Sorry, We’re Out of That

Someone sent me a picture last week (Theresa, maybe? Thank you.) and it jogged my memory of some bitch in my station years ago. Sometimes restaurants run out of things. We don’t plan it, we don’t like it and we don’t do it on purpose. But sometimes shit happens and you run out of meatloaf or something. A lady ordered a Cobb salad. I had to let her know that we were out of avocado so if that was going to ruin the whole aesthetic of her salad, then maybe she should order something else. Well the lack of avocado was not okay with her. “You’re out of avocado? How can you be out of avocado? Aren’t you a restaurant? I don’t understand how someone could let that happen.” What I didn’t understand was how not getting avocado in a salad was anything other than no big deal. Had I told her we had run out of oxygen and we were on our last breaths, sure. Or maybe if we were out of water, that would be weird. But avocado? Move on, guacamole ho. I patiently waited for her to let me know if she wanted the salad sans avocado or if she would order something else and then I realized that her “how could this happen?” question was actual and not rhetorical. She stared at me waiting for a response.

“Uh, you know how sometimes at home you run out of milk even though you don’t mean to? Maybe more people ate cereal than usual and then you baked a cake which took a lot of milk and before you knew it, you were out of it? That happens in restaurants too. I guess more people ordered guacamole than usual, so we ran out of avocados. That’s how someone let it happen.”

She grunted with dissatisfaction and then mentioned that there was grocery store nearby. Like I am going to hop skip and jump over there to get her a freakin’ avocado. No, lady. If you are so familiar with the location of the grocery store, then maybe you should go there, buy the avocado along with everything else that you want in your goddamn salad and then go home and make it your fucking self. We’re out of avocados so fucking deal with. It’s not the end of the fucking world.

Another time a lady ordered a Chinese chicken salad which had been taken off the menu. She gasped when I told her. “Oh. My. God. I loved that salad. How horrible is that??” She looked like she was gonna cry. This was a few weeks after 9/11. I paused. “You know, in the scope of world events recently, I would say it’s not horrible at all. You want something else?” She shut up. Bitch ordered a Cobb. We had avocado that day.

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28 thoughts on “Sorry, We’re Out of That

  1. Debbie

    My sister worked at a cafe. It was popular and busy ( but the owner had already had 2 restaurants go under.) This is why…my sister would start her shift at 12 noon and they would already be 86 IMG the lunch special. Not 1 or 2 times biit every damn day. My sister, a red headed Scorpio, had the nerve to ask the owner about it. He said he was getting a feel for the quantities ( 2 restaurants hadn’t taught him much.) So , one lovely fall day my sister was doing her usual , we are out of that spiel. The owner comes up and says he needs to talk to her out back. My sister says she has customers , who by this time are just asking what they Do have and they will go from there. My sister apologized to the customers and said there is the owner ask him. The owner says to my sister. “I think you should leave.” My sister says “and I think you should eat a dick or are we 86 those too?” Gotta love a pissed off scorpio

  2. Hannah

    Something that happened at work the other night just totally reminded me of you and this post. This group of about FIFTY or SIXTY people (a college softball team and lots of older adults – coaches and parents I guess) showed up at the restaurant completely unannounced. I’ve never even seen any sports team with THAT many people come in, but usually, even the groups of 20 or so are still smart and considerate enough to call ahead and let us know they’re coming, so the managers can schedule enough of us to work and order enough food. Anyway, while all of these people were in the middle of ordering, we ran out of one of our soups of the day (the most popular one) and mac and cheese. Several of them got mad and threw a big hissy fit. Of course it was all our fault that we weren’t psychic and didn’t order twice as much food as we normally do for the day because we should have somehow just known that they were going to raid the restaurant (did I mention too that this was normally the slowest day of the week for us, and they showed up about an hour before we closed?). I later vented about it on another website, because I was so irritated after that awful night at work, and this was one response I got:

    “how can u be a restaurant and u ran out of food? if u ran out of mac and cheese – COOK IT, u have cooks and cooking premises, what the heck is wrong with u? they didn’t come to a department store and started ordering them to cook for them, they came to a RESTAURANT. and a restaurant is supposed to provide food from the menue for customers at any time of opening hours.”

    1. Learn to spell (“Menue?” Really?) and stop typing like a 12-year-old using texting langauge if you’re going to sit there and lecture someone and if you want to be taken seriously.

    2. We ran out of mac and cheese completely. You really think we had some more sitting in the back, but we just threw up our hands and said, “well, we don’t feel like cooking any more so let’s just tell them we’re out!” No, we ran out of the actual freaking noodles, idiot.

    3. Did you (or “u” as you like to type) not read that FIFT TO SIXTY people showed up unannounced? And you really think that a restaurant can afford to order that much extra stuff for the day just in the off chance that anybody will be stupid enough to bring that many people in at one time?

    4. Do you realize that even if the managers just totally screwed up and ordered way less food than they should have, the cashiers/waiters have ZERO control over that? We’re apologizing to you and trying to help and accommodate you as much as possible, but you act like it’s our fault and yell at us instead of taking it up with management.

    5. Obviously you’ve never worked in a restaurant before.

  3. Unknown

    I remember going to the a Canadian chain Swiss Chalet and they ran out of their special rotisserie chicken but even though they had other items on the menu most customers waited until they got chicken from their other location which took over an hour. Servers and the restaurant got screwed since tables did not turn but at least most people were happy they got their chicken in the end and the management comped just an order of drinks per effected tables.

