Reason #525,600 Someone Didn’t Tip

Tipping is not mandatory, no. It is, however,  highly recommended seeing that most servers make below minimum wage and they depend on those tips for simple things in life like food, rent and car payments. People have lots of reasons for not wanting to leave a tip. There is always the “I don’t believe in tipping” guy or the person who looks for one tiny mistake in their dining experience to justify not leaving a tip, but recently someone sent me this photo that begets a whole new excuse for stiffing the waiter: pregnancy.

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but I have twins on the way so I have to prepare. I am truly sorry.

Unless this pregnant lady has Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger renting the space in her uterus, I think she could have managed to cough up a few bucks for her server. A 15% tip would have only been $4.00 and I dunno what she can get for four bucks that her kids are going to need. Was she taking those four dollars to buy a Diaper Genie because she’ll need about $25 more dollars for that. Or if I am going to explain it in words that she would understand, she will will have to “stiff about five more servers” before she reaches that goal. I get it. Kids are expensive. With all the diapers and formula parents have to buy, I would imagine it costs at least $100 a year to support a baby. And that’s not even counting all the Goldfish they have to buy so the kids have something to ground up and leave in the cracks of booths in restaurants across America. I think this lady was using her pregnancy as an excuse to be the same cheap bitch she is even when she isn’t knocked up with baby.

And what about the server? Maybe she has twins at home that needed that tip. If she does, I have an idea for her. The next time someone orders a steak, get yourself a piece of paper. Write this on it and place it on the plate when you take it to the table.  

Thank you for your excellent steak order. Normally, I bring the food to you, but I have twins at home so I put the steak in a fucking doggie bag so my kids will have something to eat when I get home. I am truly sorry. 

Surely, customers will understand.

Maybe the pregnant woman could have come up with other ways to save money in preparation for her doubly adorable bundles of bastard child. I don’t know, but maybe not eating out in the first place would have been a good way to save $26.65. Hey, that’s the price of a Diaper Genie right there! Problem solved, Cheap Pregnant Lady. Some of you will probably say that at least she acknowledged that she wasn’t tipping and she apologized, but I call bullshit. If you can’t afford to leave a tip, you have no business eating at a restaurant. Period. If you don’t believe in tipping, face facts. You have to believe in something if it does in fact exist. You may not like that our country has placed the responsibility on the diner to cover the server’s wage, but that’s how it is just like how we drive on the right side of the road and watch baseball even though it’s the most boring game in the world. This is America. We tip. If you don’t like it, I suggest you move to Australia or some other foreign land where servers are paid a living wage. In the meantime, do not use your unborn devil spawns as the reason you are not tipping. If it’s not pregnancy, it will be some other reason you don’t tip.

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but I want a new iPad and need to prepare. I am truly sorry.

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but Desperate Housewives is going off the air and I need to prepare. I am truly sorry.

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but I have cramps and need to prepare. I am truly sorry.  

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but I have deep pockets and short arms and I am saving my money for arm extension surgery and I need to prepare. I am truly sorry. 

Thank you for your excellent service. Normally I tip, but I am a cheap bitch who will think of any fucking reason to not do so. I am truly sorry. 

 Bottom line: Just fucking tip.

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61 thoughts on “Reason #525,600 Someone Didn’t Tip

  1. Kalei's Best Friend

    The excuse was just that! an excuse from someone who evidently has used it before and it worked..People who don't tip are asshats.. People who evidently are insincere, rude, brought up by asshats who failed as parents to teach their child (now an adult asshat) about gratuity.

  2. Mary A.

    if you don't wanna tip, eat at McDonalds.I wonder if she ate "clean" for her babies, or if she ate what I ate when I was pregnant: soft cheeses, eggs, and tuna. Beech.

  3. 23 with twins

    As a parent of twins I am personally disgusted. It's a*holes like this that give parents such a terrible reputation, thereby forcing considerate patrons like myself wallow in their well-earned disdain. I say f* off and eat your "meal for three" at home if you can't afford to tip.

  4. Anonymous

    She's preggers? And apparently can't afford it? Lady, they know what cases preggers these days and how to prevent it. I adore kids*. I dislike most parents intensely.*when theyr'e young enough not to have been ruined by horrid parents yet.

  5. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, just because she didn't leave a tip???? You need more money get a better job and don't expect others to subsidise you buying shit you can't afford.

