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I can’t let this comment go by without responding to it. I tried to ignore it, but I just can’t do it.

Stevie said…
Ok so i watched the segiment on Dr. Phil and i think that you are ridiculous and the whole “brat ban” bullshit is stupid. You are only a waiter what the hell have you done with your pathetic life to make you think that you are someone to tell parents to take their children anywhere you are a waiter that is all so you need to learn your place in society you serve people for a living the children you are setting here trying to ban from your place of business are the same kids that you will be serving later on when they are older because you probably wont go out and try to find a real job yea being a waiter is work I’ve been there kids have never bothered me. But once you pass the age of 21 get a real job. The audacity of a waiter to tell parents such as myself, to take our kids somewhere else is crap. You don’t know the struggles that I’ve have gone thru with my sons health when he was first born. My son deserves to eat anywhere with me, regardless if a “bitchy” waiter likes it or not my goodness your only a waiter know your place in society and that is serving me and my son when ever we choose to go to your establishment.

That is how i feel I have worked to get to my status in society Im probably half your age and i resent that i have worked so hard to get where i am at to have a “waiter” tell me anything. People setting here on this site saying your so cool “bitchy” your so true bitchy blah blah blah need to quit sitting around the t.v. and get themselves a life aswell we all know that you run home from your ball busting jobs that leave you with little reward, tired and wore-out well maybe if you did something with your life earlier on your have a job that you enjoy you wouldn’t be so stressed when you go out to eat. You know what you are trying to keep my child out of eating in public well i guess we can try and keep all of you cry-baby ass adults outta public. It would be easier to tell yall to leave than it would to try to make children do what they don’t wanna. So u know what why don’t yall stay home because i am taking my son out and if yall don’t like they way he acts come see me and see if yall like the way i tell yall to grow up and act your age not your status my goodness hes a waiter and yall are flocking to him like hes some kind of a saint get over it HES A DAMN WAITER. Thats it nothing more sure he makes this snazzy web page about his bitches his moans his complaints and yall set here and feed into them like yall are social parasites. Get a real life.

Dear Stevie:

Fuck you and your crotch dropping. Learn to spell. Learn punctuation. Periods are your friend; use them. I will get a “real” job when you get a real name. Stevie? Who in the hell over the age of twelve goes by the name of Stevie?


47 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments

  1. Teresa

    AMEN! I'm 50 yrs old, a former teacher who LOVES children..but who also supports a ban of young children in certain restaurants. This guy has a lot of nerve talking about getting a real job….with his grammar, spelling and punctuation skills, I'd bet HIS involves "would you like fries with that?" @@

  2. zena

    Stevie: nice name, douchebag. And your child is a whiny brat (I can almost guarantee that one) that will grow up to be a unmannered, whiny half-wit because they've had the unfortunate circumstance to be born to a parent like you. That's so sad.

  3. Chunky Mama

    HOLY SHIT, that was hard to read.Stevie is obviously from the South, where rednecks like him constantly confuse "sitting" with "setting."BW, I think you gave him far more attention than he deserved, but thanks for letting us laugh at his dumb ass.

  4. Heather

    Stevie is a moron. Probably a moron who never graduated from high school, and I'm willing to bet (s)he's too poor to afford to eat anywhere except McDonald's, and then only off the dollar menu. Judging from all the, "Learn your place in society," crap, (s)he's a bottom-feeder with a serious case of self-loathing. Stevie is a thundercunt of the highest order, and we can only be thankful that (s)he can't afford to drag her crotchspawn away from eating dirt on the front lawn and take them out to eat.

  5. Beerslinger

    I don't know if I'd support an all out ban but I feel like you should be able to call the parents out when their kids act up. I make a living as a bartender now but have been a waiter/bartender since 1990 and I can assure you I've seen some doozies! I saw a post from a FB friend that she was in a restaurant and the neighboring table's kids were licking the saltshaker! After they made too big of a mess to stay at that table they moved to another one and the kid did it again! My parents took me to restaurants when I was a kid but I knew better than to act out…to do so would mean being left at home with a sitter till I learned how to act!

  6. Baylee

    If only he were literate, then he could have a blog about how waiters are nothing more than slaves, and his snotty ass child deserves to throw food and scream while other people try to eat just because his Daddy claims to make more money. He could call it "This is america afterall yall need to learn you're place because Im richer then you and your a waiter damitt"

  7. Elizabeth S.

    I'm pretty sure he's just jealous since no one cares who he is and lots love Bitchy Waiter!Also, Stevie, I teach English in college if you would like to properly learn how to use what I'm guessing is your native language.

