Born This Way

There is a great blog out there called “Born Gay, Born This Way” and I am thrilled to say that they posted something that I wrote. It has nothing to do with waiting tables, but I hope you will take a minute to go check it out my story. Well, actually, the beginning of my story does have something to do with waiting tables since I was mopping at the restaurant when I thought of what I wanted to write about. (And by the way, does anyone else have to mop their whole entire restaurant before they open? Jeez, I’m getting my measly ass tipped-employee hourly wage to fucking mop a floor? Isn’t that why we have bussers and dishwashers? I digress…) Anyhoo, please go to the site if for no other reason to see an actual photo of yours truly. Yes, I have outed myself in more ways than one. It is a blogspot site, so once there feel free to comment on my story so that it can become popular and I can feed my sad and desperate need for attention.

And if you care to read my other thoughts about the gay lifestyle, you can always read about Chick-Fil-A or the day that someone called me a name and I felt the urge to spit in their lemonade.

The Bitchy Waiter

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12 thoughts on “Born This Way

  1. Ellie

    Love your story! And what a great mom you have, just awesome.I've been following this blog for a bit now ever since it was listed as a 'blog of note'. Which was shortly after my daughter came out to me. I told her "honey, I know. Mamas know these things, and I love you." Her daddy on the other hand…well we just won't go there.

  2. Eva

    what a great blog post and thank you for linking to the other blog, it's a great read! Congratulations on your anniversary 🙂

  3. Kat-Bubbles

    I raise my can of V8 to you and your partner on you're 20th anniversary! If you aren't a fan of V8, then I'll say it's tea.All your posts are great. Keep up the great work! =)


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