  6. Sarah B

    Why do the people that always take the side of the non-tipper even read this blog? There's always one asshat that feels the need to play devil's advocate.Go f@$& yourself, anonymous. At least post your gripe publicly, rather than under the protection of "anonymous."

  7. Anonymous

    Shit they can't afford? You mean like a meal where they intentionally didn't tip, thereby not paying for the service they obviously couldn't afford? Is that what you meant?

  8. Sarah B.

    And I assume that you are from Britain, perhaps, because here in the good old U.S. of A. we spell it, "subsidize." if I am correct, please remain there, and continue on happily not tipping. If I ever visit, I will be sure rag on all of your customs.

  9. donna

    Yea.. it's more like $100 a week… when a week is four days long…. but that's not the point… If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat in a full service restaurant. Period. And 'subsidizing' your servers existence? No, sir, you are paying them. With few exceptions, servers aren't payed much (I can't believe some people still don't know this!!) about 1/2 of min. wage. I can't believe people still think that tips are 'extra'. It is THE income. But I suppose we should all just get 'real' jobs. But then who would serve all of the people who can't do those things for themselves?? ::gasp:: Don't trash people who do things for you that you aren't willing or able to do. Geeze.

  10. NellieVaughn

    I think I have only not tipped once in my life. The truth is, that server was horrible. She forgot about me for an hour. I finally walked up to her, and asked her if she would ever get around to my table. She laughed, and then apologized. The restaurant was far from busy.

  11. Richard

    Am I missing something? I often tip, but to expect it seems unreasonable. More reasonable to demand a living wage from the person that actually employs you, I would have thought.I personally would resent being expected to give a charity hand-out when what I want to give is a little extra in appreciation of good service.

  12. Erin

    Yes, Richard, you are missing something. Leaving a tip is neither "charity" nor a "hand-out." Good lord. It is not "a little extra in appreciation of good service." Servers don't need such condescension. It is CUSTOMARY to leave 15-20% of your total bill in a full service restaurant. If you have a problem with that, plenty of drive-thrus and counter cashiers are awaiting your patronage. Furthermore, the owners and managers of full service restaurants have no control over state and federal laws that require servers be paid minimum wage or, in many cases, much less. Servers rely on tips for the bulk of their income, if not all of it. Many pay periods, I don't even receive a paycheck because it's all gone to taxes. I depend on the cash I take home at the end of each night to, you know, SURVIVE. If a table decides they have a set of twins or an arm extension surgery (ha) to save up for in lieu of a tip, it COSTS me money to cover the flat percentage rate of my sales I give to the bussers, bartenders, hostesses and expediters each shift. That's right, I end up PAYING to WAIT ON YOU. As for the others who couldn't sense Bitchy's sarcasm when he joked that children cost $100 a year…well, I'm sure there are whole other realms of the blogosphere where I could discuss society's bewilderingly sparse sense of humor.

  13. TheRealBarman

    I love women, but they suck at tipping, pregnant or not. You'd never catch a pregnant man not tipping. I've seen more than once a man signing the bill, only to have his wife lean over and see how much tip he left and have her whisper fiercely, "What are you doing? That's too much." And then she will grab the pen from him and scribble out what he wrote and fill it in with a more appropriate 12%. P.S. If this offends any ladies out there, I'll let you know that I have to prepare for the bourbon I am about to drink. I am truly sorry.

  14. Anonymous

    In these situations I remember that *I* have good karma. Someone else will come along and make up for the non tip deficit…..and I smile to think that the cheapskate will get their 'return' in full also. ~The Damn Yankee

  15. Myr

    Preach on, Brother!! :-)In the words of my high school band teacher, "Excuses only satisfy the giver."In the words of Myr, "Leave a decent tip or stay home and eat Ramen noodles, you cheap ass ratchet beeyotch!"

  16. Anonymous

    well i just got off work and was searching online for reasons a table would not leave me a tip. I had a $46 dollar table that left me nothing and I know I gave them great service as I was not busy at the time. She looked a little confused at the debit machine and may have pressed 0 instead of the $0, the 0 leaves 0 and the $0 lets you leave a dollar amount. Any ways tipping is absolutely necessary for one reason. If you do not tip me I literally have to pay to serve you. I tip 3% to the house and 1% to the bar. So on this particular bill I paid $1.84 to serve them.Also, I can not handle people who tell servers to stop complaining and find a different job. I just finished my degree and am starting my masters in september. It is almost impossible to find any other job that it willing to train you only to have you leave 4 months later. bottom line – at least leave enough for me to cover my tip-out to the house and bar, 10% at least please.

