An Open Letter to The Ladies Who Left Me The Crappy Tip

Dear Two Ladies Who Sat at Booth #7,

Since I don’t know your names, I want to make sure you know that this letter is about you and for you. Let me describe you: two middle-aged women. The one on my left had hair that was in desperate need of a hot creatine oil injection while the one to my right looked like she had just used the last of her gift certificate to Casual Corner. You drank a Grey Goose and Tonic and a Desert Sunrise and then you ordered another round. You shared an an arugula salad, curry mussels and the penne pasta special. Recognize yourselves? Okay, good.

We open at 5:00 so yes, it was absolutely alright that you knocked on the door at 5:01 to point at your watches and remind us that we were one whole minute late from unlocking our doors. I apologize for that. You see, it was just that the kitchen staff was a little bit behind that day so they didn’t make our shift meal until 4:52. When you knocked on the front door one minute after we opened, we were still sitting down eating our dinner. But don’t worry. I finished eating in the side stand while standing up. It was our fault for waiting so late to eat.

I am also sorry that I was unable to accommodate your request to seat you on the patio. You see, it’s just that it had been raining all day and it had only stopped raining about 15 minutes before you arrived. I simply hadn’t had time to go wipe down all eight tables and all 16 chairs with a dry cloth so that it would be ready for seating. Since the weather forecast had predicted continuous rain all evening, it seemed unlikely that anyone would want to sit there as rain water dripped from the tress and the tables sat in puddles of water. Again, my fault.

It was nice talking to you about Coney Island. Remember how we talked about that? Dry-Hair-Lady, you mentioned that you were thinking of going to ride the Cyclone and I told you that I was pretty sure it didn’t open until after Memorial day so don’t go all the way out there unless you know for sure. You thanked me for that. After all, we both know how long of a subway ride it is, right? I shared that story about the time my friend and I went out there and it was closed and how disappointed we were. Casual-Corner-Lady, you seemed like you were too busy to talk because you were investing all of your energy into your cocktail and your cell phone. I thought the three of us had a good thing going. We chatted and laughed and you loved everything.

Your check was $66.41. You left $68.00 which meant I got a tip for $1.59. What the fuck is your problem? I was totally nice to you, I got your food and drinks out so fucking fast, I apologized for not having the front door unlocked on time and you loved your food. Is 2.4% your idea of a good tip? Well, I got news for you ladies: it’s not. Had I known that you were going to leave me a completely crap tip, maybe I would have left the door locked and finished my shift meal in peace. Don’t bother coming back to the restaurant again unless you are showing up with an apology and $11.59 to cover the rest of what you should have left me. It’s people like you who give dry fly-away hair and the good customers of Casual Corner a bad name. I don’t like you. If you come back in, I will not be nice. You suck and you wasted my time.

The Bitchy Waiter

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44 thoughts on “An Open Letter to The Ladies Who Left Me The Crappy Tip

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like I waited on the same ladies. I was opening one shift and we open at 11am. Around 10:45 these two middle aged women tried opening the door, realized it was locked then plopped themselves on the bench in front of the restaurant. Every 5 minutes they tried opening the door until finally at 11:01 we opened. They gave me attitude for not opening earlier and making them wait. THEN THEY SAT THEMSELVES in my section! Long story short they complained that everything took too long and used that as an excuse to not tip and pay most of there check in small coin change.

  2. Arika

    That happens to me constantly. My place of employment also opens at 11am and I detest working the lunch shift because people have this idea that just because a McDonald's is down the street, that we, a sit down restraunt, should have the same speed. I get told multiple times in a lunch shift "could you please make it fast? We are in a hurry." No, I am a server not a cook. So no, I can't make it fast. And even if I could, I wouldn't because I can see you scowling at me across the dining room while I have 5 other tables and your Mountain Dew is low and god forbid you have to wait 10 minutes for a pizza. I know you will use this as an excuse not to tip me, so I'm going to put your Dew and your pizza as the last thing on my priority list and maybe you will learn not to be such a cantankerous whore.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, Chi Town Girl…I like your phrases..I think I've actually said those before> If not, I'll being saying them soon."fuck you, you fucking fucks". Cant think of anything to top that!!

