thank you! I AGREE! Bitch better bring me all the boxes and lids I ask for…it’s patrons like me who decide whether she pays her rent this month! And you’re dead on, she definitely doesn’t look like she’s missed a meal!

  2. GetMeABoxYouJerk

    So…we aren’t supposed to take home the leftover food that we paid for or are we not suppose to ask for a box nicely? Do you not want us to ask for dessert to go, which does increase the food bill and your tip?

    This is the dumbest thing that I have watched.

  3. A-Man-Duh

    I don’t like to think that I’m this annoying when asking for a to-go container, but this cracked me up! LOL

  4. OKCWaitress

    To LucasChef and GetMeABoxYouJerk, none of those things were said in the video. I think she was more making fun of the WAY girls in particular ask for said box, and the way they describe ordering dessert as “being bad” (which happens like, at least 75% of the time in my experience).

    However, even if she did complain about having to get her guests a box in the video, it would still be meant to be funny, not something to get offended by.

    1. Shannon

      Also, having to keep going back for containers. It’s not that hard to say “hey, can I get a to go box, a container for the dressing, and this dessert to go” all at once.

  5. Michele

    Lucas- You used the word “cow” 3x and “fucking” twice in your comment. Please keep hints about your sex life off of the comment boards. ‘kay, thx.

  6. Rei

    I definitely ask for containers for delicious food I can’t finish, and I did end up taking dessert to go once when I ordered and then someone in our party started feeling anxious while we were waiting, but I don’t think I’ve used that voice in my entire life. Makes me feel better about asking, all I have to do is not ask like that! lol


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