  8. Levonne

    My Dear Bitchy Waiter, You have done so much with your life. You are using your talents and your education to the ultimate. You are super smart and super funny. Keep on being the Bitchy Waiter. It is already paying off in big ways!

  9. Nana

    There is unfortunately children in this world today with no discipline or manners. They run about in a restaurant, they are loud, even scream. Parents sit there "Please Johnny, be quiet""Please Johnny don't do that" never a firm stop and listen, then behave. Rarely removing a child to discuss the appropriate behavior or a swift smack on the buttocks. This sudden ban on children has be at least two decades in the making. Children are treated like kings and queens, they say to build self esteem. Whatever happening to accomplishing something for self esteem. The issue is that parents are not teaching their kids to behave in public. Bottom line. I am a server and have been on and off for 30 years. I have three associates degrees. All of which I paid for while serving. I got back into the business to help my daughter with her daughter. My hours are more flexible this way. And I know many servers agree. Beside if we get rid of all the WAITERS there would be nothing but fast food, or the forbidden idea of COOKING at home. Think about it.

  10. Anonymous

    Bitchy, you might be "only a waiter" (ya right!) but Stevie the Cancer Curer was defeated by the complexity of a condom and now has a spoiled little screamer to take care of, and will have to not only deal with raising the little hellion 24-7 (he's so bitter that the party is over), but taking any job he can possibly get just to put food in the kid's mouth.Sucks to be him! Rock on, Bitchy. <3 <3 <3

  11. Mary A.

    Wow. You sure made Stevie mad.At least (s)he had the guts to sign his/her name. I'm thinking Stevie's a she. Because really? How many men even watch Dr. Phil?

  12. ChiTown Girl

    Holy fuck, this made my head hurt and my eyes bleed!! I'd be hard pressed to think of a better example of ignorance being alive and well in The South (yall!). Stevie is an ass. (S)he is a disgrace to other southerners, and is the reason that the stereotype of southerners being stupid continues today. Yall can thank Stevie by maybe settin' a spell and bitching together about how awesome EVERYBODY ELSE thinks Bitchy is!! Idiot!

  13. Nolt

    Stevie is not so smart. People that think servers are just servers. And should get real jobs. Guess what ass munch. I have been serving/ bartending for nine years. And make more money then what most people went to collage for. So suck it and get a real job your self. And you might want think about going back to school yourself. You sound like a complete dumb ass. I know this may be hard for you to grasp. But alot of these servers/ bartenders are making 20-50 dollars an hour. So piss off loser and rock on bitchy!

  14. Brenna

    I am in the middle of watching the Dr. Phil show on Brat Bans. I am so happy to hear a servers voice being put out there! I have children AND I have been a server for 10yrs. I would Never bring my children into a restaurant and expect others to put up with my screaming child. In fact when I take my children into restaurants I have had multiple servers comment to me on how quiet my children are. I have no ill feelings towards banning children in restaurants. Only those who have no control over thier children are offened because it affects only them. It absoutely drives me crazy that these parents first comment is always "do you have kids?" WHO CARES! With or without children one can still see and understand the difference between a well behaved child and one that is not.Glad you are there!Brenna

  15. Anonymous

    OMG… i am so glad i saw this! Another undisciplined brat growing up to take its seat in the real world and make our lives hell. Great, Stevie probably does not work, wears gravy stained house coat all day long (while watching Dr. OZ) and got changed long enough to drag the rug rats out to put on the feed bag. After making everyone miserable at the restaurant let me guess (s)he probably left no tip! What a LOSER!

  16. Practical Parsimony

    I am from the South, born, reared, and will die here. Lessons: "Y'all" is the correct spelling. Hens set; people sit. Sentences are denoted by punctuation. Bitchy complains about behavior. Stevie complains. She is just too lazy to make her children mind. Children without boundaries do not have self-esteem. No one likes them, not even their misguided parents. These lonely children may have an ego. They may have people defending their every action. They may be coddled by parents. But, a child without boundaries does not feel loved. Have pity on these children of ignorant parents. Just don't make me endure the child's seeking for proper attention. It is not my duty. I am an adult, I am a parent, I am a grandmother. I will model for your child. I will "mother" your child. I will play with your child. But, not when I am eating. Oh, I could, but then my mealtime would be spoiled. Worse than that, the parent who had no time for her child would take the time to publicly tell me off, defending the child who is puzzled about why he/she can be obnoxious. Stevie, why don't you want your child to grow up loved and appreciated by the rest of the world? Why do you want your child to only seek attention in being annoying? Why don't you want the world to see sweet and lovable and admirable traits that you must think she has? Oh, you don't have time to teach manners? Your child is a pauper, no matter how much money you have or how much class you think you have. Take a parenting class. Maybe your child will grow up with the self-esteem you think your actions embue.

