Come to the Cabaret, My Friends

Come to the Cabaret, My Friends

Big step here, but I want to meet you guys! I am performing in a show here in New York City next week Monday March 26th. It’s a cabaret that will be benefiting a organization called Help Is On the Way which provides assistance to kids living with HIV. If you come, you will have to buy a two-drink minimum (not an issue for you lushes, I know) and the cover charge of $15 goes directly to the charity. I will be singing two songs in the show. Not only will you get to hear some incredibly talented singers while getting your buzz on, you will be helping a great charity and the bonus is that I will finally get to meet some of you! And if you need more incentive, how about if I promise to give everyone who comes to the show a Bitchy Waiter “Bitch Proud” bracelet? What a deal, eh?

All of the information is here on this Facebook Event.

Monday March 26th at 7:00, but get there at 6:15.
Tickets are $15 plus a two drink minimum.

Downstairs at West Bank Cafe, 407 West 42nd

Doors open at 6:15 PM and the show is at 7:00 PM
There is a $15 Cover and $15 Food/Bev Min required

to make reservations call 212-695-6909

Please think about coming. I will be singing two great songs. And more than anything it would be so exciting to finally say thank you to the ten or twelve of you who regularly read this blog. But please make a reservation so the staff is prepared and then shoot me an email here so I know to look for you. So excited! And thank you.

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10 Responses to “Come to the Cabaret, My Friends”

  1. Mama D. says:

    If I were anywhere near New York, I would be there.Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish I were closer! I love NY and you! Wow! Best of both! Good Luck!

  3. Lolamouse says:

    Dang! We're coming up from Maryland the following week for the weekend. I would've loved to see you perform again! Any chance you'll be back in the Annapolis area? Please???

  4. ChiTown Girl says:

    I wish there was a way to get from Chicago to NY for the evening, but alas, I don't own a private jet yet. :(Break a leg!

  5. BeccaDee says:

    Agreed with Mama D. I'd come if I could!

  6. Oh my goodness good luck. Avid reader from Palatine il..

  7. REALLY wish Curtis and I could come! Any chance that you could post the performance? I am dying a little inside that I can't go.

  8. NellieVaughn says:

    Congratulations, and I wish I lived there. I would definitely attend.

  9. SharleneT says:

    I'm assuming that my ticket is in the mail. What airline, again? Really wish I could be there. Will you video and share with us? Are you allowed to do that? Was that a new idea? Do I get a bracelet for reminding you? Come visit when you can…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could be there!

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