This Might Be the Worst Customer Ever

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.47.26 AMA woman named Blaise posted on Facebook how terribly upsetting it is for her when a server uses the colloquialism “you guys” when referring to her since, you know, she is not a guy. That’s right, everyone, Blaise has a vagina and it is an angry one. She wants servers to call her “ma’am,” which I would be more than happy to do if she was sitting in my section because I always get a kick out of calling a woman “ma’am” when I know she is younger than me. It’s basically a chance for me to call her an old lady right to her face.

Maybe Blaise has a point that some servers are a bit too relaxed and informal, but no server who uses that phrase is trying to insult anyone. Blaise clearly has a stick lodged up her ass because rather than just ask the server to not assume she has a penis, she corrects those waiters. And “not gently either,” she claims. She is probably as rough on those waiters as she is on her maxi-pad. She wants to make sure that servers know they are not her buddy nor her equal and servers need to be put in their place. Put in their place? Where exactly is their place? Stationed in the back corner of the restaurant with their head bowed down waiting until you call upon them? Maybe their “place” is on their hands and knees groveling for your pennies. Or maybe you think their place is in the restroom so they can wipe your ass for you when you’re finished expelling your lunch from Taco Bell.

Blaise, grow up. No server wants to intentionally piss off their table because all that will do is affect the tip and why would they do that? If a server walks by your table and says, “can I get anything else for you guys right now?” all he wants to know is if you need more butter, Ranch dressing or Diet Coke. (He’s just being nice by asking because we all know you do. You do want more butter, Ranch dressing and Diet Coke.)

The relationship between a server and a customer should be one of mutual respect. We are all equals in this world and just because you cobbled together enough money for an all-you-can-eat shrimp special at the Red Lobster does not entitle you to look down on a person who is doing a service for you. You freely admit that your attitude makes you sounds snooty, but I beg to differ. It makes you sound like a miserable person that no server would ever want to serve. You are the kind of person that makes so many people in the service industry question whether or not they even like people anymore. If you are as rude to servers as you imply that you are, the bad service you may receive is probably result of your very own attitude. Remember the golden rule? Treat others as you would want to be treated. If you want your servers to treat you with respect, maybe you should treat them that way too.

29 thoughts on “This Might Be the Worst Customer Ever

  1. Rosie

    My parents had a variation on this theme: we’d go out to eat and the server would offer cocktails or coffee and rather than politely decline, they’d act shocked and offended and then snootily say “We don’t drink. Sniff. Humph.”

    See, they’re Mormon and don’t drink coffee or alcohol. But what they failed to realize is that A SERVER CANT TELL BY LOOKING. And since cocktails are a great source of revenue, servers are encouraged to ask! I mostly roll my eyes now and then as we’re leaving, add to the tip.

  2. Kate

    While Blaise is a miserable C U Next Tuesday there is something to be said about us servers not becoming too informal these days. I’ve always used sir or m’am at my tables.

    That being said, just because I use those terms does not mean I am lesser and I will refuse to be treated as such. I would rather take no tip and tell this bitch off than take any money from her.

  3. Nox

    If this woman expects to be called ma’am and sir, she should save enough money to go to an actual fine dining restaurant instead of a chain that claims to be “fine dining”.

    … or dine out in the South where servers pretty well always use those terms.

  4. amy

    If you consistently get what you consider to be bad service, maybe the servers are not the problem. The problem is you are a bad customer. And you are not always right.

  5. Xarata

    That woman is going to get 1 of 2 outcomes. I am either going to kill her with kindness in defiance of her personality or I am going to write her off as a pain in the ass and bad tipper to boot and ignore her ass for the rest of evening. In neither of those instances am I going to start referring to her by ma’am. She gets to be “you”.

  6. Lauree Robinson

    I have no problem saying ma’am or sir to a customer. In fact, I do it all the time. For example, Ma’am (pause) means bitch, and Sir (pause) means asshole! That’s how I get thru most of my shifts! Maybe if my customers would stop being such ma’ams and sirs, they would get better service!