  17. crazycaca

    I'm not the best at grammar or punctuation but I know what I like.. this guy wishes he had your talent for expressing himself…By the way, I would kill to be able to write like you! And not everyone has the talent to be a waiter either. Their is a lot more to it than most people will ever know.

  18. alwaysarealperson

    Agreed. " Stevie " can't spell , doesn't know how to use proper punctuation , & is probably some nine year old home " sick " from school, or that has a parent that doesn't check to see what their kid is up to online. If not, then definitely, English is not this persons native language. You cannot make everyone happy all the time , & obviously, you got under " Stevies " skin. I won't weigh in on kids in restaurants, but you do have the right to think what you think ( at least last time I checked ) . Let's just hope that this person does eventually learn the English language if they are going to attempt to leave comments in English, or that what they learn in school will vastly improve their English skills some day.

  19. Wanton Redhead Writing

    Oh Stevie how great thou are..n't! Number 1, if you had some awesome job that you babble on about and yet never name, I'm sure it would require simple grammar and spelling. Number 2, you think no one should be a waiter past the age of 21? Obviously, you only eat in hovels like Applebee's and such. Good restaurants, one out of your price range, don't hire children. I know this and I owned eight at one point. I'm no longer in the restuarant business, too many hours and too much stress, but I would love to open just one more solely to ban brats. Number 3, if I'm ever in a restaurant and your little deformed brat makes a squealing, I will tell you to make your child behave. If you don't, I'll tell your little sausage of shit to shut up.

  20. Noelle

    Let's think about this a minute……What if servers went out and got "real" jobs and all that could wait on me were sniveling green scarves. I would be PISSED OFF! I want my mature handsome polite and refined server! Preferably a man and probably gay but that doesn't matter. Or a woman (not a girl) will do. Yes I'm a bit sexist but I can be. Who is going to serve drinks we all know kids (21 year old's) aren't refined enough alcoholics to know what we want and how often.I think Stevie is taking this just a little to personally and hasn't had a nice dinning experience. Maybe because he insist his child join. Let's be reasonable no one wants to watch you torture a child who is not mature enough to handle a two hour plus dinning experience. Parents that's what it is torture for the child and everyone who watches you put the child through it. Let's think of it like an R rated movie. They can't come. FYI-I'm a Mom my boys love to go out to eat but they're bigger now and I taught them how. I had to pack it up and leave a time or two. When I couldn't convince them an intergalactic battle wasn't happening under the table cloth. I over tipped that day. I'm sure Bitchy would have found the boys amusing but not appropriate and happily boxed me up. Light sabers and all.REAL SERVERS HAVE REAL JOBS AND I LOVE THEM! please don't take this dipshits advice.

  21. Anonymous

    Stevie is a sad example of how silly and ignorant people who take an objection to the child ban restaurants are.Stevie, hon, the BW did not invent the child ban restaurant fad. Smart restaurant owners did. They saw the economic fruits of doing so. For example: Couples who pay to have a babysitter sponsor their night out, will pay more to sit in a joint where they are guaranteed to NOT have someone elses brat screaming in their ears. It will draw people who want to drink a nice wine, have a nice steak, and have a nice, high-mark up night out. It will not draw people who will order 2 4.99 kids burgers, an 8.99 salad, two 1.59 kids drinks that will be refilled 20times, and then leave such a fucking mess that the table cannot be sat for 20 minutes after they leave. In the end, Stevie, and I am not hating on kids when I say this, I am speaking of the pragmatic matter here–kids cost the restaurant money. Way more money than they are worth. The owners who developed the child-ban model saw that their restaurant could be one of two things: A lower cost, higher markup operation that does not take a lot of stress to run, or a high cost, low-markup situation where your staff is little more than slaves working for shitty tips of off 25 dollar tabs while nursing a headache from all the screaming and trying not to trip over kids while carrying heavy equipment.

  22. Anonymous

    Stevie: What "real" job allows you to sit on your couch and watch Dr. Phil, isn't this a daytime talk show?? Your name sucks. Your kid's name is probably Billy Ray or Bubba but regardless he sucks too. Pretty sure you can't order your fav country fried steak at BW's restaurant so quit your bitching. Btw, I do have a real job and a 4 year college degree. I enjoy this blog because of it's humor and wit and the fact that I can post comments about ignorant hill-billys such as yourself:)

  23. Terry

    OMG…LMAO…Before I even read your response I was thinking…"Man, doesn't this guy ever use periods?" Too funny! Stevie is just a big old shitbag!

