Do NOT Work at Red Lobster

Warning: working at Red Lobster could be dangerous to your health. No, I am not talking about grazing on all the fried popcorn shrimp you can eat, I am talking about a particular Red Lobster where customers seem to have no problem beating the hell out of servers.

At a Red Lobster in Fairview Heights, Illinois last week, three woman assaulted their waitress for filling up their water glasses too often. Yes, this waitress was trying to do her job and was paid back, not with a 15% tip, but with a glass that hit her in the back of the head and then a dessert menu to the face. The three delicate flowers are now facing felony assault charges while the waitress is facing a severe case of “why the fuck do I work at Red Lobster?” The server was treated at the scene but stayed at work. I do not understand that. Had a customer hit me in the head with a glass, my ass would be rolling on the floor yelping in pain as I hit 1-800- SUE A BITCH on my speed dial. This is the same restaurant that just six months ago was home to a beat down when four women kicked the ass of their waitress after she brought out the wrong food. I have some advice for all those servers at that Red Lobster:

What the hell are you doing there? Get out, now. Even in the best case scenario, working at a Red Lobster is a crap job but you are willing to be at one where you have to have a security guard stationed at every table? How much money are you pocketing  there that is making it worth while? I looked at your restaurant on Google Maps and I see that right down the street is a Joe’s Crab Shack, Olive Garden, TGI Friday’s and a place called Ginger Buffet. Sure, all those places suck too, but at least they haven’t been on the news yet because some bitch is attacking your ass. Red Lobster’s slogan is “Come see what’s fresh today” not “Come sit in my station and kick my teeth out.” This replaced the old slogan “For the seafood lover in you” which in Fairview, Illinois translated to “Fuck you bitch, I ain’t ordered the Seafood Shrimp Trio, I had the Admiral’s Feast. Get the fuck out my face.”
I went to the Red Lobster website and found their mission statement. After reading it though a couple of times, I thought it needed some tweaking. Hopefully, they will see my suggestions and take them to heart:

Here at Red Lobster we’re passionate ambivalent about serving our guests great seafood everything. It’s why we go the extra mile to bring you the best most dangerous dining experience possible. Our fishermen importers take pride in catching thawing out only the highest quality seafood and the freshest fish. Our grill master’s line cook’s expertly perfect flavors, cooking seafood and steak over a wood fire grill cook. And our servers pull out all the stops wear padding and bullet proof vests to make every dining experience feel extra special moderately safe. It’s our passion. It’s our pride. Because at Red Lobster, we Sea Food Differently that our customers are trashy but we just don’t care.℠

I wonder if anyone reading this blog works at a Red Lobster. If so, would you care to share with us some insight as to how something like this might happen? I don’t get it. I have had customers get upset about things, but it has never gotten to the point where I felt in danger. Is this something that anyone else has experienced? Also, what would you do if someone threw a glass at you? Continue working or go the fuck home? That question is easy for me. I wouldn’t have been there in the first place unless they were having a “buy one get three free” cocktail special at the bar.

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36 thoughts on “Do NOT Work at Red Lobster

  1. Jessica Lynn Collette

    If I were assaulted by a costumer I think I would do what you said. Act as injured as possible and sue the asshole for everything. although I assume a person stupid enough to do something like this probably has nothing, it's still worth a shot.

  2. amyspepsi

    I have not worked at a Red Lobster but ate there 2 nights ago and it sucked. However, being from NYC I cannot imagine a situation where a customer would be so angry as to even raise a hand to me. I would be like "Are you fuckin kidding me". I don't take shit off anybody.