  4. Joyce

    I had the absolute pleasure of serving the younger version of your middle aged non-tipping women. She comes in Sunday morning to our establishment that overlooks the lake in a dress that should have been a shower curtain. Of course she decides she would like breakfast on the patio. After 5 bloody mary's, her kids and friends ordering enough food to feed a family of 4 with the stuff they didn't eat; the queen of the country called RUDE, pays her 119.68 bill with 126.00 cash with the words "keep the change," as if it was her royal duty to be somewhat nice. I have one special tip of advice to the "queen"…. If you would have left a decent tip for all of your trouble and demands as I could not serve anyone else until you were done demanding different things while I was trying to set your breakfast in front of you, maybe I would have picked up your plates when you were done eating while you sat with your other female friend discussing the next splitting of the atom or world peace. I hope you enjoyed the flies and the bees that hovered around sampling your wasted food.

  5. Anonymous

    I was called in one night specifically to wait on a party of 12. They were there for 3.5 hours, spent about $130, we all had a good time laughing and joking and they were super nice, things were awesome, etc etc etc etc…. Then they tipped $12! The worst fucking part, however, was that when I totaled the bill (we do handwritten checks) I accidentally taxed the booze (for anyone who doesn't know, there is no tax on booze. At least not in NY; I don't know if it's a state-by-state thing or if that's just how it is everywhere) and realized my mistake when I rang it into the register.That means: This table MEANT to tip me only $8 for a $130 bill, and almost 4 hours! I was so pissed off that I went into the back and broke down in tears! (Also because this was not the first time it's happened to me. Another $130 table one time gave me $10.)I just don't understand some people!! However, when that happens, I always try to think of the best tip I ever received, and that helps me to remember that there really ARE some good people out there somewhere! Someone left me a $20 tip on a $19 bill. And on top of that, he was just such a pleasure to have in my section that night that I wouldn't have minded if he had given me an average tip. Sometimes, when I have ONE good person amongst all the shitty and rude tables, I almost think I would pay THEM just to stay and be nice to me!!

    1. Carrie

      If a customer gives me, say, $100 on $98.13 and tells me to “keep the change” I will bring it back to them anyway with the closed check recipe and tell them “$1.87 is ur change, have a wonderful day, thanks for coming in, hope to see you real soon!” In the most fake, chipper, way I can. Usually those people are with other people and probably paid to try and impress their friend or coworkers and are usually embarrassed by their cheapassness and leave more. I’ve also told a customer that told me to keep the .18 cents that it weighed my pouch down so I didn’t want it…. he didn’t leave anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    i agree with everything you say about the kids TODAY. in my day there would have been swift decisive action taken by my parents as well as punishment when i got seems that parents don't really know how to raise them.i believe the environment as well as parents inability to raise a kid.i remember hilary clinton and her line about taking a village to raise a child. well raising a child also includes behavior, but don't any one ever discipline some one elses child!!!what it comes down to is lack of discipline as well as respect for ones elders.i always took pride in knowing the names of every adult i ever was mr. miss or mrs.

    1. @newaitress

      Today’s parents are terrible. When I was a kid, going out to eat was a privilege. You assplanted, used your best manners and made sure to keep quiet. You said please and thank you like it was your job. Now finally restaurant owners are finally wising up and banning small children, and other businesses are following suit. Parents are flipping out over the notion that their little angels are unwelcome places. The backlash isn’t against kids, it’s against shitty parenting.

      1. Anonymous

        I don’t get why these parents are dragging their small children into restaurants late at night, anyway. When I was a kid, my bedtime was 8:30, lights out, and we never went out to dinner after 6. What the fuck are these people thinking? “Oh, sorry, our baby’s just a little cranky…” Yeah bitch, because you have him at a restaurant at fucking midnight!

