Chili’s Waitress Fired For Facebooking

Thank you to everyone who sent this story to me. Last week in California, a waitress at Chili’s was fired after going to her own Facebook page and venting about a table who stiffed her.

“Next time you tip me $5 on a $138 bill, don’t even bother coming in cause I’ll spit in your food and then in your fuckig [sic] face you cheap bastards!!!!!!!!!”

Where do I begin? First off, what kind of immature, unprofessional sever would ever go to Facebook and complain about their job? Anyone who does that must have shit for brains, have no life and be in need of some serious mental help. Getting bad tips is all part of the job. If you don’t like it, then you should quit and get a real job. maybe your service was sub-par, or maybe the customer had twins on the way and needed to save her money. Anyone who goes to the internet to complain about their job is a loser. (Pot calling kettle black…).

I feel bad for this girl, I really do. I was once fired for blogging about the horrible management team at a restaurant here in New York City. There was no social media policy when I was hired but you can bet your over-priced white truffle pizza that they had one the day after they let my bitchy ass go. I will get the last laugh because my book has a whole chapter dedicated to all those whores. Anyhoo, the Chili’s waitress made a few mistakes. To her and anyone else who have questions about social media rules and your job, I offer these suggestions:

  1. You should know what the social media policy is at your place of employment. Nowadays, lots of companies forbid their employees from Facebooking, Tweeting, Pinteresting or whatever else is cool to do this week. If they have the policy, they beat you to the punch. Don’t do it.
  2. According to the screenshot of the waitress’s  Facebook page, she had Chili’s listed as her place of employment. If you’re going to leave a vague Facebook status about your job, all ambiguity goes out the window when you have your “about me” section posted with your job. You don’t really need that information on there, do you?
  3. Make your Facebook page private! I understand that this girl has since suspended her Facebook account but before she did, people were able to take screen grabs of all her information. Amateur.
  4. Do not friend your bosses. Who does that? No matter how cool your boss is, you don’t want them to see that picture of you passed out in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart while wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra. (I had an explanation for that, by the way.) When you get a friend request from a boss, you ignore it. I got a friend request from my new manager and I sent it to the ignore pile quicker than I ask for a shift drink after I punch out.
  5. Be careful about friending other co-workers. Don’t be so quick to have them knowing your goings-on. One of them might be a mole.
  6. Servers, don’t threaten to spit in the food. That is old hat and we all know that nobody really does that anyway. There are better ways to seek revenge on bad customers. For example, the next time they come in and try to pay with a credit card, tell them it was declined. Or demagnetize it for them. Or get their phone number and make a flyer that says they are selling an iPad for a hundred dollars and then distribute the flyer all over Southwest Houston specifying that all calls must be made after midnight.
  7. Always spell “fucking” correctly. If your Facebook status gets picked up by the national news media, you want people to know that you can spell.
  8. Do not work at Chili’s.

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    19 thoughts on “Chili’s Waitress Fired For Facebooking

    1. Becky

      My place of employment even has restrictions about posting your job description. You're allowed to post your position title, but if you want to post a description of what you do, HR has to approve it first. (Hopefully they don't mind if I post about the attack bird at the south entrance who has attacked nearly everyone but me.) 😉

    2. Practical Parsimony

      I would have fired any employee in any type position at any job who threatened to do something like spit in food. I am less and less on facebook, not that I was ever on there much at all. Why do I want to hear all the drivel that crosses some people's minds, buy farmville animals, or know what people read or recommend. So, you really liked someone's latest pictures? I could go mad reading facebook.

    3. Christopher Blum

      Everybody has thoughts like that. Its the whole-brain-mouth (or brain-keyboard) filter that makes us mostly functional adults. I wish people would learn from the unfortunately named Congressman Weiner. Never, ever do something bad where there's photographic evidence. Come on people…


      I work for Chilis and I understand fustration from a servers stand point. The server pays taxes on this table tip or no tip. As for the jerk who said get a "Real JOB" well my mother brought up 2 kids with this FAKE JOB. This fake job pays REAL TAXES,SSi,insurance and a whole list of things that EVERY OTHER JOB pays for. Forget about the tip or possible bad service the JERK who wrote this has less class then the person who wanted to spit in food. Real job I manage for Chilis and BRINKER INT, that owns Chilis was voted in the top 50 companys to work for in the US last year. Real JOB it is comments and ignorance that takes a good LEGAL paying job and turns it in to something some one hould be ashamed of. The people in the customer srevice industry are HUMAN and they could be doing far worse. If you do not post my comment I will not lose sleep, but think these jobs put food on peoples and support REAL FAMILYS. REAL JOBS to sit there and say that waiting tables is not a real job is an insult and you should choose your words wisely. That server may have given bad service and got no tip, maybe you should get NO PAY for a BAD COMMENT.

      1. Robert

        Did they ever? Blooming Onion is Outback (although there were a lot of copycats I didn’t think any of them went so far as to use the same name as Outback).

    5. Freddy

      What a dumbass. Reminds of of the ultimate social networking faux-pas, crime of the century, committed by idiot Jessica E of Proof nightclub (Chi-town) not too long ago. All of this stuff should be self-evident to any high-school sophomore with half a brain.

    6. Anonymous

      Dear Bitchy, I had the unfortunate experience to work in a Chili's in Denham Springs, Louisiana. We received the creme de la creme of clientele. No, we did not. We had all the hicks, rednecks, and meth trash. It's Livingston parish, Louisiana after all.It was the only job in town at the time, but anywhere in the parish waiting tables would have been the same.I was clocking out, had just finished cleaning my section in fact. Waiting for a signout by the manager on duty. A childs baseball team showed up. The entire fucking team. They were pissed we could not pull 40 chairs together. It would have been impossible. The kids were jumping around like kids will, so I never really knew who was getting what soda. All children look alike to me, little fucking devils that they are.They were all thirsty.I was the only server, and did I mention that the manager begged me to take the table when I was ready to go the fuck home.40 entrees at a chili's, served all at once. No this isn't going to happen. 8 at best at a time. It's just how the kitchen is set up, it's chili's. it's a small kitchen. and I'm the only one running food.So after all the rushing is done, they're unhappy with everything, nothing was done right according to them.According to me, their kids were jumping around like mexican jumping beans, and were asking for soda refills left and right and left again. At chili's a check over 300 is amazing. However, getting stiffed and told you are bad at your job on a 300 check at chili's makes you flip your manager off and quit. CHILI's has a no added gratuity policy. and if they don't, someone owes me a ton of fucking money.

    7. Kyla

      There needs to be a support group for all us waitresses who have been fired for Facebook ranting. I was let go after management got their hands on a blog I wrote complaining about the severity of cheap asshole-ness coming from members of organized religion. My own religion, specifically. Personally I still find the article quite hilarious, as do most of the people who have read it (it eventually got published in a religious magazine). Most of the feedback I got was surprisingly positive, and I had an even better job at a billiard club and cigar lounge within the week. After working there for a while and telling my story to the regulars, I had lawyers offering to represent me if I wanted to sue the shit out of the corporation, but the satisfaction of landing a job at my GM and area directors favorite bar and watching them slink out the front door after one White Russian was satisfaction enough for me.


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