Calling All Servers!

This following was forwarded to me and they asked if I could reach out to all 102 of my readers for assistance. Perhaps you can help this man in his quest to find servers who have done the unthinkable.

Have you ever gone to extreme lengths to take revenge on a rude or irritating Customer? My name is Mark Rankin I’m a Researcher for a new Discovery Channel programme about the unusual world and one section is on Bizarre/ Stressful Jobs from around the world. We are looking to hear from waiters/waitresses who have been put through hell by customers and have finally reacted… it is time to hear your side of the story so if you wish to speak to me further in confidence please do email me at

I Look forward to hearing from you



Alright, bitchy readers! Go to town with your stories for this guy!

13 thoughts on “Calling All Servers!

  1. SkippyMom

    I get SO TIRED of this bullsh*t. People will lie to make themselves a part of his story. As FMT says "he's looking for horror stories to propagate the 'servers spit in the food' myth" and I hate it.I have worked in restaurants for a better part of my teens and twenties and NEVER saw anyone take revenge by messing with someone's food. Back when I had these jobs it was a matter of pride and just – well, you DID NOT do it.These days NO ONE is stupid enough to get SUED.I wish trolls like this guy would go away. That stupid movie with Ryan Reynolds is what keeps this myth alive.Hate.Sorry.

  2. Guy

    I've never done anything worse than throw some pennies at a 4-top after they left them for me as a tip. I'd get accused of it – people swearing I gave them regular coffee when they wanted decaf or some pretty vulgar suggestions about the Hollandaise sauce on their Benedict, but – mean as customers could be – I never did anything to them.Out of all the people who have waited tables, he'll probably find some that did, and that'll suck for all the people still waiting.

  3. Maria

    As a server back in my youth, as a former retail salesperson and manager, and as a lifetime customer of both, I have always found that it's my fellow customers who do the unthinkable — not the waitstaff or salesperson. And they do it because they know the waiter or salesperson can't retaliate without losing their job.

  4. Khadijah

    I give people decaf instead of regular, all day everyday. One time I squeezed lemon juice in the syrup pitcher. That's the most I got with "revenge". I'd sure love to hear a true story about someone who farted on a burger patty or dropped a booger in apple pie.

  5. Anonymous

    I've never seen anyone do anything to anyone's food.When I was a cocktail girl, we had one motto: If you stand in our way too long, leer suggestively, touch us in anyway, or bump our trays, the drinks WILL end up in your lap.

  6. Mo Diva

    I used to work at a coffee shop. when customers were nasty to me I would simply give them Decaf and be ever so polite. One guy told me I was an incopetent cunt. So i took his triple grande nonfat vanilla latte and gave him a decaf latte made with half and half. And I smiled. Hope his caffeine withdrawal and weight gain wasnt too terrible.

  7. JBT

    I also waited at chains like Cooker all the way up to very fine dining where I would make $1500 in 4 hours. The worst I would ever do is give a REALLY bitchy customer a "half and half" (half diet/half regular soda–it never tastes right regardless of which one they chose, you keep bringing them the same ones when they complain and finally they just drink water. Doesn't hurt them but it makes you feel better). But my sister, on the other hand. She would never touch anyone's food, not even give them the half and half, until the day that she waited on her old boss who had fired her from a major airline for a bullshit reason and who was the reason she was a waitress and not a flight attendant anymore. This lady ordered a hamburger. My sister put the order in and then went back to tell the line cooks that it was for the woman who ruined her life, and that my sister "was going to leave the kitchen but if they felt the need to do anything to that burger that they saw fit, they should feel free." They VIOLATED that thing, in every way imaginable. And my sister stood across the restaurant and watched her eat every bite. So unless your server is someone you fired for a totally made-up reason, you should be safe.

  8. Anonymous

    The only thing I have ever done is "crop-dusted" nasty customers. All I have to do is drink a glass of milk and in about 7-10 minutes I have the nastiest-god awful silent farts…yeah


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