  7. Shirelle

    I will never understand people who consistently UNDERTIP..$1.59??? what the holy hell is that? a trip to Dollar Tree to get one item? Anyone knows that wasn't cool. Period.

  8. Anonymous

    At least now I know I am not alone… had a check of $50 all food was correct, everything on time, even was able to guess what the little kid wanted when he was too shy to ask me himself…. what was my tip??? literally 0…. didn't even sign the check ugh i hate people

    1. Terri

      Trish, I heard a town in Vermont has now started adding 18% gratuity to the checks of Canadian or French speaking patrons because they tip so poorly. Such a shame. My husbands family have all worked in the restaurant business (even owned one in Northern NH) and therefore we always tip a minimum of 20%. The other night I went to Margaritas my bill was $7.48 I tipped I gave $15.00 and told her to keep the change. We were there a while and she was attentive. You all deserve much more for the tireless and unappreciated work you do.

      1. john peart

        Try working IN Canada. I always leave 25% when I go out. But up here I get to deal with nothing but phillipinos and native americans who all stick to the same rule. Your tip is 5 dollars. Period. Bill is 200? still a 5 dollar tip. My restaurant also won’t put an autograt on anything under 20 people parties. FML.
        (also, last week I sold 1400, and left with 45 bucks, last night I sold 900 and left with 40. Things dont look so bad for you anymore huh?)

  9. Karin Wolchko

    It is unfortunate but there are still some people out there that don’t have a clue on how much they are to leave. Especially the older senior citizens. Then there are those (that you mentioned on your TV interview) that start off with a “tip number” then start deducting from there, for things that the server has no control over. When people are drinking ….sometimes you get a GREAT tip and other times the alcohol fogs their brain and they forget or get stupid. TIPS …is supposed to mean… To Insure Proper Service.

  10. Lorianne Meade

    You get a shift meal? Yes, that’s all I got out of that. We can’t eat until we’re done with our shift, which means it’s most likely cold and not at all fresh ingredients.
    Also, if they wanted to sit on the patio, I would have had to open one table, then complete opening while they were out there.
    As for the tip, they obviously needed it more than you.

  11. PamK

    My theory is, if you can’t afford to tip properly then you can’t afford to eat out. I’ve never been a waitress or worked in the food industry, but one of my step-mothers was a waitress for years. We were taught young about tipping. I always tip a minimum of 20% and have tipped as high as 50%.

  12. Meaghan M

    Did these ladies make sure to tell you repeatedly how wonderful you are? I’ve come to learn over the years that when a table is over complimentary their tip is terrible. And in my mind I deduct $1 for each compliment. It’s become a little game I play. If I guess correctly I win… Wait for it… A crappy tip. But it entertains me while I grin and bare serving their overly-modified-so-it-is-no-longer-recognizable-as-the-menu-item order. And 2.4% for me would have left me paying an additional .6% out to the hosts and bartenders. So I would have been livid for the rest of my shift probably.
    And I absolutely love (*cough* sarcasm *cough*) the banding on the door at 5:01 pm tactic. Because banding on it will magically make the reason the door was still locked disappear and the door will magically open with the sounds of the heavens playing in the background.

    I love that almost as much as I love the people who show up at my job at 2:05am (most likely drunk) on a Friday night looking for half priced munchies and a two-fer that will just push them so far over the blood alcohol limit that they will likely kill someone on the way home… Only to find the door locked. Then proceeds to bang frantically, curse, give us the finger and or moon us while we clean up the last of our soul off the floor before we get to go home.

    It’s people like that which make me, and 90% of those who have or still work in the service industry, constantly feel the need to apologize for the ignorance of man kind as a whole.
    So from the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize for man kind and I hope your next shifts is one of your smoothest most lucrative yet!

    And I thank you for being a voice for those in the service industry

    1. megan catherine casey

      YES! The verbal tip… uuuugh. Always. It’s like… no, you cannot like me that much. I was cordial, I gave you a standard drink and was friendly. Overly compliment-ness always garners suspicion. Yeah, let me just pay my mortgage and student loans in compliments. Let’s see how my bank likes that, assholes. Also, I love the bit about what is left of your soul… good stuff.

