Little Shop of Horrors (Not Whores)

I don’t do this very often but when I do, it means I wholeheartedly approve of something. Please allow me to toot the horn of someone other than myself. If you are in the Annapolis, Maryland area, there is some great theater happening for one more week that you should take advantage of. The show is Little Shop of Horrors and is being presented by Infinity Theatre Company. They have a Facebook page that you can check out and “like” and that would make them very happy. So why am I promoting them? I worked with them last summer and had an amazing time. I was even lucky enough to meet a couple of Bitchy Waiter readers who ventured out to see the show. Perhaps you recall this post that I wrote while dining at a local Annapolis dining spot.

I am not in this production of Little Shop but I think my name is in the program somewhere for being a supporter of the arts and all. I wanted to audition really bad but had a prior commitment of being lazy and selfish this summer and that is what I have been doing. If you go (and you totally should) try to imagine that the guy playing Seymour is me because that is the part I wanted. Who cares that I am way too old to play the part? Who cares that my hair looks more like a plant than a plant shop owner? I have heard nothing but raves about the guy playing Seymour and the whole cast as well so it seems that they are doing fine without me. (That really hurt my ego to type that admission.)

Okay, that is all. Here are the details:

Little Shop of Horrors runs until August 7 on:

Thursdays at 8:00 (No performance on July 14)
Fridays at 8:00
Saturdays at 2:00 and 8:00
Sundays at 2:00

Click here for all the details.
And click here to “like” them on Facebook.

Good luck to Anna and Alan and the whole cast and crew of Infinity!

The Bitchy Waiter

5 thoughts on “Little Shop of Horrors (Not Whores)

  1. Lolamouse

    We went to see Little Shop of Horrors last weekend, and it was fantastic! (although I'm sure it would've been even more so if you had been in it!) The cast is wonderful, the singing is great, and the whole production is amazing. We are so lucky to have this caliber of performance here in Southern Maryland. If you are anywhere near the area, GO! It's a bargain. We got 3 tickets in the best seats for less than the price of what one on Broadway would cost. We did miss seeing you, though, B.W. Maybe next summer?

  2. SharleneT

    I would think, with your personality, you'd make a far better dentist! Imagine the panache, finesse, absolutely beautifully restrained madness!!! You shuddadunnit…

  3. invisible23

    My high school put on little shop my freshman year. I got to be Audrey… It kicked so much ass. 🙂


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