Servers Fill Out Comment Cards About Customers

commentI have a dream. It may never come true but I still wish it would be. I dream of a time when we servers will have advanced knowledge of our customers just like they do of us. These days, before anyone goes out to eat at a restaurant they will do some research first. Be it Yelp, Facebook or Google, that customer is going to go online to read reviews so they know what to expect. But how wonderful would it be if we had some system that we could share information about customers so we would know what we are in store for?

I dream of a comment card that we are able to fill out after serving every table and then that comment card would go into some database that all servers would have access to. Then, when a customer comes into to your section, you can look them up and see what they are like. Based on what you learn about them, you give them the appropriate service.

“Hmmm, it says here that Mr. John Doe ate out last week in Scottsdale, Arizona and was an asshole to his waiter and also left a shitty tip. Okay, bare bones service for this dick.”

Yes, it’s only a dream, but it’s a damn good one. Someone make my dream come true.

10 thoughts on “Servers Fill Out Comment Cards About Customers

  1. Alan

    There used to be a site called the Shitty Tipper Database where servers and other tipped personnel could enter the names of bad tippers and stiffers. I think it was run by the admins at the now-defunct . I seem to remember people who had their names posted threatening to sue (if not actual lawsuits filed) if their names were not removed. Oh, how I miss that site!

  2. nick

    The idea is not technologically hard, maybe a problem of walk-in identification, and keeeping the web-server abroad. I posted the link in an software engineering blog, maybe someone will contact?
    good luck and keep going entertaining me.

    1. Pie

      Lyft drivers also rate customers out of five stars and Lyft gives you incentive to not be an ass and make their drivers not hate their jobs. Interesting world.

  3. James

    An excellent idea, but as has already been mentioned there’s always the difficulty in identifying the problem customer when they walk in. For most servers, unless there’s some sort of reservation information available, the only way you’ll know who the customer is is if they pay with a credit card after the meal – which by then you’d probably already have figured out of they’re a cheap no tipping demanding son-of-a-bitch.

    Additionally, even if the identification problem was sorted out, the restaurant owners and management would probably prohibit their servers from using such a system probably because it would cause problems for them and most owners/managers will side with customers (no matter how annoying) over their own staff.

    But, with all these stupid yelp reviews from stupid, entitled people there is a strong urge to reciprocate against them. Perhaps a few one star reviews about the no tipping fuckwit might result in a little social shaming against them – you know – just as the customer is able to do to a business on yelp.

  4. =\

    These comments are borderline appalling. Everyone flips their shit when they find out da gubment is collecting data on them, but all of you would be totally okay with it if restaurants did it with no limits as to how they could use the data?

  5. Nic

    We always put notations of dumbshit customers and cheap assholes – we put no smoking on their open table comments – secret code so managers don’t know

  6. Benjamin Lyall

    OpenTable actually has this. Under guest notes you can put information and it will stay there forever…only for that restaurant though. I use it all the time to mention shitty tippers and rude people.


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