Is This the Meanest Yelp Review Ever?

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.35.12 AMAllow me to introduce you to Rosie C. the finest rose in all of Canada. Although I don’t have a photograph of Rosie, I imagine she must be as beautiful as a freshly groomed lhasa apso who just got a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit for her birthday. 1-showdogI only think this because in a recent Yelp review for The Royal Wolf, Rosie implies that very thing. Actually, it’s a good thing she tells everyone she is so pretty because based on the way she wrote her review she sounds like a really ugly person.

Good food, absolutely terrible waitstaff! We own a home here and enjoyed going for a period of time, but the miserable unskilled townie waitstaff are atrocious!  Unaccomplished women who are sad at their lot in life, we now fully understand when business owners say that on this side of the pass we are left with the dregs of society to choose from because all the halfway decent employees drive to Jackson to make more money!  Constantly standing around, waiting for over 5 minutes to even be acknowledged, on a not very busy evening, because the women in our group are prettier and aren’t part of the have nots, we all experienced unprecedented attitude from the trailer park waitresses here! People who are miserable about their lot in life, the place oozes bad energy , and everyone is sure the only reason these degenerates have jobs is because there is literally NO ONE to choose from!  In any other town without such a housing and staff crises, these unskilled laborers wouldn’t be able to get a job at McDonald’s! Don’t go here if you drive a nice car or are attractive, you will be made to feel super uncomfortable!

Rosie says she has been to The Royal Wolf before and enjoyed it, but of course she didn’t bother to write a review about those times. Ugly (on the inside) people don’t do that. They wait until they have one bad experience at a restaurant and let it taint every other experience that happened before. What is most shocking about Rosie’s review isn’t that the service was not to her liking. Granted, it could have been. Maybe the waitstaff this time did not do a great job which is certainly fair to review. What I find truly distasteful is that Rosie thinks it’s alright to insult the staff:

“miserable unskilled townie waitstaff”
“unaccomplished women who are sad at their lot in life”
“dregs of society”
“the women in our group are prettier”
“trailer park waitresses”
“unskilled laborers”
“if you drive a nice car or are attractive, you will be made to feel super uncomfortable”

Wow, Rosie. You sound like an awful, awful person. It’s one thing to be upset because you had to wait five minutes to be acknowledged, but it’s quite another to say these kinds of things about other human beings. Might it be possible that you and your “attractive” friends showed up in your “nice cars” and maybe, just maybe, oozed out some bad attitude in the same way you claim the restaurant “oozes bad energy?” I don’t know you any better than you knew the waitresses at The Royal Wolf, but your review paints a pretty clear picture of what kind of person you are and it probably turns most people off. Perhaps you are an attractive person on the outside. Then again, that’s subjective. One thing I know for sure is that you are a very unattractive person on the inside. You are mean-spirited, angry, vindictive, insecure and I bet that bad attitude isn’t the only things that oozes from you. (Seriously, you might want to look into an antibiotic or something.) The next time you want to write a bad review about something, and you certainly have the right to do that, why not try to be a little bit more specific? Try a little harder to write a constructive critique rather than just insult the physicality and intellect of the people who work there. If you do that, I can guarantee that your review will be taken more seriously. Calling the waitresses names doesn’t make anyone think they are awful people. In fact it does the exact opposite and by me sharing your review (you’re welcome) it ensures that lots and lots of people will know that Rosie C. in Canada is just as ugly as she claims the servers at The Royal Wolf to be.

Think about that the next time you write a Yelp review, Rosie. And good luck at the next dog show. I’m sure you will sweep the lhasa apso category…

Read Rosie C.‘s review of The Royal Wolf on Yelp

27 thoughts on “Is This the Meanest Yelp Review Ever?

  1. mel

    wow. what a scumbag. usually I laugh about the idiot customers whose antics are displayed on The Bitchy Waiter, but Rosie’s classist rant just makes me depressed. what a pitiful, pitiful person she is.

  2. Corinne

    I am from Toronto Canada and I am ashamed and embarrassed that Rosie C is representing us. I’m also a supervisor/server in a restaurant so this disgusting review bothers me that much more. What an entitled snob!

  3. LaFawne

    She only has 2 reviews on Yelp and the other one is rather…odd. The one you repeated is just plain mean. Wondering if this is some sort of spoof account? People continue to amaze me with their idiocy, whatever the case.

