Say Hello to 2016’s First Horrible Customer

It didn’t take long for 2016 to burp up its first horrible customer of the year, did it? On a Facebook page for a restaurant called Kilroy’s Downtown Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana, a woman named Holly Jones left a passionate message for the staff. (Here is their Facebook page if you want to pop over and say hello.) She was upset when the restaurant paid more attention to a woman having a heart attack than to her. Can you imagine? How rude of that woman to up and have a heart attack when Holly and her friends were trying to ring in the new year while only thinking of happy, positive thoughts. Clearly, the woman having the heart attack is the most selfish person in all of Indiana, right?

After Holly posted her complaint, someone at the restaurant named Chris responded. It looks like Chris ran out of fucks in 2015 and went after Holly to expose her hateful ways. His response makes me so happy. The post has since been removed, but say a little prayer for screenshots, because I got ‘em!

Thank you, Chris, for standing up for your staff and for publicly shaming Holly. I am happy to help. I would also like to thank Holly for living 716.10 miles away from my restaurant so I don’t have to deal with people like you. Enjoy the screen shots and be sure to share them so the whole world can know the true colors of Holly. (Full disclosure: her colors are harvest gold and avocado green.)

Happy new year!

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