You Can Win A (totally lame shitty) Prize

Yes, I am still whoring out my contest on The Bitchy Waiter facebook page. We have 32 entries as of today so your chances are still good to win a (totally not) valuable prize. It will be fun and exciting and most importantly, it will give me a chance to gain followers and since I am a huge attention whore, that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? That’s what it’s really about, my good crazy people my friends. Some contests offer huge prizes like $500 a week for life or a new car or maybe a trip to Paris. But this is The Bitchy Waiter and I am one cheap-ass broke bitch so my prize is not nearly so exciting. The winner of this contest will receive an all expenses paid trip to (as long as the expenses don’t exceed $25.00). That’s right. I am offering a $25 gift card to Amazon where you can buy things Designer Whey Protein Powder used books and diapers. Whatever you want! It’s $25.00 so go crazy! Here’s how it will happen:

  1. Upload a photo on The Bitchy Waiter Facebook Page. The photo must have the words “The Bitchy Waiter” somewhere in it. The words can be added by Photoshop, be on a t-shirt, written in ketchup, spelled out in Sweet ‘n Low packets or any other way you can think of. Get creative. You can add as many photos as you like but each one will be voted on individually.
  2. You can also email the picture here and I will post it!
  3. I will then move the photos into the Bitchy Waiter Photo Contest Album for easier viewing of multiple photos.
  4. The “likes will be tabulated by adding the votes on the wall and the votes within the photo album. Yes, there are two places to “like” and they will both be counted.
  5. Once it is posted you must get your friends to “like” it. (This is how I get more fans, get it?)
  6. Repeatedly ask your friends to “like” it because the picture with the most likes (on the wall and in the photo album) will win the (totally lame and rather disappointing) $25 gift card to Amazon. The more creative it is, the better chance that others will vote for it too, so go for it!
  7. The contest will end on Wednesday July 27 at midnight (EST). At this time, I will go through every photo and see which one has the most “likes” to determine the winner. There is no deadline to put a photo up, but the sooner you do, the more time it will have to gain votes.
  8. On Friday July 29, I will announce the winner. The winner will be contacted via Facebook messaging from a third party (to protect my anonymity) so I can arrange for the gift card to be sent electronically.

So there you have it. I am looking forward to seeing your photos and I imagine that I will only get about four or five entries so your chances of winning are really good. Thank you to all who waste time reading the blog, answering polls and making up captions for pictures. I appreciate it and if I could afford a better prize, I would certainly do it.

The Bitchy Waiter

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