  3. Anonymous

    Bitchy,I actually am frightened yet delighted this story has made national news and that you're blogging about it. Why? Because this girl has lived in Fairview Heights for 22 years and works for another Darden restaurant in the same town. And no, it's not Olive Garden. This city brings in an….interesting crowd to say the least. We're ten minutes from St. Louis, but the only decently civilized city with a big business sector for miles in southern Illinois. With that said, although it is Red Lobster, servers generally make bank because 1) there are literally no other Red Lobsters in southern Illinois for miles and people love the fuck out of chain restaurants here, and 2) reiterating on the fact that people love chain restaurants here, people love themselves some seafood seeing that we are nowhere near an ocean. That being said, I still will not step foot in a Red Lobster to utilize my 25% employee discount and it's not because I hate chain restaurants with a passion, or the fact that I am deathly allergic to seafood. It's because of these motherfuckers like these customers that frequent Red Lobster here. Just an FYI, Fairview Heights is extremely close to the number one murder capital in the US: East St. Louis. I suggest one night when you're bored to Google the shit out of this place for pure entertainment and sheet horror.But the sad fact is that this Red Lobster in particularly is one of the busiest Red Lobsters in the United States because of the strange factors I mentioned at the beginning, and thus servers continue to work here because they do make good money instead of working at Ginger Buffet (I'm pretty sure you need to be Asian to work here) and Joes Crab Shack right across the street. But the money is never good enough to put up with this shit. This is actually the second time customers have gotten violent with a server at this Red Lobster. The trash that comes in there is unlike anything you've ever seen.

  4. Anonymous

    I would kung fu some bitches. What the hell is wrong with people. And why do they think they can just throw glasses and ahit at people and get away with it. Our earth is populated with morons.

  5. fuckmytable

    I work at the "Blue Crustacean" (as Hairdresser said) and I think it's purely the clientele that frequents that location. At my old place, Oklahomans behaved like that and a similar throw down nearly happened a few times, all with Oklahomans. At my new place, only the podunk rednecks try to pull this shit, but they would still NEVER hit a waitress. Something about women folk, I dunno.

  6. Mary A.

    I love FMT's blog too. She sees some crazy sheet.Personally, I wouldn't eat at Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Chili's unless I lost a bet. And I have a blog called the GIFT OF FAT. I'm fat, but not white trash fat.In my opinion "all you can eat" should be done in the privacy of one's home.

  7. Anonymous

    Ok..I've been at dread lobster for 4 years, even tried to make it to management but after really seeing the light..hell no!! Its all about the dollar! Its not who you know its who you blow! And don't get me started about the most ghetto ass people who come in there getting pina coladas at 11 am talkin about "I can't taste no liqua in dis". We have 4 course and endless shrimp as well as them laying it on us right before that we will have 4 table stations instead of 3. Guess what? Now that our guest satisfaction survey is low we get to share 5 tops and up now! Hahaha! They will quad seat your ass in a heart beat! Its all about getting bodys in and out as fast as possible. The cooks on the line are taking microwave tests this week! Yes that's right, almost everything is microwaved! I could go on and on.

    1. Amanda Manahan

      I worked at a Red Lobster for 14 years that I will never get back. Tried to go to management also and watched as kids in their early twenties got it before me and failed miserably before quitting. I was a grill master and while I can grill very well I watched the quality of the food I prepared go so far downhill. I was the last of my original HOH crew to finally quit. Good riddance to that place! Too much microwaved food. Not to mention the “turbo” equipment to cook lobster in less than two minutes! Just wow get out now is right!

  8. jMAN5

    I would have taken my earings and nails off (even though I have none) and told these bitches off. I would then proceed to clock out, no matter how many tables I had, and go home and cry while I search craigslist for yet another job at a restaurant.

  9. Anonymous

    hahahaha i actually laughed out loud reading this! I do work in a red lobster and several years ago while I was working as a hostess (I'm a server now) a customer threw a pager at another host's face because they didn't respond in time to get their table. Red lobster's response, pay for their meal and give them an additional $50 to return. I actually just got home from work 🙂 so obviously I needed this! Thanks! 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Hahaha! Dread lobster is right! I worked for that place for like 6 years, and the anonymous commenters above who admit to working there could have been describing my restaurant. The company practically begs trashy people to frequent the place, and as a customer, if you ever want something for free, all you have to do is pout a little. Throw an all-out tantrum, and those $50 gift cards practically throw themselves at you! God, I hated it there. But I stayed because of the money. Even when it was bad, it was pretty good. I've worked in lots of restaurants of all types, and my finances have never been as stable as when I was slingin' lobsters and cheddar bay biscuits (ick, btw). I've also never put up with as much shit from, or done as much work for my tables. It's all about the money, I guess.

