Update on Broken Finger Waiter

Remember that asshole, John Castle, who broke the finger of his waiter earlier this month? I blogged about it here. Basically, the asshole got all pissed off that his waiter, Paul Kucik brought him his check (how dare he!) and John Ass’le was so incensed that he grabbed the waiter’s hand and ended up breaking his finger. As suspected, the waiter filed a lawsuit. According to the complaint, “Defendant Castle, without provocation or warning, intentionally grabbed Plaintiff Kucik’s left hand and began twisting, bending and squeezing Kucik’s fingers, causing a fracture. Castle’s conduct was of gross and flagrant character, evincing a reckless disregard for the plaintiff’s safety. Defendant also totally looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpson’s and that’s just plain weird.”

Is it John Castle or Mr. Burns?

It looks like the suit is for at least $15,000. I will keep abreast of the situation so that we will know exactly how this goes down. We servers are treated like shit plenty of times but we certainly don’t need to have our fingers broken by every Tom, Dick and Hairless.

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9 thoughts on “Update on Broken Finger Waiter

  1. Caution: Man at Desk

    I work in a restaurant – and have, on and off, for years. This guy is a royal jerk and I hope the waiter wins. We don't necessarily have the whole story BUT I'm willing to believe what we've heard is true. Let's see a big Win for the waiter. Also, dude looks like Mr. Burns, true!


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