Master Pity Baiter 2011 Winner Is…

As you know, International Pity-Bait Day was February 1. We had literally dozens of people participate around the world. The trick to writing a brilliant Pity-Bait post is making it just vague enough to merit attention but not so specific that the reader knows what is happening. After much deliberation, the organizers have narrowed it down to five finalists. We simply could not decide who deserved the most pity, so we need your help. Below, you will find the five Pity-Baiters who we felt deserved to be a winner. However, we have turned that decision over to you. Please comment on your favorite. You have until Monday February 7 at noon to cast your vote and we will announce the Master Pity Baiter on the morning of Tuesday, February 8th.

And the nominees are:

  1. Cynthia Swenceski: I wish Oprah would respond to my letters…She would know what to do.
  2. Anne Marie Dailey: I feel so guilty feeding my pets non-organic, but I can’t afford anything else.
  3. Gretchen H. WebberManzella: Carnie Wilson did it and I know that deep, deep, deep, down… I have it in me too…
  4. Corinne Rogers: And then there are the bed bugs…
  5. Donna Reed: Why do they feel so lumpy?

Please comment below with your favorite. Just type in the number that you think deserves your pity the most. And nominees, this is your chance to get all of your friends to come and vote for you (and get some traffic to this blog…) The winner will be contacted via a Facebook message and we will ask for your address so we can mail you your prize. We will more than likely only use your address for that purpose. The prize is special. And real.

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100 thoughts on “Master Pity Baiter 2011 Winner Is…

  1. donna reed

    Really? Wow. I'm so freaking honored! I'm so excited I'm just gonna plug my lil' ole blog right here.www.mydirtykitchenfloor.blogspot.comAnd I thought "So I just got off the phone with the ER…," or "Is it supposed to ooze like that?" were much better. But still, I am so honored.

  2. Corinne

    I'm so honored! Good luck to us all!! Go check out the pity bait page to see our other posts – some of them were better than the ones we were nominated for I think. Personally, I liked my, "I think I just shat glass" post. lol.

  3. Eden

    omg, I laughed out loud at: 3. Gretchen H. Webber-Manzella: "Carnie Wilson did it and I know that deep, deep, deep, down… I have it in me too…"so much more creative than my own "Why does it have to cost so much?" pity-bait. BTW, Bravo to the genius's who recognize pity-baiters for what they are and have decided to make fun of them to their face without them even knowing it!

  4. donna reed

    Ouch, Eden. Who says I'm not in it for the blog numbers? Huh. That's all I want. If I need pity, I turn to my mommy. She's good for that.www.mydirtykitchenfloor.blogspot.comthat's where the real pity-bait is…

  5. Rachel

    It's between 1 and 2 for me. I should have voted right after I read the post, but I didn't. Then I stupidly read the comments and now I don't care. And now I am one of the people who didn't say which number, they wrote a paragraph. Great.

  6. Anonymous

    I vote for Donna-#5Her post could be about a failed casserole; her husband's balls or pillows she left in the washer afor crying out loud. 5 stars for vagueness and creating a sense of the pathetic by querying her audience for an explanation to what we could only imagination is a horrific ordeal which requires sympathy.-WastedPotential


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