Bitchy Waiter Shoe Giveaway

The Contest

Go to the Bitchy Waiter Facebook Page and submit a photo that have the words “The Bitchy Waiter” somewhere in it. Those words must be in the photograph. (Picnik is a good website to do this.) You can also email me here with the photo. Once the photo has been posted onto the Bitchy Waiter Facebook page, we will see which two photos get the most “likes” on it. The two with the most “likes” will each win a pair of work shoes from Shoe For Crews. (Yeah, so you have to get your friends to like the picture but first they will have to like Bitchy Waiter. See how I did that?) I am also going to put all the photos in an album so you can see all the photos in one place. Therefore, the photos can be “liked” in two different places; the wall and the photo album and both of those “likes” will be tallied. Here is an example:

This first contest begins right now at 1:00 PM EST on 1/13/12. The deadline to submit a photo is 1/27/12 at midnight EST and the winner will be determined by Monday January 30th. After that, I will start another contest for the other two pair of shoes. Cool? Alright then! Share this, tweet it and get busy. In just a couple of weeks your feet can be singing the praises of a brand new pair of work shoes brought to you by Shoes For Crews and The Bitchy Waiter!

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2 thoughts on “Bitchy Waiter Shoe Giveaway

  1. Lisa

    Dear BW,
    I have a question for your blog..I’m sure you’ve came across people who you wait on that profess,”I used to be waiter/waitress/bartender”, then leave a shitty tip! WTF?! Why tell your server or bartender that backed up with a shit tip? Who are these people? Why bother? So you think you’re going to get extra attention assuming the waiter,etc. is getting a big tip? I’d like your thoughts and feedback on this,feel free to share..
    Lisa Adams


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