  4. jaz

    I’m a server in Niagara on the lake, Ontario Canada…I serve tonnes of people from Toronto…most are pretty snotty..we can always tell when they’re from there by their attitudes! That’s ridiculous though..what a biach!!!

    1. Margaret

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I live in Montreal, and Rosie sounded like a typical Torontonian to me. Classist, rude, entitled, and snotty.

      1. Mary Heather Muise

        Really, you think Torontonians are classist, rude, entitled and snotty? What about Quebecois? As a Torontonian who grew up in Nova Scotia, I recall driving through and attempting to camp or find a hotel in Quebec. People would be speaking English, yet when my family approached them they would suddenly not know a word of English. That covers rude….entitled comes from the fact that the province has declared itself FRENCH only. Snotty…well I just described that as well. As for classist,,,no, Quebecois aren’t often classist….due to the fact that the people who made your province what it is and held the upper class are gone now… Italians, English, Portuguese….just about any one who wasn’t a true Quebecois!

  5. Jennifer G.

    What a reflection on Rosie’s childhood. How else could she tell what type of people these employees are but from her own upbringing? This nasty bitch needs to go back to her roots at the trailer park and find where she lost her humanity and intelligence.

    1. Steve

      Actually I think it speaks more to an entitled background riddled with stereotypes about supposedly ‘lesser’ people. Petty, reprehensible people are just that, and can be that regardless of where they’re from.

      1. Shannon


        I kid, I kid. I’m neither Quebequis, nor Canadian. I just wanted to back up the point that no matter your origins, you too can be a terrible person.

        Some folks here are saying she’s obviously from Toronto, cause she’s a bitch, but her review makes it clear that she’s a RICH BITCH, who only vis its Toronto. No one says they “own property” in a place unless it’s a secondary home – not primary.

        Take this from an Arizonan, where the shittiest (and sadly, large enough to swing politics) of our population comes from retirees who are snow birds and only live here during the cooler months.

        PS: poor people can be pretty too, even without bathing on the blood of virgins, erm, Sephora.

  6. Riv

    So, I’m one of the degenerate townies of Driggs. This woman sounds like SUCH a CUNT!!! I’ve spent more than my fair share of time at the Royal Wolf. It’s the one and only real watering hole in our one-horse town. It’s a very busy place. Those girls there, who I know personally, are some of the sweetest and hard-working in food and beverage. The reason they don’t drive the pass to Jackson to make more money???? Not because they couldn’t but who wants to drive an hour over an 8,000 ft. mountain pass each day to wait tables. For fucks’ sake lady, get over yourself. And PLEASE, don’t come back to The Wolf. Or Driggs. We don’t want your kind around here.

    1. Kali

      Except she owns a house here, I think in Huntsman springs. Maybe if she had more money she could afford a house in Jackson, far away from us “have nots”

  7. Isa

    Gotta love how she manages to mention she owns a house there almost straight up but then goes on about how this place is on the wrong side of the pass… If she’s got all that cash money for her flashy car and home maybe she should go fucking buy a house in Jackson.

    1. JB

      Right?! It’s like people up in Great Falls, Montana complaining that they have the worst life ever, blame it on others, and don’t do a damn thing to improve their own pitiful existence by y’know…MOVING? But then again, we don’t want them anywhere else so they can just plant their asses there forever and wallow in their self pity for all the rest of the state cares. She sounds like someone who doesn’t have anything going on in HER life so she blames others she deems as beneath her. I hope she does us all a favor and just stops eating out. No one wants her around anyway.

  8. T

    I am also a degenerate townie from Driggs, and a former employee of the Royal Wolf, and I will tell you that the people that work there are absolutely wonderful people, and some of the most dedicated, hard-working employees an owner could ask for. There is a true sense of family and friendship emanating from that place. When we say to each other; “Love you!”, we actually mean it. When one of us celebrates, we all celebrate. When one is grieving, we all are grieving. It’s an amazing community, and The Royal Wolf is front and center as a community gathering place.

    The thing is, in Driggs, we pride ourselves on NOT judging people by appearance or social standing. We DO judge you if you are a sour, cruel bitch with the emotional range of a 13 year old girl.

    When your “looks” fade, Rosie C., you will still be a bitter, ugly cunt.

    1. Jenna

      Well said!!!! **standing ovation** 👏👏👏👏 i never understood how someone can be so cruel and say such ignorant things… I swear its to make herself feel better… You see she was most likely the ugliest girl in her bunch of friends so why not hurt someone elses feelings?? Itll make her feel better Right?.. The logic behind why people do and say thi gs makes no sense but i couldn’t have said what you did better myself! Bravo!!

