I Have Been Fired

A couple of weeks ago, there was some drama here when someone named Penelope threatened to out this blog to my managers and get me fired. Why Penelope would want to have me fired is beyond me because all I ever wrote about was the ineptitude of some of the protocol at the new job and then some heightened reality about a couple of specific managers. Sure, I said that Holly Hobbie had a lemon up her ass, but does that mean she actually had a lemon up her ass? Doubtful. It’s called fiction. And yes, the way the tip pool works is really crappy for me and I do think the system should have been explained to me before I was hired; certainly before two weeks into my employment. I could have saved us all a lot of time if that would have been told to me at the beginning. Here’s is what Penelope wrote:

There is no need to forward your resignation letter on to me; I know exactly who you are. Yes, we work together. You gave away so many details it was easy to look at the schedule and figure out exactly who you are.

Things to know about our POOLED house. There will be nights and sections where you do not make $500 but you too will still reap the benefits of MY TIPS. I highly doubt you earned all of this $500, I am guessing a large amount of this revenue came from transfers.

You have a bad attitude and you are not all that as a server.

I think it would be best that you move on because I am going to expose you and that could be uncomfortable for you.

As it turns out, Penelope was a hoax. Yes, I was “let go” but it had nothing to do with The Bitchy Waiter. After my probationary period, it was determined that they did not want to work around my schedule since I have another job. True, I had a very specific time that I could work and I totally understand why they don’t want to deal with that. (Even though I told them at my first interview…) I was no longer needed due to “scheduling issues” but the blog was never mentioned, proving that Penelope was just trying to fuck with me. Good job, Penelope, because I was a bit concerned. Way to go, you silly prankster, you. Good job! I pretty much knew that she didn’t know what she was talking about when she said I “have bad attitude” and I’m “not all that as a server.” No one at the new job had any reason to think I had a bad attitude because I didn’t. I was new. You really think I am going to show my crappy side within day two at a new job. No. And I know I am all that as a server. I had several tables tell me so during my short tenure there. In fact, on my first day out of training, someone told they had eaten there six times in the last four months and I was the best server they had ever had there, by far. I did some Google research about the service at that restaurant (which will remain unnamed) and it is the one thing that people are consistently disappointed with. The turnover is high meaning the level of service is never where it should be. Maybe if they kept me, it could have gotten better.

But I was fired. Or let go. It was huge blessing for me, because I was not happy there. However, if I quit, I would not be eligible for unemployment. Seeing that they let me go for their own reasons and not because I did something wrong (like anonymously discuss a place I work while never mentioning the name of the restaurant or the name of anyone I worked with), I simply reopen my unemployment claim and find the next job. A job that won’t mind working around a schedule. Au revoir, “new job.” It was fun. Actually, it wasn’t fun. At all. That place gave me the shivers every time I walked into it.

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32 thoughts on “I Have Been Fired

  1. Mary A.

    Mazel Tov!Hopefully your next job will have really nice people, except for maybe 2 managers that you can make fun of.Hopefully one of them will be a lispy gay, because he was my favorite Character. Can you write him into Frazzled but Happy SAHM? Just an idea. Here's an idea — FBHSAHM's hubby has her hire Lispy to help at a party. Lispy did such a great job, he was even willing to get on his knees to scrub around Hubby's chair because Hubby is such a mess LOL! Hubby was so impressed that he was maoning and saying "OH My god I can't believe what you are doing to me!"Just a thought

  2. Kara Hoag

    Although I am happy for you I have to agree with Mary A. No more lispy gay seems like a hole in my life has just been formed. Okay, it's not that extreme but I am a bit sad that I don't get to read about him anymore.karahoag.blogspot.com

  3. Mama Sky

    You will find a better job with more interesting people to write about. Often times moving on from a job is a good thing, but it still rankles even if you had wanted to go in the first place. Ive 'left' a lot of places due to upper management fearing I was out for their job and I didnt want that BS.So good luck in the job hunting. I to am looking for a job, but nothing has been worth the pay

  4. Banquet Manager

    Hey Bitchy,If you ever want to get into banquets, let me know. Any a la carte waiters I've every hired always do a good job. Think positive, you'll be back on your feet in no time. And will be back to giving someone else hell!