  17. Colonel Red

    Erin, why is there a "minimum" wage if it is acceptable to pay less than that minimum?I don't dispute that people should feel aggrieved at not being paid, I just can't fathom why they don't blame the state or federal laws that you mention. You suggest there is a legal upper limit to pay – a maximum wage rather than an enforced minimum. That is unbelievable.Also to add, there is not the same kind of tipping culture in the UK, so my difference of opinion comes from a completely different context to you guys.

  18. jMAN5

    Colonel Red,It's the truth, tipped employees have a minimum wage which is less than 30% of what the regular minimum wage is.Also, it's fine and dandy if you don't tip in the UK, just know that when you come to the US you are expected to tip 15-20%.

  19. John

    Aren't servers taxed on tips they "should" earn, based on the amount of food they've sold? That's what I've always thought. And thats why I always leave a tip. It's not a 'hand out' in the slightest. More importantly, and I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but shouldn't she 'prepare' for parenthood before even GETTING pregnant? Good LORD! I guess whoever got her pregnant was giving HER an unexpected 'handout'.

  20. Anonymous

    This sounds like a complaint from someone who is struggling to deal with a cold hard fact: Nothing in life will be handed to you other than a dirty dish. Who the fuck cares if this stupid bitch didn't tip you. She obviously wasn't ready to get dumped full of baby batter, so she obviously will pay for it by dropping the kid a few times here and there.Turn your hard-ass around, and make it up on a 10 top. Don't want to do that? Shut the fuck up and take it on the chin the way the rest of hard working Americans do. What do YOU need the tip for? A new t-shirt at the gap? Imagine how excited the person behind THAT counter feels about you.People who don't tip are a way of life. Get the fuck over it and be the shining example of a good server on the next table.And get me more lemons for my tea……

  21. Anonymous

    Customers should not be put in the position to supplement the income of servers. The best thing a customer can do for the business is to continue coming back. It's the cooks that do most of the work anyway. Also, why should a waiter be tipped more for a more expensive meal; he or she doesn't have to work any harder to bring the more expensive meal out. So what, you wait on people; that's your job. Most jobs are stressful. I go over and beyond on my job daily. I stay extra hours (no extra pay), do extra needed things, and more. Do I get a tip? No! Do I get paid a lot? No. Customers don't owe you nothing. Tipping is ridiculous and should be banned. If you are struggling, get a second job or another job and sit down somewhere.

    1. Robert

      Anonymous said “Customers should not be put in the position to supplement the income of servers. The best thing a customer can do for the business is to continue coming back.”

      You’re right, customers should not have to supplement the servers wages. They should be making a decent living wage. Unfortunately customers keep coming back to restaurants rather than boycotting them so the restaurant owners have no reason to change. I bet you also go to Walmart on Christmas day and say to the cashier, “Wow! It sucks that they make you work on Christmas! You should be at home with your family!”

      Anonymous said, “It’s the cooks that do most of the work anyway.”

      And get paid very well for it. What’s your point?

      Anonymous said, “Also, why should a waiter be tipped more for a more expensive meal; he or she doesn’t have to work any harder to bring the more expensive meal out.”

      Work harder? No. Have to pay more in taxes and tip outs because THAT is based on the total bill and not how much you actually decide not to tip? Yes. Why don’t you write your congressman about this grave injustice?

      Anonymous said, “So what, you wait on people; that’s your job. Most jobs are stressful. I go over and beyond on my job daily. I stay extra hours (no extra pay), do extra needed things, and more. Do I get a tip? No! Do I get paid a lot? No.”

      Woo-hoo for you. At least you get minimum wage. Want to get tips? Get a job where you make below minimum wage because the government decided your going to get part of your income from tips. Then you can tell me how customers “don’t owe you nothing.”

      Shit, I haven’t been in the service industry or waited tables for over twenty years and I still can’t wrap my head around how ignorant jackasses like this can exist. To all who have similar thoughts as anonymous: we know you are cheap bastards who won’t pay a penny more for anything if you are not forced to. You’re one of the hazards of waiting table. Please stop trying to justify your Ebenezer Scrooge ways because it just makes you look even more like a stupid tool.

