Amy Schumer Leaves $1000 Tip

amy-schumerAs if I needed another reason to love me some Amy Schumer, she just gave me new one. While recently seeing the big, smash, musical hit “Hamilton” on Broadway, she purchased some drinks at the lobby bar. Her bill was $77, which means she probably bought two glasses of wine, a beer and a bottled water. (Shit’s expensive on Broadway.) When it came time to leave a tip, she thought back to her days as a bartender and waitress in New York City and left a 1298% tip. Yes, that’s right. She gave the bartender $1000 on a $77 check. The tip was split amongst all the bartenders and it undoubtedly made their night.

Amy later Tweeted about it:

This just goes to show you that once you’re a server, you’re always a server. It’s in your blood and if you have ever served for a living, you will never forget what it’s like to do it. It’s sorta like riding a bike except instead of the breeze blowing through your hair as you coast along the sidewalk balancing on two wheels, when you serve, you get grease stains on all your clothes as you swerve through your section balancing a stack of dirty dishes.

Thank you to Amy Schumer for being so generous to those bartenders at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

And just another reminder of how Amy’s past server life affects her comedy, check out this video about nut allergies. You just know it’s based on one of her real life experiences.

8 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Leaves $1000 Tip

    1. The Bitchy Waiter Post author

      You know, this post had nothing political about it. It was just about a rich and famous person leaving a big tip. Why you gotta be all rude and shit?

      1. Midge

        Uhh…she’s a cunt looking for attention that she doesn’t need. Maybe she should drop the political commentary. In case people didn’t realize what she’s all about, glad I could catch them before they start loving her too.

      2. CincyDrunk

        Haters gonna hate. I for one, fucking hate politics cuz everyone gonna have their panties in a wad over something.

  1. Elizabeth

    I don’t follow celebrities and couldn’t tell you anything she’s ever done, but thanks to this, I like her. 🙂


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