Stupid Employee of the Month Wipes Hamburger Bun on Floor

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.42.42 AMWhen are people going to realize that if they do something stupid at work and record it with their phone, it will definitely make it to the Internet and get them in trouble? Such is the case with an employee at a Checkers Drive-in who thought it was a good idea to take a hamburger bun and drag it across the floor before using it to make an order. As she giggles with glee and her friend records every second of the nastiness, did no one think “this probably isn’t a good idea?” And then they posted it to Facebook which then made it to YouTube which then went viral and now the chick is jobless.

Of course Checkers has to respond to the incident so they send out their senior vice-president of human resources who reads a statement in front of a camera. Seriously, watch her eyes move back and forth as she reads the cue cards. Bitch needs a teleprompter or at least should have had the cards closer to the camera lens.

The employee has not been identified but we are told that she is “very sorry and embarrassed” about what happened and that the food was “never served to a guest.” Uh huh, right. Sure. She’s apologetic because she got caught doing something that may keep her from getting her dream job at Sonic . She’s embarrassed because there is now video evidence of her wearing that awful Checkers uniform. And I’m sure she told them that they never served a customer that burger with a side of floor-bun, but I bet she did. She spread that mayonnaise and tossed those pickles onto that bun with too much joy to not follow through and serve it to the person who she thought deserved it in the first place.

What have we learned from this incident? Well, a few things:

  • Employees at Checkers are allowed to use their cell phones while at work.
  • Working at Checkers is filled with fun and laughter.
  • The senior vice president of human resources needs a better salary so she can afford a shirt that doesn’t say Checkers on it.
  • Even though the hamburger bun may be rubbed on the floor by a happy employee, at least the happy employee wears plastic gloves.
  • People say “Oh. My. God. Yo.”
  • The ketchup bottles at Checkers are the exact same shade of red as the employee uniforms so someone pays attention to detail.
  • There are more than 18,000 Checkers employees who don’t use their cell phone to record themselves wiping a bun across the floor and just do it for the moment and not the Internet.
  • A burger from Checkers probably tastes the same whether it’s been dragged across or the floor or it hasn’t.
  • This particular fast food employee does not deserve $15 an hour.
  • Don’t fucking record yourself doing fucked up shit at work unless you want to get fired.


8 thoughts on “Stupid Employee of the Month Wipes Hamburger Bun on Floor

  1. kat

    I’ve heard a lot of the “doesn’t deserve $15/hour” arguments, but ask yourself this: if fast food employees were paid a living wage would they still feel the need to contaminate people’s food? Maybe sometimes, but probably not nearly as often.

    Also, with the spokeswoman, didn’t she say at the beginning that they spoke to the employee and her mother after the video was posted, but that the franchisee dealt with the employee weeks ago when the incident happened? I’m guessing that their own cameras caught it, that chick knew she was on the verge of being fired anyways, and she posted the video to try and gross out everyone going to that location as some poorly thought out retaliation. If everyone had some stronger worker legislation she would have had other avenues to pursue (like bringing a charge against them for unjust termination, or maybe they were engaged in wage theft and she could prove it and get her money back.)

  2. Anonymous

    No offense, but if I don’t even make $15 an hour to handle people’s money, they shouldn’t make that much to assemble a burger…

  3. SonnyC

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