    2. Christina

      Hey asshole I bet you make more than 2.15 an hour too….if you don’t want to tip stay your ads home cook your own food and have your significant other place it on the table….meanwhile I’m supporting two kids waiting tables, I didn’t spill anything on you, your glass remained full, and I didn’t threaten the lives of your kids as they crushed crackers into the floor so I can clean it up…yea I deserve a tip

  22. Anonymous

    Actually, the cost for a baby in the first year can reach $11,000 (yet another reason I'm not having one). But really, if you're so worried about money that you can't leave a four dollar tip, you shouldn't be spending $30 on dining out in the first place. It's a lame excuse.

  23. Anonymous

    A Scouting group whose members I am acquainted with (comprising of 14-17 year old boys) went down to the States for a camp. They stopped to eat at restaurants on the way. They had two advisors with them. The first advisor gave them a full five-minute lecture about the fact that servers in the States don't make minimum wage like servers do in our province (minimum wage up here was probably about $7 or $8 an hour 8 years ago when this happened) and so the boys will tip. They will tip on the before-discount amount, and they will tip AT LEAST 20% no matter what the service is like. Because waiters don't get paid as much in the States, so tipping is very important. Which is why you must tip. The other advisor nodded along and confirmed that yes, tipping is very important.The bills came. The 14-17 year old boys, who barely had any idea of what paying for your own meal is, tipped at least 20%. The first advisor tipped 30%. The second advisor didn't tip. 0%.He ended up getting charged with a host of offences against children years later, so him being a cheap bastard asshole was just the tip of the iceberg. But the point is, THERE IS NO REASON TO NOT TIP, if even the 14 year old Canadian boys who don't know what working for a living is like are tipping 20%.

  24. Crystal @The Queen of Chaos

    I think those saying that TBW shouldn't expect a tip and is being unreasonable should try waitressing for a day. Since most of you give off the customary non-tipper vibe, see how it feels to meet others like you and depend on them.Or maybe you should rally for restaurant owners to pay their waitresses more than 2.49 an hour.Oh but that would raise the price of food and then you would likely just stop eating out because of it.If you can't afford even a $3 tip, DONT GO OUT TO EAT.If you are that broke you have a whole hell of alot more to worry about than spending $30 on a meal. Worry about your expenses and eat out when you can afford it. You don't NEED to eat out, trust me, I blog about frugal shopping and affordable at home dates all the time, so eating out when broke is not a necessity.

  25. LR

    It is true that all of you whining about how it shouldn't be your responsibility to pay the servers wages would be sorely disappointed to find if your wishes came true and restaurants started paying servers better wages then your meals would go up at least 20%, possibly more because in a business you up charge on any expenditures in order to make a profit. When you purchase any kinds of good or services you are contributing to the employees of that business's wages. Do you think business have this magical money account that just appears to pay servers? Also saying a tip is a "handout" is the most ridiculous bullshit I've heard in a while. I didn't realize that waking up and working hard for the money you make was somehow asking for a hand-out. No sir, you requested a service and that server provided you with it therefore he or she is entitled to compensation from you whether it is included in your bill. Tipping is a custom you want because it gives you the flexibility to adjust what you leave according to your satisfaction.

  26. daBaddestBYATCH

    the arm extension made me laugh! but the ones who kill me, are the ones who are always giving a damn verbal tip!! dont tell me how good i am and then tip me 5 bucks on a 100 dollar bill! lmfaoo i cant get enough of those cheap bastards lololol

  27. Cambree

    My favorite "tip" of them all is: "Oh everything was perfect! Great service! I'm gonna send an email to your manager and let them know." ***Opens book to exact change*** Gee thanks… Your compliments will surely pay my rent this month.

  28. Anonymous

    Aussie WaitressHi, I am a huge fan of this blog. I am writing as an aussie waitress. I love my job and the people i meet but I agree some people are stupid. Tipping isnt mandatory in Oz but I swear it should be. I work at a US style restaurant where they pay is crap and it's because management encourage tips. I had a friend who went to the US and deliberately stiffed her servers on tip and posted it on facebook as some sort of triumph. I am saddened by that because not all aussies are like that. IF I go to a new country or place I look up customs etc and follow them. I went to the south pacific where women dress more conservatively than in Australia and I did so too out of respect. If these people can afford to go OS and eat out, then tip!!!