  4. Anonymous

    lololol amazing…. reading the comments, and everyones complaining about getting shafted for tips… while at the same time calling customers and delivery people bitches, asshats,jackasses, etc etc etc.. " i'd lift my leg to that bitch because i'm a malamute… Tips?? from the sounds of it, most of you don't even deserve to work in a restaraunt… maybe get a job at the dog pound, cleaning up the malamute shit. Because most of you have no customer service skills… which is what you get tipped for.. providing good service, not juvenile insults. Grow up.

  5. Stephanie Belland

    A couple of months ago, I had a customer order oatmeal with soy milk. We were out of soy milk. The owner of the restaurant sent her husband to safeway to get some. I'm not even kidding. Accommodating to a FAULT.

  6. Xine

    We managed to run out of propane one day cos the asshat delivery driver was super-late (he later told me that he was reaaally hungover, I just laughed). My boss still insisted that we open as scheduled, but told guests that we were only serving salads and coffee (and sodas).

  7. Jennifer

    When I worked at Fazoli's I was working the drive thru and a lady accused me of stealing her $2. Of course I didn't steal her money, it was only $2!! So I had to get my boss and she made us count down the drawer IN THE DRIVE THRU to prove that I didn't steal it. I also had to clean out all my pockets so she could see that it wasn't in there. My boss just gave her the $2 out of his pocket…people are insane!

  8. Anonymous

    I once had a customer take out 10 dvd's and never bring them back. So we sent them to debt collection and charged full replacements and 30 days of over dues. The customer called me angry as hell, asking me why she is charged all of this. And I stated that when you take something that belongs to other people and you don't return it that is theft only it's theft where we just so happen to have **ALL** of your contact details.Her response was to say that it wasn't theft and the law would never see it that way as that's not the definition of theft. I told her that taking something that doesn't belong to you and never giving it back is theft and you are being a thief. She told me to f-off and she hung up the phone. I then mailed her a copy of the Australian definition of theft and highlighted every applicable line.

  9. Bagel Fairy

    I love it when there's a line to the door and we run out of bread bowls or a certain type of bagel, and the bitches whine because they CAN'T believe we're out of something and "Oh my godddd that's my faaaaavorite why can't you make more???" as if I had a secret stash in the back. Of course, I get blamed and I just want to give them the first and last names of the people who came in and bought four dozen bagels that morning without calling ahead.

  10. Becoming Mommy

    after working many years in food service, I understand restaurants run out of things. And that's cool. However, there are places which end up like a Monty Python sketch. One being the Starbucks where I now work. It is totally ridiculous.They run out of coffee, milk, baked goods, and cups. At the same time. And then decide to remain open.Now…if you're a Starbucks, how can you stay open without any of that?

  11. Eleanor

    I work at a salad bar, and we're always running out of things. My anal boss had big talk with us about how we handle that, because apparantly saying "sorry, we're out of tha"t makes us look bad, but saying "Im afraid we don't have any avocado(or whatever) available today, would you like to replace it with something else" is totally different, and somehow better

  12. Jodi

    I worked at a movie theater once (I think I've said that before as I left a comment another time) and we ran out of popcorn. Yup! I asked someone to order it, but they kept forgetting! I had to get those microwavable bags, but those sucked when you're only able to pop 1 bag at a time!

  13. Peggy

    LMAO! That picture!! My husband is a manager of a bww. This actually happened a few weeks ago(although Im not sure if this pic was taken from that location at that time)They projected 40,000 that week and ended up doing 3 times that. I felt so sorry for him and the shit he had to put up with.

  14. BeMistified

    Whew it's a good thing I don't like avocados. I will admit, one thing that I get upset over, within myself of course, is when the restaurant runs out of ranch dressing. Yeah I ♥ ranch dressing. I am a ranch-a-holic. Course I don't flip out and freak, I just order something else for I cannot have a salad without ranch.

  15. Rita Pita

    NO AVOCADO!!!!AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What kind of douche gets all jumpy for that? She needs a good slap…and then possibly another. Followed by an uppercut. Violence can solve a whole lot more than it used to.

  16. HowLoverly

    I don't understand why most people never bother to THINK about those things. It is a definite possibility that a restaurant will run out of things just the same as anyone's personal kitchen would. What, did you seriously think that our stockroom was a bottomless abyss? Of course not. So shut up, make up your mind or GTFO. :]

  17. matt

    I worked at a restaurant called the "Old Spaghetti Factory" in San Diego. A couple of times we ran out of spaghetti. Try explaining that one when "Spaghetti Factory" is in the name of the place . . . Good times.Regarding the avo-less Cobb salad. I ordered a sandwich at the deli counter in the grocery store a while back. The lady handed me a pencil and a form to fill out. It listed every possible ingredient.I handed it back and said "No forms" just a sandwich – make it however you want – it's just a sandwich. Best sandwich I have had in a long time . . .

  18. Kalei's Best Friend

    Love your come back lines… Maybe u should of told lady #1 that it was the buyer's fault for not ordering the avocados that day.. put the oneus on someone else… after all u are just the messenger… I think people are more at ease when there is a logical answer…Lady#2- touche to u!. u were right to say that.. bitchin/whining over something when there is something much more important out there… I'm kinda surprised she was out there feeding her face in public that soon after that tragedy…I'd be out wondering how my friends were doing.


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