  7. Kate

    I’ve also had guests inform me that they prefer gender neutral terms all together. Some people do not gender identify the way we view them. I am happy to accommodate any preferences when asked politely, but if you are rude I’m not wasting my time.

  8. Melanie

    I also dislike being in a group of people, especially a group of women and bring greeted with “you guys”. My first thought is “I’m not a guy”, and depending on the server I will politely say “please don’t call me a guy, my name is….” I don’t need or want to be called Ma’am. I just to have my gender respected.

    1. trippmadam

      I do not want to be rude, Melanie, but do you expect the server to remember your name? I wouldn’t. But perhaps that’s just me.

      In a less formal environment I would not mind being included in “you guys”, even if I am old enough to be called “madam”.

    2. outhousecat

      I’m a Southern girl born and raised, but I did spend second and third grade in the midwest, and I picked up the “you guys” while I was there. IMO, “you guys” is very gender neutral, and it means the same thing as “yall” means here where I am or “you-uns” if you happen to be in the mountains of Tennessee. It means “all of you” as opposed to just speaking to one member of the party. I think you need to give up your seat at the cunt couch and try to quit finding fault where there is none and enjoy your frigging meal.

      And don’t forget to tip if your waiter if he brought you your food, drinks, desert and all the multiple little extras that he ran his ass off to get your party while you sat there and bitched about two words that mean nothing.

  9. EddiesMom15

    I know one of these women. Any new server is warned not to say “guys” around her, and to give the bare minimum of polite service, because she’s a bad tipper. I suggest our servers call customers “folks”, “y’all”, or failing that, “Sir/Ma’am”.

  10. kat

    I would love to have a gender neutral term of respect to use when greeting guests. Does the butch dyke in flannels want me to call her ma’am? Does the dude in the hot pink skirt rocking heels want me to call him sir? I want to go Japanese and just call everyone san, but I’m not sure it would fly (especially since I’m about as white as wonder bread). Any ideas?

  11. Chris Chandler

    OH no I don’t correct them I let them learn their lesson when they see their tip. And for many waiters I follow up with a phone call to their manager. Why do you think they always tell you their name? It is so the manager knows who you are talking about when you call in to complain.

    1. Chelsea

      Funny, I’m the manager that will get your call and roll my eyes. People are too easily offended these days. If you let something like “you guys” get your balls all twisted, maybe you should stay home and eat a sandwich. And make a lovely donation to a charity of your choice with the money you would have spent, because you are going to need that good karma later in life.

    2. Monica R

      You, Chris Chandler, are a douche. How small of a person can you be to attempt to start some shit over what is meant as a benign, friendly greeting? WTF? I agree that the phrase is inappropriate for use in a server/customer situation but I also have other, way important things going on in my life and the world to apply my anger and outrage to. Get over yourself.

  12. Justin

    I avoid saying you guys, but I did once work with a server who said “yous guys.” It drove me crazy; do yous guys want any coffee? How are yous this evening? *shudder*

    The worst part was we couldn’t correct it, because our owner spoke the same way. Somehow this place still gets the AAA 4 diamond every year…

  13. MImi

    My mom’s 70, never cared about her looks, and couldn’t wait to be old enough to start getting senior discounts. I think she’d be fine with “guys,” but absolutely HATES it when she and her fellow biddies go out and the server says “Hey, kids, what are we having?”

  14. Ca$htro

    As an active member of the leather community, you earn the label sir and ma’am…I think a kinky Red Robin play party might be fun…disobedient servers daring to address the table as “you guys” must be punished….hahaha

  15. Mmp

    She’s definitely a bitch and taking this way too seriously and I’m not agreeing with her but I have to say I hate hearing other servers use phrases like “you guys”. I just think it sounds too casual even in casual restaurants.
    I don’t think my guests are better than me or that there shouldn’t be mutual respect, but I don’t treat my guests as equals in a sense because I’m the employee and they’re the guest and this is a business transaction, we aren’t here to be friends.


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