They Sang My Tweet!

There is this great Twitter-er out there called @wesingyourtweet. According to their website they are “a social experiment in music. A way to highlight tweets we love from people we love to follow. You tweet it, we sing it. Songs in 140 characters or less.” It’s pretty funny and I was totally psyched that they chose one of my Tweets to turn into a song. True, I may have been stalking them a bit, but they finally granted me one of their illustrious “sweets”- a singing tweet, get it? For some reason they think I am a girl. I guess it’s okay because when I was a little kid, I was constantly told how pretty I was. I remember sitting in my stroller and a woman at the grocery store asking my mom how old her pretty little girl was. Although I do have some feminine attributes, there are many things about me that are decidedly male. Namely, my penis. Anyway, you should totally go check out the song they wrote for me. You can see the video here. These guys should have way more followers on Twitter, so if you like what you see, you should follow them. And then someday maybe they will write a song about you.

This is my Tweet that they musicalized:

And then Oprah was all “This Q32 bus smells like ripe papaya but at least it’s easy to drive.” She’s so pretty.

Go to their site to hear them sing it and then follow them on Twitter. And maybe make a comment on their page so I can become popular.

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