  24. Christie

    Stevie just proved why his children would be the top of the list of not invited, as they would show up with him. I normally do not make fun of the kinds of mistakes he made, but it's kind of hard not to do so. Status Stevie? Really? With how you presented yourself, I can tell you have been on the low rung of the ladder of life for quite a while.

  25. Anonymous

    "It would be easier to tell yall to leave than it would to try to make children do what they don't wanna." Another stellar example of default [non]parenting skills, spawning the next generation of clueless psychopaths with irrational feelings of entitlement. Don't get me started. Hardworking Bitchy Waiters RULE.

  26. stevie

    Dear bitchy waiter, I apologize for the harsh words that i spoke to you. Looking back on the words that i wrote i feel terrible for having said them to you. I was upset but I have to admit not at you, the whole "brat ban" its self is what is upsetting. And I would like to personally say that i am so sorry i took out it out on you. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive the words that i have spoken to you. Again i apologize.

  27. SkippyMom

    [Sure the comment above me is "Stevie" uh-huh.] I like Dave's comment the best – if Stevie had such a great job what was she doing home watching Dr. Phil. And the spelling and punctuation is atrocious. I don't mind dissenting opinions, we are all entitled to disagree, but you lose me at the first misspelled word and/or lack of punctuation, especially when you are harping to someone about getting a "real job." Good luck BW!

  28. Spritzy

    Ow, that hurt my eyes and brain. I couldn't even read half of it due to the egregious lack of punctuation.Even if this person doesn't agree with you, you're still allowed to your opinion, just as they are allowed to theirs. Just cause yours doesn't mesh with theirs doesn't invaidate it.I do agree with you though. Children should be reasonably well behaved when in a restaurant or any public place…public place doesn't mean they can do whatever they want and everyone has to put up with it because "it's the public and get used to it." a public place means one needs to be aware and respectful of all the other people in public that are around you.Not so say taht one would expect the kids to still stark still and silet through the whole meal and use etiquette that would rival a old victorian dinner (though that would be lovely) but as long as the kids can stay at their table, use their inside voices, and not cause a intentional mess (spill some ketchup or accidentaly knock over their drink? no big deal…toss their burger across the room…hell no!) they're fine.

  29. RanSyd25

    Wow! I have been waiting tables in a family cafe for 10 years, in a small Texas town with a population of 500. I don't mind kids coming in with their parents. I do mind when the kids are screaming, pitching a fit, or trashing the place while the parents sit there ignoring them. I have 3 kids of my own, and when they act up I take them outside. If they make a mess, I make them clean it up. It's simple. If you can't control them in public, stay home. As for "getting a real job", I have a real job. It is close to home, and I make more money than 90% of people with "real jobs". I love my job, even on the bad days. I would rather be up walking around and talking to people all day than stuck behind a desk staring at a computer screen for 8 hours. No offense to those who do, it's just not my cup of tea. Stevie, if you were a real human being, you would see that you are no better than the poor sever who has to wait on you. You do not know our life stories or what we struggle with on a daily basis. I am sorry your son has problems, but that does not give you the right to treat peopple like shit. Servers are people too. Good job Bitchy! Keep it up! 🙂

  30. Anonymous

    This comment really upsets me. I am 26 years old and a teacher. I have a "real job" that doesn't pay much so I serve on the side. I'll have this Steve know that I actually make more serving than I do teaching. It's also more physically demanding. Try standing for a 10 hour shift with no breaks or dinner after working a full time job during the day for 3 days in a row then we will talk. Please do not disrespect your servers, you know nothing about them.

  31. TeamDCY

    It annoys the fuck out of me when people talk about how their kids are going to do whatever they want to do, no matter what. It is YOUR job as a PARENT to get your kids to do what they need to do, even if they "don't wanna."My son doesn't WANT to sit in his carseat. He doesn't WANT to leave all the toys on the store shelves alone. He doesn't WANT to be quiet while sitting in the doctors office waiting room/restaurant/supermarket while surrounded by other people. But he DOES because I MAKE him, because it is my responsibility as his mother to teach him to have MANNERS. Ugh SOME PEOPLE'S PARENTS!!!

  32. Stevie B.

    Really loved your post Bitchy, aside from the hating on the name ‘Stevie’ portion. I am proud that I can say I was named after Stevie Nicks, I was born and raised in the South, and that I have been a devoted server/bartender for quite some time. The other Stevie’s comment was ignorant and disconnected. Nonetheless Stevie is a fucking awesome name. 🙂


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