Dear Facebook,

Dear Facebook,

Why have you cast me aside? I love you. I give you all of my spare time and I stay up late to be with you every night and how do you treat me? You tell me today that my blog posts are “spammy” and “unsafe!” Whyyyy? How can I get over this gross injustice? Is this just a bug that will heal itself or did someone in some cubicle somewhere make the decision that all posts from The Bitchy Waiter are dead to you? (No matter how cool the offices of Facebook must be to work in, you just know that some people are still stuck in a fucking cubicle, right?)

I just had to write a little something to see if you would let me post on you again, Facebook. Don’t treat me like this. I’ve been with you for so very long. Remember when you used to let me Super Poke someone? And what about that time you let me throw a sheep at my brother? Those were the days. (Let’s not go into my two week period of Farmville. Those were dark times for both of us, I know.)

So what do you say, Facebook? Post this for me? Please? If you do, I’ll let you use my private information and pictures to be shown on ads in the timelines of all my friends.

The Bitchy Waiter

p.s. Do me a favor, all who read this. Try to share it or like it so I can see what is being allowed and what isn’t. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “Dear Facebook,

  1. Confessions from the Hairdresser

    Facebook periodically suspends me from sending friend requests for days at a time. Facebook deserves to die. I did 'like' this post though, so we'll see what ends up happening.There was also a time where they took issue with every time I tried to type the word 'lamebook.' Blogger does similar things too. They make it so that you can't post things about or say things like or that Blogger is .

  2. carmar76

    yeah, fb likes to do weird things randomly. kinda like our timecard system at work which i spent 1/2 the day troubleshooting for various ppl today!anyway – it let me like & share your bloggy posting, so that's a plus, right? : ) (also, ironic i think – my security word for this post is "dine in" : )

  3. Jinxo56

    They did the same thing to me today. My Facebook account was accessed Tuesday by someone from South America. I have wondered if that was related. I sent a message to Facebook but I haven't heard back yet.


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