Food Peeps: “You Don’t Know Chit”

invitation code: bitchy

invitation code: bitchy

I have been asked to take part in the beginning of a new social media platform that was created for those of us in food service industry. It’s called Chit and I think I kinda like it. You know, on Facebook we have those creepers who come on to my page and tell us things like ‘If you don’t like dealing with the customers, then get a real job!” and “I don’t believe in tipping. It’s not my responsibility to pay your salary!” Then we all jump on that loser and say things like “This page is for servers to vent! Get the fuck outta here!” It’s a never-ending cycle of that.

Well, Chit was designed to be only for us and no one else. And to make sure that no one else can get in there and piss us off, the app is by invitation only. Once you join it, you get five invite codes to give to your friends and you are only supposed to give it to other restaurant folks. (Restaurant folks are sorta like carny folks except we smell like fajitas and Ranch dressing instead of cotton candy and whiskey.) Unlike sneaky ass Facebook, you will see all the posts of those you choose to follow and not just some of them.

I’m gonna give Chit a try and I hope you will too. It’s iPhone only right now, but they are working on an Android version. If you click this link you can download the app and try it out. Use the invitation code “bitchy” so you can get in. I will see you over at Chit, bitches.

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