  9. Catherine C

    Absolutely one of the classiest put downs I’ve ever heard ” The emotional range of a 13 year old girl.” It’s so well said, that it’s simply priceless. Love it, absolutely love it.

  10. Rae

    BW, you’re so awesome! You’re a magician you know! By simply shining a light on this ugly excuse for a human you made this review disappear!! I guess Rosie is feeling the heat because it looks like she has taken down her review. Her yelp profile only shows the one review of the transformative masseuse. Lol. And The Royal Wolf’s page seems to be dumb-bitch-free too! Guess she’s learning the hard way: If you don’t want the whole world to see it, then don’t put it on the internet! She’s a tripple threat: Classist, Ugly, AND Dumb as a box of rocks! Love how she puts down a town that she bought a house in! lol.
    On a personal note BW, I believe you can really tell what someone is about by how they treat waiters/waitresses/anyone in the service industry! My sister was a waitress for a LONG time. So if the new friend or date I’m with treats servers poorly, then I know they have no integrity and will never respect or deserve me! It’s Bye Bye time! When it’s tip time, even if it was bad service, I always think: what would I tip my sister?

  11. JB

    I just couldn’t help but send her a message about how terrible she was. My husband and roommate are both servers so this just grinds my gears so hard. I work in fast food, so I know that customers can be absolute pains in the asses, but this one just takes the cake! I normally don’t do that but I seriously had to give her a piece of my mind. I hope she’s crying and humbled. Most likely she’ll just block me after replying with some contrived bullshit, or maybe she’ll surprise me and grow up. Who knows?

    1. Mary Heather Muise

      Dream on. She won’t give a damn. This coming from some one who has spent over 25 years in the restaurant biz. We get these types of people. So miserable in their own lives that they feel they need to hurt those who they think are beneath them. As I have posted….I am surprised that Rosie didn’t fit in at the Royal Wolf – good food and service or not -’cause she’s a Royal Bitch!

      1. The Prozac Queen

        That’s my running theory too-snotty people are usually miserable in their own lives and want to spread it around. I’ve waited on *and* worked with such people. Exhausting and not worth the effort.

  12. Bic

    Attached is my response every Yelp review that I receive:

    Comment from Manager
    Business Manager
    8/29/2016 To our valued guests of —— Bar,
    Due to many reviews on this site that have been aggressive towards our establishment and our employees, we no longer support Yelp and the reviews that come through. Yelp unfortunately has allowed our staff to be attacked in reviews on a regular basis and has denied our requests to have such attacks and language taken off of the review page.
    We always appreciate when a reviewer can give constructive criticism in a well thought out and properly worded review. That goes for the positive, the negative and the middle ground reviews.
    If you have written a positive review then we thank you and can’t wait to see and serve you again. If you have had a negative experience, please feel free to call and speak with a manager so we can help rectify any issues you may have had.
    We will continue to review this page, but moving forward this will be our only response to any and all reviews. Yelp has let us and many members of the restaurant community down with their process of choosing reviews that show and those that do not, as well as allowing false information to exist even after being identified. The most egregious issue with Yelp is allowing attacks on our staff for doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and, when identified, they allow the reviews to stand. We will not support a company that allows these attacks.
    We look forward to seeing all again and please do not take this as a slight to all of the Yelp community, but it’s a stance we as a business must take at this time.

    1. Carol White

      Love the Wolf. Consistently delicious food. Great staff. Great pub style, relax atmosphere. Granted, not a place to visit if in a hurry. The Wolf is a wonderful local hang out so why be in a rush? Relax. The new deck is beautiful.

      I completely understand why management would drop Yelp. BTW: I have given very positive reviews on Trip Advisor and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for your continued success.

    2. Amanda

      gosh, I wish more owners and managers felt the way you do AND had the moxie to put it out there!

      That’s a perfect reply–polite and to the point.

    3. The Prozac Queen

      That sounds like my manager. She’ll respond to bad Facebook reviews in the same way, along with a response defending herself in great detail…she says that she doesn’t have a problem with bad reviews as long as what they’re saying is true, which it usually isn’t.

  13. Mary Heather Muise

    I am totally amazed that Rosie didn’t love the Royal Wolf whether the food or service was good or not. I mean the place was The Royal Wolf and she’s a Royal Bitch … …..

  14. Mmp

    This comes off as too over the top to be true.
    Sounds more like a former employee or someone who has it out for the owner.


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