  13. Stephanie

    @Lorianne Meade You obviously don’t need to be on this site. Its about the service industry and in that industry WE ALL believe in tipping. And yes we get shift meals because we our not robots, we are actual living, breathing human beings who need to eat before we have to bust our asses slaving away for a mere $2.13 an hour and rely on the generosity of our guests to help us earn a living. If those women couldn’t afford to tip then they had ABSOLUTLELY no business going out to eat…PERIOD. Maybe you should spend sometime in the service industry before you come back to a site named The Bitchy Waiter.

    1. catherine

      Is your sarcasm detector defective? She was expressing shock about getting a shift meal, not all restaurants are so generous. Also, nowhere did she say she didn’t believe in tipping. She was being snarky on why they left such a shitty tip. You need to work on that reading comprehension just a wee bit more 😉

  14. dreifuerst

    Years ago when given a less than $2 tip, I politely returned the change saying, “Here, you need this more than I do,” leaving the tip tray on their table. The two shift leaders, sitting at a nearby table, almost had apoplectic fits. “You can’t do that,” one exclaimed. “No, I *shouldn’t* do that. It’s obvious I can. And did.” Sometimes rolling the job-loss dice is worth the satisfaction of confronting a crappy tipper.

  15. Brianne

    Because I’m former industry, I always throw an extra few bucks on top of my tip. Always. What difference is that 2 or 3 dollars doing for me in my wallet? Crap is all it’s going to buy me. So instead of leaving $12 on $50, I’ll leave $15. Doesn’t it make you feel good when you get $15 on $50? $10 on $30? I remember those little things really making my night. Waiting tables full time is about small victories, feeling appreciated and valued for your contribution. Seriously. I go back to it in the summer time (I work in schools now) because I like the validation.

  16. Jess

    Just the other day I had someone pay for their meal and told me to just keep the change, like they were doing me this wonderful favor. The change came to $0.14…thanks. I get that the bill only came to like, $10, but I gave you good service and genuinely tried to be sweet and accommodating, so you could have at least dropped me a $1, yeah?

    I’ll throw in a good tipping story as well, since it made my day – recently, I had a someone leave me a tip in the form of an already scratched scratch card that was worth $10, and this was on like, a $13 bill. Pretty sweet and kind of funny.

  17. Confused

    Trish Terri please don’t hold it against the rest of Canada that you get a bunch of cheap idiots in your establishment. Most of Canada knows how to tip. I worked in the service industry for 20 years and yes I had some bad tippers bit nothing out of the norm. Plus where I’m from the worst tippers are actually the visiting Americans. It must be a vacation thing or something. John if the clientele for the place you work is mostly made up of those 2 specific races then I seriously would find another job and don’t bitch about it. If you work at a place and the clientele in there is really really cheap find another serving job. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for people who bitch about the tips on the place they work but don’t try and find another. If you don’t like get thethe hell get out. It’s not as if it’s really hard to find another serving job unless you live in a one horse town. If that’s the case then I would suggest another profession or another town.

  18. Rather not say:)

    While I was bartending at my last job there was a group of guys that got pretty lit up after a golf tournament (I worked at a golf club). It wasn’t unusual for this to happen…boys will be boys. Anyway, the night carries on and the start ordering these chocolate milk shooters that are really popular amount the members there. The shooters are pretty expensive but most of the guys know this. When I non-member started ordering them I made sure p let him know how pricey they were. After entertains this crowd of about 20 men, give or take, for several hours as well as service bar and whoever sat at the high tops, my co-bartender and I were tipped $12 on a $500 plus tab. Completely deflated…they ran us hard. Yes, the bill was steep but I didn’t make you order the expensive shots AND we even put some on our comp check. There were enough in their party to leave a fair tip. Dealing with the pervy attitudes alone warranted a better tip. Oh and btw, these men are wealthy. They had the means to tip what was earned.


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