This Might be the Worst Customer of 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.37.36 PMAs 2015 gasps for its last wheezing breath, we have one more entry for Asshole Customer of the Year. We don’t have a lot of details about it, but thankfully, we do have video and isn’t that all we really need? It happened at a Denny’s in an unknown town but it matters not since whenever you walk into Denny’s it feels exactly the same no matter what part of the country you’re in. The video is all kinds of excellent.

Here is the breakdown: some (alleged) skanky, drunk, gutter whore is cursing too loudly which offends another guest who then asks the waitress to ask the manager to ask them to simmer down. It all goes downhill from there resulting in broken glass, name-calling, racial tension, the cops being called and the exposing of a super classy tramp stamp.


I have watched the video about 100 times and want to discuss some of my favorite bits, second by second:

0:01 The offended customer tells the manager that her husband is black and she does appreciate the apparent use of the “n-word” coming from the table beside her.

0:14 When the manager goes tot he wrong table, both the customer and her waitress signal for him to go to the table closer to them. This is the first chance we see the waitress getting really into it.

0:22 Our drunk superstar expresses her need for more marinara, specifically asking for “at least three” because we know this chick is one of those customers who wants everything they can get that they don’t have to pay for. In the background, we hear the waitress saying she will get it because she really wants to be a part of this thing.

0:28 A moment of total professionalism from the manager.

0:40 This is the moment that her date realizes he is hooking up with one fucked up chick. She claims that her heritage lets her say whatever the fuck she wants.

0:55 The waitress returns with two marinaras which is exactly the reason why she will be getting a shitty tip since they asked for at least three.

0:59 We now learn that this girl is black since her mother is half black and her grandfather is black. This, she says, is what allows her to say whatever the fuck she wants. She cares not for forty acres and/or a mule. She is more focused on being able to spew profanity at a Denny’s.

1:07 The waitress is again all into it; we can see her hand waving and her head shaking. This girls wants to be a part of this so bad. This is also when they are told to leave.

1:15 Poring water onto the table is fun, but the waitress takes the glasses away right quick because she is a part of this!

1:26 Shattered glass is fun! And our waitress makes the best decision of the night by saying, “we need to call the cops.”

1:37 Now we see how drunk this girl really is. She probably had far too many kamikaze shots or buttery nipples because when she stands up, she can barely do it.

1:41 We learn her name is Ashley (of course it is…) and we also see her boyfriend begging then to not call the cops. It is also the moment that he begins to mentally practice his breakup speech.

1:43 Bitch eats the floor and when she gets up up we can see, in all its glory, the beauty of her tramp stamp.

1:55 Our waitress crosses her arms and stands guard in front of her customer. She is the hero of the day, y’all. She cares about her customers and is not scared to put her own life on the line.

2:05 One last pearl of wisdom from the drunk, pancake eating, slime bag when she slurs out, “Bitch, fuck you. You need to fucking grow up.”

2:19 We see one of her friends attempting to apologize to the manager. We can’t hear what he says, but it’s probably something like, “She says she’s black, but we totally don’t want her.”

Thank you, Ashley, for starring in such a perfect video. Your parents must be so proud.


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33 thoughts on “This Might be the Worst Customer of 2015

    1. Michelle

      By the way, for everyone wondering, this was at a Denny’s in Washington state, if anyone cares the town is Auburn.
      And scum like this happen to disturb that Denny’s all the time as it’s right down the hill from the casino and Denny’s is open late.
      Have a friend that works there and told me all about it.

  1. kat

    I didn’t watch 100 times, but I’m pretty sure that the waitress brought three sauces. Two in the right hand and one in the left.

    1. Shelly

      I definitely did. 🙂 And I was the Maniger and had asked my Bartender to help. I hate that people that where not there try and tell a story they know nothing about.

  2. jacklyn

    I loved it when the waitress folded her arms and planted herself in front of the customer–“a bring it, biatch stance” I used to use myself, back in the day when I served time at the county’s only 24 hour diner! Thank you, Bitchy Waiter, for sharing this– it is a classic illustration of the out of control behavior food service personnel must at times tolerate. I hope Santa left this chick nothing but coal in her Christmas Stocking this year!

  3. Kimberly Sims

    I’ve waited on that crap before. She needs a bitch-slap pronto. I’ve gone through your blog and having been a waitress for 30 years, I haven’t seen one thing yet that I disagree with or haven’t talked about to the other waiter and waitresses in the back. I wish all costumers knew when they act badly or unduly shitty, that everyone in the restaurant knows it and talks about them, even the cook or chef… Making me ‘grovel’ for you is not a great idea. Now why treat someone like crap when they have something you will be consuming? People, I’ve found, are generally stupid. People with children are the worst. I’m feelin’ ya.

  4. Shelly

    Have to love when people think they know what was going on when they weren’t there. I was the Maniger not Matt. I had talked to the offended customers and decided to go get my Bartender to talk first since drunk women tend to react a little better with men. I was trying to make sure my employee’s and customer’s where as safe as possible and that is it. And when it was all over and I had delt with the police I gave all my customer’s free desert.

  5. Shelly

    And if the woman who wrote this would like to ask what really happend fill free to contact me. I have no problem discussing it. But have a problem being trash talked about when I was trying to resolve an issue the best I could and doing whatever possible to calm it down.

    1. Kara

      Bitchy is not a woman, first of all. And I don’t see any trash talking in this post. For someone who is criticizing this blogger for getting the story wrong, you sure didn’t bother either to find out who the owner of this blog was.

      Also, stop putting apostrophes on your plurals. They are used for possessives only. It’s “manager” not “maniger.” How do you not even know how to spell your own job title? Oh wait. You work at Denny’s.

      Now you’ve been trash talked.

    2. catherine

      Shelly, you did a great job! No one is trash talking you. Other than mistaking you for the waitress and not the manager, you did a great job calming the situation down and getting them out of there. I swear I would knocked her out, but I’m BOH and they don’t let us up front because we would kill people like that 😀 Cheers Shelly!

    1. Tammy

      I was a bartender at Dennys in Ontario, Oregon a few years back. They have a full bar. Southern California has quite a few as well.

  6. Lee

    I still want Tara Carson to win for worst customer of 2015 but I must say, Miss Congeniality does give her a run for her money.

  7. Peggy

    They shouldn’t allow drunks in public places ever…..
    Refuse service, send them on their way….no one needs this stupid, dumb, inappropriate behavior and dollars to donuts, she’ll just do it again.

  8. Nikeisha

    Lol. I wouldn’t have said a thing. The moment she’d say the n-word, id just get up, walk over and do a wrist flick with her hair. Sometimes people just need to get knocked the fuck out to understand that not everything they learn at home is acceptable to repeat in public. If i can’t act like an uneducated, racist asshole in public, neither can she ( know how ppl get – sarcasm prohibited and shit). And brother man in the jersey would get a sizable elbow in the fucking nose for just being okay with that shit. #token

    1. Robin

      I thought the man in the Jersey seemed pretty disgusted with her. It looked like he came back inside to appologise to the employee about her behaviour.

      As a matter of fact, it looked to me like all of her dining companions thought she was acting like a fool.


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