Credit Card Fraud is Not Cool

We food-slingers work for tips and it’s no secret that we depend on them to make our living. Anonymous, let me stop you right there before you say some stupid ass shit like “get a real job” or “tipping is optional.” For whatever reason, we wait tables. And for whatever reason, in this country tipping is expected. End of story. When we look at a credit card voucher to see what our tip is, there are many scenarios that can make it confusing for us. (And Anonymous, it’s not confusing because servers are stupid. It’s confusing because too many people don’t understand how to fill out a freakin’ credit card slip. Zip it.)

How many times have you gotten a voucher where they just scribble in a total without bothering to write how much the tip is? You know what I mean? Say their bill is $72.23 and they don’t bother writing a tip in. They just put $100 in the final line. Not a huge deal, but it means that I have to pull out my third grade math skills and subtract subtract $72.23 from $100 to find out what I have to put into the computer for my tip. (It’s $27.77, Anonymous. I’m not stupid.) It’s just an extra step that I have to take and it can suck when you are looking at a pile of 40 vouchers that have to be closed.

Another irritating thing is when people write the tip in clearly and the total in clearly, but the the two don’t add up. Then I have to decide which one do I accept as correct. For instance: the bill is $40 and they write as the tip $8 but then they total it as $50. What to do? If I put in $8 for the tip, then the total will differ from their copy and wreak havoc when they try to balance their checkbook. So I go with the $50 total and assume they meant to give me a ten dollar tip. However, if the bill was $40, they wrote in $10 for the tip and they total it as $48, I will have to take the ten dollar tip. I will always take what is going to benefit me the most. If there is a problem (and there never has been) all I have to do is show that the ten dollars was very clearly written.

Finally, I fucking hate it when people just scribble random numbers in various spaces that don’t mean shit and I have to pull out the goddamn Rosetta Stone to decipher what the hell they meant. Sometimes we just have to hope for the best and guess at what the tip was meant to be. That can be dangerous though because you don’t want to be all guilty of credit card fraud and shit. This woman was just arrested for adding $953.19 in credit card tips between February 3 and March 12 of this year. That’s almost two hundred bucks a week. That silly goose must have been adding zeros left and right and she thought no one would notice that shit? Uh, honey. If someone meant to tip $13.28 and you try to close it out as $132.80 cents, they’re gonna notice. Dumb, honey. Real dumb. And to top it off, she worked at Outback Steakhouse. Hopefully, the judge won’t throw her ass in jail and will just tell her she has to work an extra shift every week for two years. I would imagine serving Bloomin’ Onions all day is a prison all its own.

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17 thoughts on “Credit Card Fraud is Not Cool

  1. Charles Boyd

    That is strange because since most Outback's are set up so that you need manager approval to input a tip larger than 50 percent. She had to be spreading it out a little thinner than that… But 200 bucks a week?!? DAAAAAMMMNNNN.

  2. KPjaveliner

    How do people not learn this in third grade in this day and age? I remember learning how to write checks in school. Education should have evolved by now. Dumb people.

  3. Blondeology

    Where I work we are expected to go by whatever the total is, whether it is correct or not. If the bill is $100 and they put in a $30 tip but total it to $100, i'm supposed to just skip my tip because the total is what it is. Ugh. I almost always go by whatever the tip says though because i'm not going to lose out on money because someone cannot count correctly! When the total is more than it should be you bet I take the extra dollar or two! ha

  4. J.Day

    I once had a local pizza parlor call me up and confirm that I had purchased a pizza for X date. When I confirmed, the manager then asked me if I had left a tip on my credit slip. I said, no. (I always tip delivery, but when I pick it up, I don't always tip . . . depends on how idiotic they are). She then told me that an employee had added a tip to my transaction after the fact, and had done so with several other customers. I hadn't even noticed because my statement hadn't come in yet. (This was before internet banking was big). I mean, do people REALLY think they can get away with that shit?

  5. cams

    The story was really strange. In a job like that we need to be honest. and not just in the job. Every time we should be honest even though others are not doing it. honesty is the best policy. And people will have to go back studying just to count for the exact numbers to write. It really a fun.

  6. aneducatedserver

    For some reason, I've noticed a lot of people who will ask me to let them borrow a pen when I leave them the check. Then, before they give me their credit card, they look in the check presenter for the papers to sign. Was that just supposed to happen? Like magic? I think not. I need you to give me the credit card first, THEN you can sign the slip and write in the tip. I always wonder about that though because it happens a lot more frequently than it should…are people really that crazy?

  7. Ange

    You said "tips are expected". Are tips still expected by servers when they know that they have done a horrible job?I was at Cheesecake Factory a few weeks ago and my server was a horrid bitch, and fucked everything up. She must have known I was gonna only leave a 10% tip because the bitch added a 18% gratuity to me and my two friends bills.Fucking cunt. After I made sure to get that fixed she got a 1% tip.

  8. Anonymous

    @ ang, there is never an situation where you should tip someone 1%…idk what you do for a job but im sure you have times when you do not do an excellent job and deserve the exact amount of money youre making.

  9. Jinxo56

    It is amazing what people think they can get away with. I work in retail and have seen cashiers try stunts like that. One actually took $600 out of his drawer. He came to work the next night believing he had got away with it. He left in handcuffs.This is the first time that I have left a comment but I have been reading and enjoying your blog for several months now.

  10. Merchant Services

    I think you should just be thankful that they gave you a tip. I don't think customers would want to bear the burden of doing the math or filling up every detail of the They're customers. You can expect a lot of burden from them. But at least you have the tip. :)~Tara

  11. susanswenton

    bitchy waiter? how about profane waiter or vocabulary-impaired waiter or lazy waiter because you rely way too much on shock value words which then become mundane and predictable and, durst I say it, annoying.

  12. Anonymous

    My sister worked at a restaurant where one of the employees got arrested for adding a dollar to every single credit card tip. She did this for years. I dont know how she eventually got caught, but the employer had a fun time digging through all her checks.

  13. Anonymous

    I always go by whichever is the most obvious. If they wrote $10 but totaled it wrong, I go with $10. If they were clearly trying to make the total $100 but can't add, I go with the $100 total. Our policy is to always go with the total, but our managers usually agree with us. To be honest, if a customer wants their money back that badly, they can call up and complain and I'll give it back haha.What about when they take the wrong slip but you can see the imprint of what they meant to write? Do they let you put that in?Just discovered your blog… but as a fellow server, I am loving it. Kudos!


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