  29. Endless Surprises SD

    I know I don't have the money to eat out now so I don't. Back when I did, I rarely tipped less than 20% because I knew the servers needed the money. There were only two times I didn't tip at all, and both times the waitress made our party wait ages to order in a dead restaurant.

  30. Anonymous

    I call bullshit on this story. Servers are paid at least minimum wage per state, if you want to work as a server and depend on the customer to pay your wage, that's not a good business or job for you. Go to school get a higher education and a real job that will pay the wage you seek. I get the tipping, I'm a 10-15%er if you do a great job more if u do any less of a job screw u, don't expect me to tip, expecting a 20-25% tip is ridiculous, and thats what waiters have come to expect, I guess if someone or the people who can do that much so be it whatever people can and want to tip, theyl tip. It is after all called a "tip" @ 25% for every $1000 spent on food another $250 went to tips? Dosent make sense to me..

  31. Anonymous

    bullshit on this story. If u expect the customer to pay your wage get a new job, you get paid at least minimum per state if u signed up for that thats what you get, I tip 10-15% more or less depending, servers expecting 20-25% eat a… That's ridiculous. It is after all a "tip" get out of the service industry if u depend on this "tip" but why would u u make good money dont you?

  32. Anonymous

    The suggestion that there is a legal upper limit to pay is unbelievable because it's totally false. There is no "maximum" legal pay, there is a minimum wage for most employees and the minimum for certain types of jobs which typically receive tips, such as waitering, has a lower legal minimum. The choice as to how much an employee is paid is up to the business managers and the employee. In a free country, you can choose to accept that wage or work somewhere else. No customer is obligated IN ANY WAY to subsidize that pay, even if you are the best at what you do. Tips started out as a way for a customer to thank and reward a server for going above and beyond their expectations in service or attitude. The attitude that you are a cheap bastard for not giving a tip is kind of proof that you didn't deserve one in the first place.

  33. BarWench

    Offended, but I'll get over it. I have seen such sights. Some of my girl friends are cheap when it comes to tipping. And because of that I have politely refused to dine with them. Though some I called cheap ass skanks to their face. They usually stare at me with big doe eyes at first, then start laughing. They think I'm joking. I'm not.

  34. Warren Senders

    Only once have I not tipped. It was back in the 70s, and I had exactly the cost of the meal, no more, no less. When the server came over I explained that I would not be able to tip that day, and apologized in advance. I was treated very nicely, BTW.I also promised to tip double the next time I went in the place, which I did.

  35. MAK

    TIPS stands for "to insure proper/prompt service" dont want prompt or proper service? dont tip. see how much you like going out to eat after that.

    1. Robert

      To Insure Prompt Service is an acronym. The first recorded use of the word “tips” predates the use of acronyms (a 20th century invention for the most part) by several hundred years.

  36. Jen Piwtpitt

    I went out the other night and my server was very pregnant. She was excellent and when our bill came I told the Hubs to double his usual tip since she was needed to prepare for her future. I think people who don't tip because they can't afford it shouldn't eat out in restaurants where tips are common place. If you're that hard up, go to McD's they have a dollar menu. I'm sorry people are assholes.

  37. Jaela

    No Richard. You are paying your server for their services. You pay the establishment for the product and your server for waiting on you via tip.

  38. chris

    Fuck you "anonymous". You don't know what you're talking about and your grammer is horrible. If you feel as though you shouldn't have to tip someone for a service, then fucking stay at home and do everything on your own. Make all of your own food, cut your own damn hair, and stay out of everyone else's way because you obviously have a lazy and worthless perspective on etiquette. It doesn't matter how it may have started off. Things change. Obviously back in the day, people who waited tables were paid a steady wage because tipping wasn't as normal. In modern society, I now get paid 2.13 an hour because it is CUSTOMARY to tip. That's like saying since gas was only "x" amount in 1945, that's all I'm gonna pay today. Anyone who thinks like that is an asshole

  39. JBT

    Bullshit! My husband leaves 20% and I ALWAYS try to grab the bill because I was a server and bartender and I leave more. I even stop at the ATM I can leave cash so the server won't have to pay taxes on it.

  40. Anonymous

    it sickens me that someone would even write this article judging this person. it is NOT that big of a deal, like you said, stinging on that $4 wont get her much, but it wouldn't get the waiter/waitress much either….

