I Met a Famous Person (I Think I Scared Her)

DAMES_images3v2-747x1000You all know that I love musical theater, yes? Other than 20% tips and shift drinks, it is my favorite thing in the whole entire world. This week, I went to see the Broadway show Dames at Sea and I pretty much loved it. It’s a silly, campy piece of theater that kept a smile on my face the entire time. The whole cast tap dances like they’re in the middle of a brunch rush on Mother’s Day with an unlimited mimosa bar. (In other words, they move like ninjas!) Each cast member gets a chance to shine whether it be a musical number or a tap routine and they are all incredibly talented. One of the stars of the show is a woman named Lesli Margherita and I am pleased to say that I followed through on my promise and actually got to meet her after the show.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t that into me and maybe I freaked her out a little bit and maybe I have a restraining order against me now, but the point is she talked to me and I have video evidence.



Yes, I offered her a shift at my restaurant and she is thinking about taking it. In the video, it appears that she is not that into the idea, but I can see in her eyes that she 100% considering working with me on Sunday mornings. Of course, that look in her eyes could be seen as fear and loathing, but I choose to recognize it as hope.

Anyhoo, the show is really a lot of fun and, even though it’s not restaurant related, I think anyone who reads this blog could appreciate it. If I can get the restraining order lifted, I will totally go see it again. In the meantime, I will ask you guys to go on my behalf.

Here is the website if you want to know more about the show: Dames at Sea

Here is Lesli “My New Best Friend” Margherita’s Twitter page if you want to follow her. Tell her I said hello.

Image via Dames at Sea

One thought on “I Met a Famous Person (I Think I Scared Her)

  1. m

    lmao. awwww. Well, I’m jealous because I’d totally work Sunday brunch with you. I would warn you that my slow, shy ass has never worked in your industry before and you’d immediately regret asking me but in the “last available person” scenario I’d try my fucking damnedest and at least let you keep all the tips for your trouble.

    Congrats on your celeb encounter, that’s legit!


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