I served a V.I.P. (Very Important Prick)

This is the story of a very important man. He may even be the most important man in the world. His name is not Barack Obama or Donald Trump or even Jose Cuervo. His name is something that I was not privy too, because he was far too important to share such information with little ol’ lowly me. After all, I was just his waiter. This man was so important that when he walked into the restaurant with his girlfriend he did not feel the need to acknowledge my presence in any way.

“Hello, sir. Table for two?” He walked past me. I followed.

“Two for dinner?” He continued on his way to the back of the restaurant.

“Would you like menus? Are there just going to be two of you?” He headed to the door that leads to the patio, still not hearing me.

Finally, “Hey can we sit on the patio?”

“Yes, sir. Absolutely. Wherever you like.”

He and his girlfriend plopped themselves down at the one table that is not a two-top because he’s so important that he needs extra space for his huge fat ego. I handed them menus.

“Bring me a glass of Chardonnay while she’s deciding what she wants to drink.”

When I returned with his wine, she was ready for he drink. Or rather, she was ready to ask me what I thought she would like to drink. Judging by her decision to spend her evening with the douche bag across the table from her, I ventured she would like the Old Fashion seeing that it, much like her date, was short and squatty and full of a lot of crap. “Oh that sounds good but maybe I’ll have the Blueberry Vodka lemonade.”

The Very Important Man pointed at his almost empty wine glass and then raised his index and second fingers to indicate he is ready for glass number two. That must be “May I please have another glass of chardonnay” in Very Important Man speak. I obliged.

Three minutes later, when I brought their drinks, I saw the man had put on his Bluetooth and was now talking on the phone as was his girlfriend. To me, it sounded like it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo and I did not pay it much attention. What did catch my eye, however, was the fact that in addition to the Bluetooth, he also had a cell phone on the table. Oh did I say a cell phone? I meant cell phones, as in six of them. Yes, this man had six cell phones spread out across the table along wit a key chain that had about forty keys on I. Clearly, this man was the most important man in the world. What other reason could he possibly have for having six cell phones unless he was in the process of making very important decisions like solving world hunger, accepting the vice-presidential nomination and settling the dispute between several Middle Eastern countries? It just happened that the only conversation I heard was about where he had parked his car. Very important, indeed.

A while into their meal, the Very Important Man got up to go to the bathroom to make, what I assume to be, a very important dump. “What’s with all the cell phones,” I asked his girlfriend.

She rolled her eyes. “It makes him feel important. Or at least he thinks it makes him look important.

“Oh, it’s working,” I confirmed.

“Uh huh, right,” she said with lips pursed and eyebrows raised.

Throughout their meal, the man kept checking his various phones for messages. No one called. He sent some texts. And probably checked his Facebook once or twice. He ordered a total of six glasses of wine. Seeing that he weighed about 340 pounds, it didn’t seem to make any difference in his behavior so I didn’t worry about it. I figured most of the wine was soaked up by his importance.

Their bill was $146 and V.I.P. left me a twenty dollar tip. Whatever. Thirty would have been nice but I got something much more important. He taught me a lesson that day that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. And now I can pass it on to you:

The moral of this story: “The men who carry cell phones, six, are probably compensating for very small dicks.”

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14 thoughts on “I served a V.I.P. (Very Important Prick)

  1. Jim

    The funny thing is that most important people that I know have either one or two. If it is two, usually it is one for personal stuff and the other for work related stuff. There is no reason to have 6 unless you are a PR firm or something like that.

  2. Anonymous

    How the hell does a dude carry SIX cellphones? Honestly, I have trouble carrying my own AND my girlfriend's when she asks me to. Does he carry a purse? Store it in his fat? Make his fake girlfriend carry them? I assume you saw what name was on the card? Or was he _that_ pretentious to carry around enough to pay for nearly a $200 tab? Someone rob this guy lol

  3. Border Collie

    Well since the moral of the story is that men who carry six cells have small dicks, I imagine he does it to make him look hung using a cell pocket in the front of his pants.

  4. Practical Parsimony

    I love your moral of the story. I actually know a woman who does have six cell phones. She has one from each of the businesses where she is on the boards. However, she leaves them all at her home where an employee cares for them. She even has someone carry and answer the cell she carries. I do think she is truly egotistical. I know another woman who carries a key chain with 40 keys on a huge keychain, all in a big blob. She demands the "power position" in restaurants and in her living room. Her ego is so large that it dwarfs her 300 lbs.

  5. Alecta

    VIP *or* lowest peon on the totem pole, who has to be available 24/7 to wipe everyone else’s.

    Cutting out the fat hate would be nice.

  6. Andy

    I have served this guy – or someone from his “clan” anyway.

    And then there was….

    The newsreader. SHe’s locally well known. Went national but didn’t make it and came back to small middle america.

    She likes everyone to know who she is – believe me we all know who she is. We draw lots to see who has the honor…cough…sorry I meant bad luck to serve her.

    She is not caucasian, and likes people to think she is all about racial equality.

    In reality she’s mean spirited, rude, condescending, demanding, and a truly awful tipper.

    But she’s really important.


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