Frazzled But Happy Stay-at-Home Mom, Holiday Edition

It has been a while since Frazzled But Happy Stay-at-Home Mom has made and appearance. She was originally introduced to the blog back in June of 2010 when someone suggested I grow up, have a family and write about things that really matter.


Well, hello everyone. My goodness, is it 2013 already? I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at the calendar this morning and saw it is January 3!! LOL. With the holidays, the last few weeks just flew by. I have practically been chained to my oven as of late, what with Thanksgiving and then cooking for all the office parties Hubby was going to. I was in charge of the holiday bake sale at the kid’s school and then all of a sudden it was Christmas. I spent four days preparing for that feast. Goose, ham, roast beef and  a turkey!! LOL! I wanted to make everyone’s favorite. Hubby brought a nice young lady from the office to dinner for Christmas Eve too! Her name was Lola. It was so sweet of him to offer. The poor thing can’t be a day over 22 years old and she had no one to share her holidays with so Hubby, being the generous spirit that he is, brought her home with him. Such a dear. She even spent the night which at first I thought was odd, but it seemed so wrong for anyone to spend the holiday alone. Hubby must have gotten up to check on her three or four times that night too, the poor dear. He was so worried that she wouldn’t be able to sleep. He was in her room once for 45 minutes as he read her The Night Before Christmas. Such a sweet man.

Christmas Day was wonderful. Suzy and Billy tore threw their presents as usual and loved all of them. I got Hubby a beautiful new neck tie, a sweater, a wallet, some cologne, socks, a new belt, a new coffee maker and some golf clubs and he was thrilled with all of his gifts. He got me a new vacuum cleaner! But not just any vacuum cleaner-this one has a light on it! So futuristic. I feel like Jane Jetson when using it. LOL!! He even went to get Lola a last minute gift to open so she wouldn’t feel awkward watching us open all of our presents. Since it was such a last minute decision, the only thing he could find her was a negligee, but she seemed to like it!! She even tried it on and Hubby took a couple of pictures of her. It was adorable.

And then New Year’s Eve! Oh my stars, it was absolutely crazy. We had a party! So if course, I did all the cooking for that since Hubby was busy at work. He’s training Lola to become a better secretary so he is with her for hours on end. (Don’t work too hard, dear! I need you at home too, LOL!) We had about 45 guests at the party. I let Hubby take care of the invitations since my plate was already full, no pun intended!!! Curiously, all the party-goers were women who’s husbands and boyfriends were sick. That’s right, our house was full of girls! Poor hubby was the only man that night. I felt sorry for him trying to a good host and not having any men to talk to about sports. But he did a great job. He mingled all night and everyone seemed to love him. (But not as much as me!!!)

He did the funniest thing! You know the Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, right? Well Hubby thought it would be fun to do that even though it was well past Christmas. He’s so crazy!!! And of course we didn’t have any mistletoe so I fashioned some out of a some parsley which I sprayed with glitter paint and then wrapped with a piece of red ribbon from Suzy’s hair ribbon box. He called it “faux mistletoe” and then he started calling it “mistle-faux” which I thought was just hilarious. I swear, he must have kissed every women there at least twice, Such a giver to make sure all these women were getting some attention since their significant others were all at home with the flu.

The day after the party, Hubby slept all day as I cleaned up. He was exhausted from being such a good party host. I had one glass of champagne at the party and boy oh boy did I pay for that the ext day!! But like a good soldier, I got the house clean and made dinner just in time for Hubby to wake up. He had dinner for breakfast, LOL!!

And now it is January 3rd and time for my resolutions:

  • be a better couponer.
  • cook with more natural ingredients and stop being so lazy by using Bisquick.
  • try to be more social.
  • improve my Bridge game.
  • be more understanding when Hubby has to go out of town to work on the weekends with his secretary. 
  • blog more often.
  • finally watch the last season of Desperate Housewives.
  • mop three times a week instead of just two.
  • pay more attention to my make up and stop getting it all over Hubby’s shirts.
  • realize that Hubby needs his space and if he wants to sleep in the extra bedroom every other night, that is his choice and I should stop wondering why he takes the laptop in there and when it comes out the history has been erased.
  • tell my husband every day how lucky I am to have him in my life!!!!

 Happy new year, everyone. 

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