Beware: $#!T Storm Ahead

There was quite the shit storm over on the Bitchy Waiter Facebook page yesterday due to a couple of events. The first was that I posted a photo of a credit card receipt that had a big fat zero for a tip. The photo was sent to me by a reader and I reached out to the server to find out why there was no tip. I was told that the customers left no cash tip and camped at the table for a very long time after they were finished eating making the table impossible to turn over. I was also assured that there was nothing wrong with the service. In other words, no issues or complaints. It seems that the customer just did not want to tip. I took the photo and then blacked out any kind of pertinent info that would identify the server but I left the name of the customer visible so that maybe my some fluke of Internet nature, the customer would see it. People took issue with that saying I was being unprofessional and mean-spirited.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Bitchy Waiter.

Eventually, I took the photo down, not because I showed the non-tipper’s name but because I called her a cheap ho. It was wrong of me to assume she was a cheap ho. I don’t know for sure that she was a cheap ho. She could have been a cheap skank, a cheap bitch or a cheap slut. I just don’t know. Here is the picture again for those of you who missed it. The name is now mostly covered with just a little bit showing so that if she were to see it, she would recognize her own signature. Next time, tip, cheap ho-skank-slut.

The second big shit storm came after someone commented on that posting. A woman named Sophie said ” I don’t fucking tip either!!! You get paid to do a job, end of. Get the fuck over it!!!” I took a screen shot of her comment taking the time to cover her face and name and questioned why she was even a fan of Bitchy Waiter if she felt that way. Lots of people had some choice words for dear sweet addle-brained Sophie and within an hour there were over 50 comments. The next thing I knew, I got a notice from Facebook that the post had been removed for violating policy. Perhaps Sophie flagged it as inappropriate. I suppose she could dish it out but she just couldn’t take it. Here is that photo again since this page is on my blog and Facebook can’t do anything about it.

This brings up the debate of “how bitchy is too bitchy?” Is it unethical to post photos of credit card receipts of bad tippers? First off, these photos are sent to me. I hope that anyone who is sending a photo of a tip, good or bad, is keeping in mind the social network policy at their job. Do not get fired! I will probably continue to post images of bad tippers but maybe the next time I won’t call them a cheap ho. I will just call them cheap. As for the screenshot of Sophie, I really don’t know why that was flagged. She made the comment herself and when I reposted it, I concealed her name and image, doing her a favor since she had her entire profile wide open for anyone to see it. (This is how I learned she works at a bathroom fixtures store selling toilets and whatnot. Shit storm, indeed.) Anyone who comes to a page called The Bitchy Waiter and is going to make a comment like that has got to expect some flack. Maybe she just didn’t expect that much of it.

So yes, I am The Bitchy Waiter. It’s kinda what I do and what people expect. Maybe I stirred the pot a bit too much yesterday but after being on vacation for ten days, that pot needed some serious stirring. I will continue to bitch but try to find the line between funny-bitchy and mean asshole-bitchy. In the meantime, if someone is reading this who doesn’t like it, I suggest they go somewhere else where things are more subdued like this video of a panda bear sneezing or this one of a wonderful song from the Sound of Music.

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31 thoughts on “Beware: $#!T Storm Ahead

  1. Anonymous

    Keep posting bad tippers. I also wish we could post video of bad behavoir. If people knew other people would find out about their poor decisions they may decide to act in a manner they wouldn't be embarrassed by later.

  2. cjoe90

    Keep posting! There is nothing wrong with showing just how many shitty people there are in this world and I think people need to recognize just how demeaning they can be to someone that is trying to make their life easier.

  3. Anonymous

    If the bad tippers truly think we get paid adequately & that tipping is optional than they should have nothing to be ashamed of. I love the posts where you call out bad tippers! For as long as severs have existed we have had no real way of getting back at these aholes & now that we do maybe they will think twice before stiffing us again.

  4. Mandy

    Sorry, I say "in bounds." If people aren't comfortable with their servants having opinions, thoughts,and feelings, maybe they should move to North Korea.

  5. Mary A.

    You do this all the time — why was yesterday different?I saw NOTHING wrong.But then, I love you and everyone KNOWS i love you so people are all "Well he can do anything and you won't complain blah blah blah blah."Blah blah blah indeed.

  6. Joanne

    You didn't stir the pot, the people with the attitudes like Sophie Duck Face seemed to have actually stirred the pot. With this economy, it is especially possible for someone with the Holier than Thou I don't get tipped at my job attitude to lose their current job. Then it is possible that they will end up having to take a serving job when nothing else turns up, just to pay those pesky things called bills. Then they can get stiffed. One can only hope Karmic law will find such winning souls as Sophie. I hope her child learns how to not be by watching her. Perhaps one day the employers will pay fairly, and then raise the cost of the products. Then the non tippers can feel better about themselves. 😀

  7. Marie97

    Hey, If "Bithcy Waiter" is not enough of a clue as to the content I don't know what is. Bottom line, you BW, have the right to share your thoughts & opinions. You have given readers ample warning, so…they have a choice to read or not. Now, if you chose to read it then you can't gripe about being offended…again "Bitchy Waiter".

  8. Anonymous

    Love your posts and blogs. Do not be swayed in your beliefs. This IS a FREE COUNTRY!! If people dont like it. Don't READ it! End of story. Keep on being you.