  41. Anonymous

    T.I.P.S Is an acronym that stands for "to ensure prompt service. That is why servers are paid 2.13 an hour is so they will take care of the gueat because their livelihood depends on it. The only reason to not tip is poor service. U do a job, u get paid foe that job. Otherwise, the peraon should not expect you to so the job. If u go into a restaurant where you will be having a server, then you know that they will be performing a service for you, just like when u call an electrician or go to the doctor. It is the same as refusing to pay your bills. If one is given a service, then one should pay for it. It also helps keep the price of the food low having to pay the servers less.

  42. EmilyH

    January 4, 2013 at 1:25 AM Anon:You stated: "I call bullshit on this story. Servers are paid at least minimum wage per state. . ."So, every server on this board now knows that you are an idiot who rarely leaves his basement.Colorado State Minimum Wage: $7.78/hr…..Tipped Employee Minimum Wage: $4.76/hr.Federal Minimum Wage: $7.25/hr Tipped Employee: $2.13/hr.So what was that you were saying about how all servers make at least minimum wage?

  43. Anonymous

    I know that this post went up a little bit ago, but I had to weigh in. I want to address several issues that people have brought up here. 1. I have 2 degrees, one in a liberal arts, one professional, and I still waitress. College loans mean that my starting wages at my "real" jobs can't pay enough for me to live on, and now I'm also saving for my wedding. So all the people who say, "get another job", um, I did, and serving is it. It IS a job and, depending on the place, can be hard work. We know it is actual work, and most of us aren't afraid of actually busting our ass, we just want to be paid for it.2. In Pennsylvania, minimum wage for servers is $2.85. The goverment assumes that we make 12% of our sales and taxes us accordingly, meaning we usually don't see a paycheck and we can still owe at the end of the year. When will people understand that that we pay taxes on the food THEY bought, in addition to tipping out other staff, and working on side-work for quite awhile after they are gone and are no longer paying us to be there?3. It is to the public's advantage that they tip us. The cost of our wage is not passed on to them in the price of the food, and they are not obligated to pay for poor service the same as they would good service. Tipping also incentivizes excellent service, because the server knows that there is the potential for a better reward. The public control the service they get by what they pay for it. If we were paid a salary, think about what type of service you would get…Right now I am willing to get you your third ramekin of ranch because, you know what, it's my job, and you might actually pay me for running around for you. But for $8/hr, well, you might have to wait for that ramekin for awhile because you can't demand better service because you aren't actually paying me for it. By asking for a payment for the work we did, servers are not asking for a hand out; we are asking for the public to treat us fairly, and as though we are valued members of the workforce.And the anger and frustration that many people interpret as a server saying, "I deserve a 25% tip because I rang in your food order, you poor, vicitmized, hard-working member of the public," actually comes about because often servers are people-people who genuinely try to be friendly, attentive, doing-anything-you-need SERVANTS, and then they get ass-rapped shift after shift. It wears everyone down after awhile. If we consistently got, even 15%, you better believe you would get excellent service pretty much every time you went out, and there would less bitterness behind all of Bitchy Waiter's posts.

  44. Anonymous

    Not getting a tip sucks, but not getting a tip, and also receiving some bullshit reason as to why you were stiffed in the first place is even more infuriating. If you don't plan on tipping, then don't tip. Whatever. You're stupid message that you left in order to clear your conscience just makes me want to punch you in the face.

  45. Brandy

    If you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to go out. It’s really that simple. Actually I take that back. If you can’t afford to tip PROPERLY (think at least 15% but more on the 20-25% because these people make TWO FREAKING DOLLARS AN HOUR) you can’t afford to go out. My fiancee is a cheapskate. He’ll try to get away with 10%. Fortunately my friendly waiters and waitresses I usually pay which means I usually tip (and tip well!) I’m not an asshole, I won’t give you a hard time, the worst is I’ll ask you some questions (because I have allergies). I don’t usually send my food back (it better be un-edible for me to do so) and I never curse, berate, talk down, or belittle the staff. Because I have respect. Keep fighting the good fight out there and serving up delicious food (when I’m too lazy to cook at home).

  46. Jules

    I think it should be a law that the customer is REQUIRED to tip 15-20% and if they feel they got shitty service and the server doesn’t deserve that much, they can complain to a manager who can bring down the requirement for them.


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