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This is in response to the reader who had some well-advised corrections for one of my posts. The person says they don’t read my blog very often yet they have commented on it at least twice proving that though they only read it occasionally, they still care about it a great deal. I Am Not A Grammar Nazi had this to say:

I don’t do this for the pride or the fame, but because I think that you would be interested to know how sub-par your work is to anything that will actually end up on CBS Sunday Morning. If, however, you clean up you language a bit and make it more presentable, you might just rise above the rank of “blogger” that you so easily scoffed at before.

Dear I Am Not A Grammar Nazi:

I think you meant “your” and not “you” when referring to my language that needs cleaning up. Also, bite me. Here is what CBS Sunday Morning thought about my sub-par writing:

Yeah, I wrote that shit, bitch.

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19 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments

  1. Little redhead

    Some very great points in that video bitchy! Still can't believe you only get paid less than three dollars an hour in some places in the US. And for such long hours standing on your feet running around. And I thought the money was bad in Europe!

  2. id

    that was great!i often read, but rarely comment…but i am always entertained by your blog. and i have to say i am also always baffled that you have people who write mean things about your writing, because you are definitely talented in that department. i think some people just get off on being cruel and judgmental anonymously.

  3. Seer in Secret

    I hope millions of people saw your bit and will take it to heart. As a former server and bartender I always WAY over tip (30 to 50%) and if I see our server being treated harassed by one of their other tables, I tip them more because I feel bad that they have to remain professional while being treated like crap. On the upside, when we go to our favorite restaurants the staff recognizes us and our kids and they go out of their way to make our dining experience truly awesome. To me, a great dining experience is worth a big tip, especially since servers seem to remember us the next time we visit and treat us with extra care (and many times we've gotten free desserts or appetizers that we didn't even ask for!). I hope the rest of the year treats you well and that you become even more successful in 2012!

  4. grahamophone

    Neato bandito! Yes, congrats on rising from "blogger" to "morning tv personality!" Most of the time, I find there's a very creative person behind the apron. I'm just a lowly barista by day, but an opera singer by night (and a blogger after hours), a waitress at my favorite cafe is a photographer, and you have obviously felt the need to express your creativity in this way — and for that I say humbly, "Thank you!"And even servers without special, artistic talents are people, as you have reminded morning television viewers. Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel on the cut-throat business I'm in and just wait tables, keep it real. Okay, I can't think of a clever way to end this comment, so… I'll just … stop.

  5. stopsign

    I use to be a waitress so I know what you are talking about.I tip better than most I think because I did have that experience.Enjoyed your post and video.Thank You

  6. Sarah

    I wrote this in the comments on the video on the cbs website urging them to give you a permanent segment:I love the Bitchy Waiter. I have been reading his blog for a long time! I even requested him to be part of this segment on CBS's facebook page. He asked his fans to mention him, and almost every single post was asking for him!! Thank you CBS for listening to us and giving him a segment. I hope that you will bring him back, maybe even give him a permanent segment on the show. He educates the public about how servers are paid, how servers pay other employees that are vital to your dining experience, and how to be the customer your server loves. His blog is a bit more playful, cynical, and well, bitchy, but this proves that he has many sides to him and can tailor his work to a reputable morning show! CBS: please bring him on regularly. It will surely be controversial, but the only people who will be offended by what he has to say, are the people who need to hear it!!! His segment will surely create a buzz, and bring in a whole new audience for you!

  7. Mars

    I haven't waited tables (Texas) in several years, but I appreciate someone finally saying it. Also, you were far nicer than I would have been about people's kids. I can't even stand to listen to them throw fits in the grocery store and I have 3 of them!

  8. Coffey

    It always amuses me when someone with questionable grammar, pulls out their red cyber-marker to correct someone else's work. By the way, congrats on making the cut on CBS Sunday morning!


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