  11. Anonymous

    People know all they have to do is bitch and they will get something for free. My red lobster is a cluster fuck every single shift. Managers want to hide in the office when the shit hits the fan then afterwards wanna come out and bitch about the alley looking bad or what not. You have to be robotic mary poppins with no opinion what so ever but the managers can be assholes at any given time. I dread every single shift!! (Currently looking for a new job). And don't even get me started about the ghetto trash that comes in there! They order the most and tip the least! "Oh we finna make dat waitress work for dis dolla" what's with the hot cup of water?!

    1. Erica

      I’ve found that at tables like that, the cup of hot water is usually to soak their silverware because they don’t trust that it’s clean enough..guess they think the dishes they’re eating off of and the glasses they’re drinking out of went through a different, more reliable dishwasher….

      1. Lynnette

        hahaha!! I say the same thing with that stupid glass of hot water for their damn silverware! And the lemons? Id put the dishdudes SOCKS in my mouth if ONE of these idiots has ever had a fresh lemon at home to slice and put in their (free) water. People make me so sick.

  12. Anonymous

    I once had a table of six guys (pre-bachelor party) throw a cork at me at the end of their meal. It hit me in the eye, and the manager asked them to leave. They stiffed me on a $100+ check. Dicks…wish I had auto-gratted them.

  13. Miz Kimberly

    Alright seriously!! I work at Red lobster and don't you think you should point out the fact that this happen at ONE Red Lobster!! You can't clump it into ALL Red Lobsters that's for one not fair and Two it makes no sense at all! I love my job and not many people can say that! Any reasturant can have this happen ANY!!! I worked at Denny's at night in a very rough neighborhood and let me tell you it scared the crap out of me…BUT I don't discriminate all Denny's because one sucked!!! I don't understand how you say don't work at any RL..Your a waiter you know better!! If you don't like RL DON'T eat there if you don't want to work there the DON'T. RL has been good to me in rough times it saved my a-ss I know people that raised a family on a RL income, and I have made some life long friends there. Not to mention the fact that if you find yourself in need Darden dimes is right there to hold your hand and help you out with anything you need to get through it. Yes this is my opinion but it's the opinion of almost everyone I have worked with at RL in many locations. TY Kim

  14. Spadilicious

    it is definitely the "clientele" that frequents that particular Red Lobster. I have friends who work there, in fact in the video clip of the first assault back in December, you can see my friend pushing the server away to try to protect her from the 4 bitches at the table. Fairview Heights and Belleville are both getting impeded upon by East St. Louis. That is why I moved out of that area 5 years ago! Still nearby but in a better area. I stopped going to Red Lobster at that location a long time ago because the customers are loud and obnoxious and I couldn't enjoy my meal…

  15. Paula

    i worked at at Red Lobster for about a year and a half in small town Florida. It was the worst job i ever had. Beware: they dont use real butter on their microwave crap, it is some crap called Buttery Z and it comes in a huge plastic container that is in the pantry. Gross !!…i call it "food in a bag". Management are a bunch of robots that drink the kool-aide and buy into anything corporate says. I hate that F**king place and Kim, good for you , make that place your career, just remember that you can be replaced at a moments notice cuz they could not give a shit about you, you are a number !!

  16. Anonymous

    I'm sorry- but the majority of RL posters across the internet describe this kind of clientele-the company encourages it, and by catering to these type customers they have shot themselves in the foot. They have allowed the brand to become totally associated with guests who do not tip or respect the waitstaff, and reward them with free food and gift cards for any and all complaints-now its ok for them to beat on us-believe me-it will happen again elsewhere. Last Sunday night, a customer who obviously did not remove all the plastic sleeve off her straw before sticking it in her strawberry frozen margarita- exclaimed that we were trying to kill her by putting pieces of clear plastic in her drink-I swear- I was the server she grabbed as I was passing by-I thought "my god-it must be a shard of glass or something" I took the 1/16th inch of clear plastic pliable straw wrapper to my manager- the woman got the drink free. She then did not like another half gone drink-and got it free and we replaced it with another free one-their server was in tears because of their constant snickering, and endless demands-no business owner with a brain would want those people back or their friends!!But RL does!! and they will never stop-and it will progress to more disrespect to servers and more violence-it is just the way it is..the brand is sinking, and corporate just heaps more on the servers who are leaving in droves..soon the service will be so bad and the customers so cheap and unruly that RL will be an all you can eat buffet with bussers only-it just makes sense.