  5. Anonymous

    The one and only time I've been fired was from a restaurant because they found my blog to be "damaging" to their reputation (though I never mentioned the name of the restaurant). Be careful about who you tell about this blog! You never know who will rat you out…

  6. Guy

    Wow. What a freak that Penelope must be to stalk someone they've never met and make up fantasies about hurting them. Makes me feel a lot less bad about all the times I forgot to hang someone's appetizer order or spaced out their side of ranch. They were probably all Penelope-freak dickwads anyway.Good luck with the job hunt. Don't let the bozos get you down. You're an actor and a writer …. waiting is just a means to an end.

  7. Anonymous

    You were fired, let go, etc. BECAUSE they know. Did you by chance read the email commenting on staff not tweeting, fb, bloging on celebrities that come into the restaurant. That was because they read your blog (mashed potatoes) Lispy Gay Manager was really hurt by a fellow gay making fun of him. Maybe this will help confirm things for you. Behind your back we refer to you as Side Show Bob.Ok I am really going to stop indulging in this.xoxoPenelope

  8. Levonne

    Wouldn't it have been great though to hear what they had to say if they had read your blog posts that described them. It would have been priceless. Oh well…maybe in the future!?!?!

  9. Corey

    oh penelope…aren't you a charmer. and you even posted anonymously so that we cant go see whatever shit ass blog you've come up with. maybe you're jealous that bitchy has something funny here. there is something in this country's constitution that allows people like bitchy to say whatever the fuck he wants to on HIS little space of the internet. get the bug out of your ass and back off. note that in your own words, he was ASKED not to comment on any of the celebs. i also notice that he never left a name of the restaurant….a detail that you seem to conveniently be overlooking. you sound far to self righteous to have any sort of a sense of humor at all…cause you know what? thats what this blog is. humor. thats it. take it or leave it. dont read to much into it.

  10. Anonymous

    I'm close to quitting because of incompetent management, and I am really jealous of being able to open an unemployment claim! Sounds like you got the better deal of both of us.

  11. maria

    Congrats, Penelope. I'm sure you thought you'd won over so many new friends with your comments… too bad they all think you're a douche.Bitchy, I'd be celebrating right now if I'd gotten let go of that job too… I wouldn't have to work with Queen "Nyah-Nyah" anymore at the very least!

  12. Jennifer Black

    WTF? Is it national fire people day or something? My boss called me this morning on my cell when I was on my way into the office and fired me. Merry effin' Christmas to you too, boss-man.

  13. Anonymous

    I haven't been fired but am on suspension for a customer complaint. I work for a high-end restaurant in L.A. (sounds like Norton's, but replace the first letter). I'd told the GM numerous times that a "VIP" customer (who brought his own wine in, told me he got his drinks for free and a 30% discount on everything, and hit on the hostess)was unhappy. I tried to make him happy, but I couldn't. The GM even said the guy was a pain in the ass. I tried to get help for the situation. When the GM went up to the table, the customer said things were fine. The guy's WIFE even apologized to me for him being an a-hole. So, the guy sends a letter to "corporate" complaining, the GM throws me under the bus and won't admit that the customer was being a jerk, or that I tried to make things right, asking the GM to give him complimentary cognac. Instead, they are going to "investigate" the complaint and let me know if I still have a job in a week. This is so typical of the company.It is the most corporate nightmare waitressing job I've ever had. They ride the waiters continually and it is almost unbearable. It is by far the physically, most demanding server job I have ever had, (bussers don't clear tables or run coffe or drinks) but the management and corporate baloney makes it miserable. Most waiters are unhappy, but what can you do? A job is a job.They run you into the ground for the little things, yet they make you give TIPS to the Sales Manager when they book a large party (totally illegal). The nitpicking never ends… UGH!!

  14. Anonymous

    I know this is old, but you're believing what they're telling you. Of course they fired you for the blog. HR-wise, it's easier to blame the scheduling. Social media policies have not been tried in court enough to be reliable. They don't want to be sued, so they give a plausible reason. They don't care about the UI because they just want you gone. You seem to go through jobs like a fat kid goes through a tub of ice cream. Maybe it is you. Maybe if you were all that, you would stay at a job for more than 8 months. Just because you can breeze through training and carry your own weight quickly does not mean you're an asset. You seem very high maintenance and this blogging is going to get you into much more trouble than it's worth. I know you think that you're going to have the luck of Waiter Rant, but you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Look at how "acting" worked out for you.


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