My Apologies for Being a Scrunt

If you are one who tends to leave comments on this blog, you may have noticed some changes in how it happens as of late. There was a time when I did not moderate comments and all was right in the world. But then there came a time when people started to hate me and the comments got mean, abusive and downright nasty. Not to mention, poorly written and misspelled. Someone I pissed off has begun to post comments with my place of employment and that simply will not do. I can’t have people showing up at my job begging to sit in my station and then take me out for cocktails afterwards. It sounds good in theory, but probably not the best thing. Therefore, I began moderating the comments which is a big pain in my lazy ass. One message they sent me was that all I needed to do was apologize and they would leave me alone. Therein lies the rub. Apologize for what? What could sweet lilol‘ me ever do that would merit an apology? I am not sure what I would be apologizing for so I made a list of a few possible things. Is it:

Whatever it was, I’m sorry. So so sorry from the bottom of my hardened heart. And I really mean that. Uh huh, I do. As a token of my goodwill towards you, I lift a cocktail in your honor. This virtual cocktail is called the Scruntini and was created by fellow blogger Adam H. You can check out his blog here. It’s called The Little Pet Shop of Horrors. I hope this apology will bury the hatchet and I also hope you enjoy the cocktail. Thanks, Adam.


2oz pineapple vodka

1 oz triple-sec
1oz Guanabana nectar
just enough black tea to make it look “scrunty” (without it’s a pretty shade of milky yellow, hardly appropriate)

Martini shaker with ice (and a little venom if you’re making it for someone who has recently referred to you as Bilbo Baggins or something similarly heinous)
and then top with a little Champagne and some fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeerce

Garnish with a troll and some sandpaper.

Now read one of these lame-ass posts:

6 thoughts on “My Apologies for Being a Scrunt

  1. Adam

    You are, of course, magnificent and much appreciated by many… …none so more than me at this moment. And of all the possible suspects I would rule out Reichen simply because the spammy comments were all spelled a little too well and in none of them did the poster admit to being a muscle-bottom, a feat which is impossible for Reichen who has replaced "Hello" with "I am a muscle-bottom" in his vocabulary. HOWEVER, since he is the only person with time and interest enough to monitor other peoples' blogs for references to himself I know he was behind it somehow. Undoubtedly he has used his abundance of revenue generated by his pop-single and his impressive jewelry line to hire someone to be a full-time spammer. So it was Rodney. Case closed.

  2. Heather (aka Sugar Free)

    That drink is fucking awesome. I have the all of the elements required except the tiny troll doll. Ok, I can't lie. I don't have guanabana juice either. Probably because it sounds like guano, which is shit, right? Anyhow, love the post….as usual!


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