  17. Anonymous

    I work at Red Lobster in Toronto, Ontario and the fish is FRESH, the customers are questionable, but the money is pretty good! I have a full time day job and working at red lobster part time has allowed me to save up an 100,000 downpayment on a house at the age of 24. 100 bucks a night cash or more plus 8.9 an hour and you're out of there by 10 pm!? I don't think that's too shabby!!!

  18. Paula

    we do not get 8.9 dollars an hour in the States. Florida pays $4 something an hour and Pennsylvania pays $2.85 an hour. Chain restaurants suck, the customers are MORE than questionable and the management is ridiculous. Glad you only do it part time and im sorry but saving 100,000 is questionable. enjoy serving the People of Walmart

  19. Paula

    Also Darden Dimes is funded by the EMPLOYEES, not Darden. You can chose to take any amount of money from your paycheck and it goes into Darden Dimes. Dont be fooled to think that Darden will be there to "hold your hand etc. Corporate could give a shit about you. On the other hand your co-workers do care thats why they contribute to Darden Dimes

  20. Anonymous

    I hate Red Lobster! I know that there are a few good managers that work for this company, I have had the honor of working for them, but there are alot more that have absolutely no business in that position. I have worked for Red Lobster for almost 6 years..I am a 52 yr old woman. Management does not support the servers, customers lie all the time for free food, and they get it. Customers can & do say anything they feel like and management disciplines the unlucky server who was sat that table. After 3 write ups servers are fired. Needless to say after almost 6 years I received a forth complaint today, I was not even told what the complaint was about. I was told to be come to work at 10am perhaps I will find out what it was then. I had no idea this table was having a problem with me until a manager came to me and said she would take over the table, I did ask why and got no answer, I had 3 other tables at the time so I was busy enough I just went on doing my job. Shortly I was cut and a different manager came up and asked me to write down what happened, I told him I had no idea so thats what I wrote, finished my sidework and left for the day, shortly after I arrived home got a call telling me to be at work an hour before restaurant opens. Guess I am getting the ax. It will not matter that I have a drawer full of compliments from many customers that I have served over the years. I have come to the conclusion that I am done with this company it is apparent to me they do not deserve a honest hardworking server like me. I did not know with all their company wide changes this past year that including firing long time loyal servers for "all the sudden" not good enough to be a RL server. It seems to me if you are an older employee they will find a way to get your job sooner or later. This company show obvious favoritism to chosen employees, if your not one – there will be no future for you. Age discrimination, favoritism, not having any positive back up from management -thats what is REALLY going on at Red Lobster. It is truthfully NOT "1 of the top 100 places to work." Edit (5 minutes)ShareFlagDelete

  21. Paula

    To Anonymous who posted 1/31/13….I am so sorry about your Red Lobster experience. I was treated the same way. You said it all in a nutshell. I truly hate that place and will never ever patronize one again.

  22. nonya

    At the Red Lobster in Livonia, MI we had a security guard at the door everynight because of some kind of shooting/gun related event that happened at a Red Lobster in Southfield, MI. Needless to say, the Livonia Red Lobster brings in Detroit’s finest. Glad to say I don’t work there anymore and I don’t have to deal with a three top of ladies jumping up down after they’ve paid their bill singing, “We ain’t gonna tip! We ain’t gonna tip!” while laughing. Oh, and no ma’am, you can not ring in three shrimp refills during endless shrimp to box up and take home. This is all you can eat in the restaurant, not all you can eat at home- bitch.

  23. Anonymous

    Our red lobster is in a nice area. A lot of diversity. The weirdos come late at night. We do get the regulars who want everything discounted and served on a silver platter. Management is good except for one bitch who hates her life and anyone in a 20 foot radius of her. The reason servers stay is because the money is good, obviously. Quick money, get paid daily. Most servers use it as a back up or second/weekend job. I can work 9-5 mon-fri elsewhere making a regular paycheck and then work a double shift sat and Sunday and pull in $400-500 just over the weekend alone. No brainer. It’s just like any other job, good and bad. Also, guest complaints are fulfilled by credits and gift cards to bring them back because it’s a business. Put your feelings away and get over it. If you don’t keep them coming back, you have no business.


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