  9. jnana

    I'm glad you're back from vacation- not that the guest bloggers weren't doing a good job, just missed your writing!And it's hilarious the drama that can be conjured from anything on the internet.

  10. Jim

    This is the exact reason that when I leave my tip in cash I started writing "cash" or in the case of mandatory 18% tip writing "included" or something like that on my checks. So we don't get someone doing this to me when something like someone stole the tip, another waiter got the tip or something like that might happen. I honestly think you should be real careful posting things like this unless you personally witness it.

  11. Practical Parsimony

    I have no problem with your posting much of anything. The only thing that may be not so nice is publishing her signature since someone could forge it. You might get in more legal trouble over posting who the non-tipper was, aside from the actual signature. I was told never to put anything in writing that I would not want the whole world to see, so non-tippers might not want to pay with cc.

  12. Rdhdstpchld

    I said it in FB yesterday and I'll say it again today. If she is willing to post that comment to you and doesn't care about hiding her face or name, you shouldn't worry about doing so either.Quite a few web pages are going to comment via Facebook only, in an attempt to restore civility by not allowing anonymous cowards to spew venom. I think they are overly optimistic. This beotch proves some people just don't know how to be civil.

  13. mainiac

    keep posting. sophie obviously reported you as she is a b@tch. Don't worry about it. You can always be spiteful and go to her page and flag her posts. Just for the fun of it 🙂

  14. Confessions from the Hairdresser

    There is a moral obligation to hold people accountable for shit like posting on the internet. I can guarantee that Sophie, who is a bitch, would never be this brazen if she had the guts to come out from behind her computer. I hope something runs her over or that she chokes on the lemon wedge in her water.

  15. THM

    Psh. Her card info, restaurant, server, auth code, and everything else were covered. I don't think any of your readers are going to message her hate mail just because she's an ill brought up idiot.

  16. California Girl

    Not sure about the receipt with the name showing. That was probably inappropriate as it seems to be an invasion of privacy re: credit card, etc. As for Sophie remark, if she's stupid enough to post a public remark on somebody else's public FB site, she is asking for a response, particuarly when her comment was so mean spirited.

  17. Anonymous

    Have you read any of these comments? In most states servers get paid $2-$3/hr. I have gotten checks where I owed $, because the income tax on the tips the government ASSUMES we make was more than my wages. As for all you idiots who say get another job if we don't like it, what if we all did? I bet an ignorant dumdass like yourself is a lousy cook.

  18. Anonymous

    Well, maybe in their country "bitchy waiter" means "forgiving doormat", so the consequent hissy fit is understandable. As long as the card info is covered to prevent fraud, I don't see why would this be an issue. However, a valid point was raised among the comments. I tip cash that you can get at the end of the day, not wait for a manager to dole out from credit card receipts at the end of the week. As I leave my tips in cash, so my receipt would look exactly the same. You'd have a $20 on. $90+ bill attached in cash that could be maliciously unmentioned by someone just looking to post something. Maybe I should also start writing "cash" or "included" in the case of mandatory tip, or put it all on a credit card just so I'm not one of those posted receipts. With regards, PolishSpring

  19. Zazzu

    If I don't like a blog's content, I stop reading it. Hissy fits are for middle-schoolers…and cheap-ass non-tippers, apparently. The good news? Karma is even bitchier than you. When Karma serves an entree to Cheap Ho-Ho, it'll be full of bug parts and greasy hair.

  20. Anonymous

    I'm not a "good" tipper either. Customers don't owe you all anything. You make more with us coming back to support your business than you would with us coming once and leaving a tip and never coming back again. If I ever see a copy of my information online you will be in court. You've been on t.v. so trust that I can find out more info. on you and where you work. YOU DON'T POST ANYONE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL.

  21. Anonymous

    ^ Oh anonymous (Aug 6, 2012), just how lame can you get? You honestly and truly believe your server profits more if he/she *has to pay* to serve you, many times over, than if you tip him/her once and never come back? Please, share your logic – I have a sick fascination with trainwrecks.

  22. Anonymous

    Was the tip added to the original bill? At some restaurants I have been to, if there are more than a certain number of people, they auto-add the tip. Then when I get the receipt the total already includes the tip. It always feels "weird" putting nothing in the tip, but they were already tipped in the subtotal. I usually tip 20% when I'm not auto-charged the tip.

  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous (the one who keeps posting "get a different job and stop complaining!" on various posts on this site, not necessarily either of the ones in this comment thread) is Sophie. It has to be. There's a grump who is a Facebook fan and a grump on the blog. Two and two make four.Plus, to the person who was all "if you post my personal information I'll take you to court on TV!"…doesn't that defy the point completely? Then everyone will know your name, what you look like, and where you ate. More exposure than posting a receipt online.

  24. Joey B

    2$ on a 70 $ tab is not a good tip , but here in Encino CA -that’s how it goes …And sometimes they throw the littl book down under the table and wipe their snot in it too …Btw how was my service ???I painted a picture and tossed pasta for their 6 yo daughter who nobody wanted to pay attention to ….I anticipated their needs and even tho they were born here – they didn’t want to use engl speak to me but it was fine cuz I don’t mind ( I speak 4 lenguages & I’m externally patient even waiting on deaf -mute who go to a Christian church and never tip well -but I always get to take that table and never make them feel like shit).Conclusion -some ppl are just pure shit and there is not enough viruses to take them out.Be good .Belive in Arts & Music .Some folks just choose the darkness -I guess.


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