My Arch Nemesis Makes Another Appearance

Admittedly, this has absolutely nothing to do with waiting tables, but I have written about it in the past and I need to follow up on it. Months ago, I wrote a post about my arch enemy, reality television star Reichen Lehmkuhl. He was in the same restaurant I was in just a few days after I had written a bad review of the off-Broadway show he was in. Someone got all offended by the posting so I responded with a Comment on Comments. The defender of Reichen had this to say:

He’s more famous for being admired for his military service and gay rights advocacy, and rise from total poverty, and less of a famewhore, like a waiter who is trying to get people to look at him for…being a waiter and a bitter queen.

Well, yesterday, some pictures were squeezed out on to the Internet of Mr. Gay Rights Advocacy. Although he has proudly served our country, starred in reality television shows, released a single, designed a a jewelry line and wrote a best-selling book, the pictures represent none of these things. Instead he is sporting a full-on erection and posing for a webcam. And I’m the famewhore? I’m not even famous. I will not show the pictures here because they are offensive, degrading, demeaning, demoralizing and shameful. Also, my mom reads this. So click here if you really need to see Reichen’s lehmkuhl. It is NOT safe for work. (I know all you hussy bitches are clicking away so fast that your keyboard is smoking.)

Okay, that’s it. I just had to write this because there were a shitload of Reichen Google searches that came to my blog yesterday and they needed to be acknowledged. Carry on. Carry trays.

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14 thoughts on “My Arch Nemesis Makes Another Appearance

  1. Practical Parsimony

    Okay, I watched all 2:13 of the click. The film was really jerky (in all three senses). No, pun not intended until I realized what I was writing. 1) film is jerky, stutters2) only a jerk would film his stuff in action.3) the actionThat really did nothing for me. A guy would have to speak to me. Back and forth, so what, a monkey or dog can do that!Yeah, a brain is sexier. You know, if you have seen one dick, you have seen all there is to see. It is the man behind the brain, and interesting and kind man that even gets most women around to investigating the dick. Yes, I am old and still interested…lol…just choosier. That pose turns me off because he probably spends more time looking in a mirror than than most women.

  2. Jes

    I love you, BW, but I guess I am a hussy and I clicked that peen link with a vengeance! This is what I have to say about it:YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PENIS! YAYYY!

  3. Icechild13

    I know this is from a few days ago but I'm commenting anyway. I agree that this guy is a famewhore thank you for pointing this out. but really did you have to put THAT picture up as the heading for this blog >.>


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